Friday 26 June 2020


I am working so VERY hard to remain calm here. It happened again. All ready to go and full of anecdotes, commentary, etc. And everything poofed. I hit Publish and it went off into the netherworld. So I am going to start again and pray for the best. There is a little devil on my shoulder urging me to throw a tantrum and get really ticked, but there is a little voice in there saying, "Don't feed it. Just attend to business and do what you must."  Grrr.

It is at times like this that I am so very grateful for the kind letters and notes I receive from you all. That makes it so worthwhile. And so, rather than blather on complaining here, I will just get back to it; the hour is late.


 Haha you Southerners! But then, I would die in that humid heat so...

This arrogant rudeness from a government leader is why so many gullible Canadians detest Donald Trump and feel they are somewhat better than Americans. We were raised to consider ourselves "better" because we were kinder, etc. I know better than to believe that blather. Meantime our leaders insult our best friend simply to virtue signal and show their idiocy. The tween disappeared within hours but it was seen by many.

Apparently some Canadians prefer dining on bugs with Trump to lobster with JT. This tweet was also removed within hours.

 Yoga on a Toronto rooftop.

I did not notice the fact that the (((White))) men were eating immigrants at first but decided to keep this in to make the point that those who use cheap immigrant labour are of all races and creeds. Such greed is not an attribute of just the White race, the one race who worked to abolish slavery for so long. We shall not discuss the (((White folk))) who most frequently enslave the less fortunate.

 This old thing has come out almost yearly for 5 years now. So far, nothing has happened.

The UN defending its foot soldiers. The move is on to paint Antifa as decent people out to protest for freedom in peaceful ways. Media has begun to switch it around and place all blame for violence on the Right since Antifa is a peaceful group.


Cuteness overload. Owls sleep on their tummies.

 Rachel Dolezal has found her niche!

I remember. Do you? Hint. They all work for the same overlord.

Interior of a Nordic lodge. I want that sofa in a lovely deep lapis lazuli blue.

 End it. Yesterday! We do not consent to being treated as horribly as Palestinians.

The most interesting Prom Dress ever

Apparently, duct tape graduation and fancy wear is a real thing. This high school Grad took 41 rolls of tape and created a dress that encompassed the spirit of this year's challenges. She had never sewn but came up with this. Won her $10 000 towards college. I just like the spirit of her making the most of a tough situation. Got to include another outfit though. There are many examples on line. 

I wonder how many of her constituents will fall by the wayside due to the losses that she so casually dismisses.

Those millenials and some of those parents brag about buying hundreds of tickets just so that the turnout in Tulsa would be low. One man bought 300! That is a lot of money wasted on hatred and fear. He bragged his daughter and her friends bought hundreds as well.



The idiocy and nerve of this cartoonist. He depicts the Russian hoax as a real thing and compares this imaginary meddling to the very real threat of Democrat cheating via mail in ballots. NOT a good cartoon.

This hard working comfort dog brings comfort to children, primarily child witnesses, often traumatized, forced to spend an extended period of time in a courthouse.

This poster has been in my folders for over a decade. I remember saving it because I wondered why (((he))) was into keeping gentiles armed.

West Coast Zen

 I imagine American Democrats are absolutely green with envy!

 Dangerous cartoon. Save it. You will probably never see it again.

My old neighbour in Toronto. I sometimes found his pamphlets on the street after storms. (((People))) would gather in front of his cute little house every few Saturdays blocking downtown traffic for hours. I was clueless about (((their))) role in the world at the time. I moved; his house got bombed; the famous Holocaust trials took place. Mr. Zundel became part of history, may he RIP.


Pure magic. Taking the above ingredients (that is sausage meat btw), combining them, applying heat and, Voila! a lunch to die for. (Hold the cilantro on mine)

This MTF creature takes pride in the damage she causes heterosexual women in the ring. Meanwhile the Trans community defends her as, of course, deserving equal rights and opportunities as a smaller female.

 Pat was murdered: Colin is a hero to the idiotic Left.

Best were the heavy black dial phones. The air would ring after a good slam. These Princess phones were just too delicate for a really resounding smashdown.

 This is one ugly man.

 A summer day. A fork in the path. Which way would you go?

Here he is again. I don't care what this creature calls itself but that is a man's forehead. But what is bad is its attitude and that it is employed to teach this filth.

 Cleaning up after the riots.


The Mayor slowly crawled his car through an attacking mob. This woman was not struck despite the fact she placed herself right in front of his car and then on the driver's side. He did not touch her. 

Fifteen agents sent to investigate the noose story. Imagine if they were assigned real work on important issues rather than this idiocy. At least they got the story right!

 A swimming gecko I think.


 Antifa street beautification project

 Could this possibly be Raz Simone?

Portraying riots by Antifa as legal dissent!

This French street artist does amazing work. There is more to come. He usually puts himself into the photo of the final work.

Let THIS sink and remember it the next time you hear NYC stats

I want to live here

Tofino. Chesterman Beach. I am so overdue for a visit there!

The local PoC had these regulations changed so they would not be exempted from wearing masks. They did not want special treatment; common sense.


Well, done again. Most of the comments although I skipped discussing adventures with Robert Plant because I just did not want to revisit that memory again.

This week I turn 72. I hate being the oldest member of the family but not much I can do about it. Like race, it is just a matter of birth. Forget Canada Day or the 4th. It is my birthday! All I want is time with my Grandson. That ought to do it.

I am afraid to go back and review or edit this second time around so I will just hit PUBLISH and let you have it, warts typos and all. Thanks for dropping by.