Saturday 30 March 2024


I wish you all, dear Readers, a blessed Easter weekend. Personally, all I can think of is that, at this very second, in the fertile lands where Jesus walked, unconscionable crimes are being committed. Except for when I am with the Grandchildren doing the Easter thing, this disturbs me. 

There are some new entries onto the Blog Roll. Check them out. It is well after midnight and time for this post to go up. 

Is this our last Easter as such? Who knows? All we can do is make the most of our now and hope our efforts are enough to ensure it comes again.... 
The latest by Willie Nelson, The Border, is just a magnificent PERFECT piece of work. Please do enjoy every note. Willie still has it, he is a treasure to be cherished. A true rebel. I am hypnotized by this tune on all levels. 


Crochet skills

Schwab promised a year of black swans.

After the reset?

I have always loved cemeteries. Many places I would like to visit have amazing cemeteries. Great place to walk a dog off leash in the big city.

Cowboy Crocs

Remember digging this sort of thing sooooo carefully trying to keep the bridge intact?

Pretty but a donut with stalky greens does not tempt.

Posted as a beautiful photograph, all I could see were chemtrail clouds.

What an insult to Mr. Ford to be compared to that Biden nincompoop.

This is so true. It also meant realizing Dad was right about some of the things we fought over. He was the ultimate conservative and I was a liberal teenager.

Michelangelo's Pieta.

Another one bites the dust.

I imagine most of you are very familiar with this feeling. It is so awkward figuring out how to deal with it for maximum effect.

So media has seriously undertaken defence of the replacement theory by gaslighting us all.

And more...

There are millions upon millions of these folks. If they bother to vote, and most of them will.

Happening in Canada too.

Weak presidents create hard times. Can you imagine anyone speaking to Trump that way? Again, I am not a huge Trump fan. Far from it but America was not warred upon like this. This is international blackmail.

Most of these illegal criminal migrants are subsequently described as WHITE on their rap sheets.

The original title of this photo was "Marriage material".

Excuse me?

Where are Kate's famous dimples?

Apparently Ukraine is running short...

Who will begin WW3? It has already begun.

To the tune of 'Beat It"

Someone referred to a Jewish woman as a "hag" recently and the ADL has declared it to be a new antisemitic word.

I don't get to say it often but I took this photo a few years ago when I had a good camera.

Chabad royalty here. You expect him to say something otherwise?


In ancient Greece, whores (male and female) wore sandals with words carved into the soles. This way patrons could follow and find them for business.

This sickens me.

I have had men tell me how stunning the women of Israel are. They are as sick and twisted inside as they are attractive on the exterior.

Chutzpah restating the lie. Seriously this is ludicrous when you know what is done to women of all stripes during wartime. The things being done to Palestinian women and children are horrific.

Again, furthering the lie.

Little Ben... Gets me every time.

Jordanians protesting outside the Israeli Embassy. Israel is crying that these people are anti semitic and want an excuse to kill them. Meanwhile, Jordan knows it is on the Israeli chopping block at some time in the future.

This is why they want him dead.

Black sheep like to frolic too!

The most interesting Shepherd's Pie ever. As a cake...

That piece of refuse, California's Senator Scott Weiner, a great proponent of boy/man relationships.

The awesome gentleman, Pierce Brosnan

Madonna is not looking so well.

Hockey night in Canada. Under the stars near Banff.

Sparrow does not approve

Gemini does Hefner