Saturday 23 March 2024


This is the most punchable face on the planet next to that of Justin Trudeau.

What great replacement? They work for less.

No returning the trash

Spanish Greenhouses

What is all this beneath the White House? One AI image and two photographs.

That tongue

This is one of the first cartoons I ever posted. Even more pertinent today than then.

Lots of red hair today!

Old story.

See film HERE.

So, take the guns from the veterans, give them to illegals and make anonymous on-line ammo purchases legal for kids. That all makes sense to me.

Colleges are going crazy trying to keep him from speaking. In one college, the group bought up all the tickets so no one could attend then went in and hassled like a group of brain controlled idiots. They were all BLM kids.

Ooops. Almost forgot the Irish component for the day! 
Copper is another important mineral we have deficiencies in.

Horse play


This is NOT the normal skin of a 78 year old woman.

War isn't killing them off fast enough, obviously.

At one point there were 30 turtles on this log in Beacon Hill Park the other day. Do you see the heron rookery around this little pond in the middle of the city? Hundreds of pairs of birds nest every year. Nearby is an established eagle nest; it gets very noisy when the little eagles need feeding....

The coloured faces confuse me but here is another Moloch. If anyone can translate this, please do!

From 2014

One of these baby killers stubbed his toe.

They flee but these women and children are still attacked by snipers.

Looking for food for their families

What they took from us

The video has been removed. He is so coldly matter of fact when he speaks these things. Yet he beams beatifically as he does so.

'May be'. Grow a pair and say what it is.

Vintage Operation Cast Lead. Jews and supporters of Israel can pay a fee for a personalized message to be put on a bomb. Fund raising for genocide.

The slums of Macao

Remember whose writings Hitler burned and the subject matter? Hirschfeld was one writer. Many of those (((men))) came to America as part of Operation Paperclip.

Decorated beer belly? Alas no.


Liberal Logic 101

Gosh, I wonder why. Greta sure did not help.

I bet this kid is one of the environmental goofballs who cemented his hand to a highway.

Well done people!

Frozen squirrel

Not intended for sports purposes.

Trans person posting images of getting ready to fight "the other">

Warning. Graphic.

Just watched a TicToc by Dylan showing how to inject those feminizing poisons into himself.

How naive we were. Liberace was a flagrant queen but this was never mentioned. And those "beautiful women"?

Did I say were were "naive"? We were also easily lied to.

This was not a racial altercation; it was over a black boy the victim was dating.

The Kalergi Plan

Wuhan. 5G. The onset of the whole shebang.


  1. I'm repeatedly impressed by the breadth and depth of your excellent postings, Noor! Many thanks for all the time and intelligence that you invest every week in compiling them for us, your diligent readers.

  2. From German:
    How long will humanity continue to watch.

    1. To 265 let me add, one has to take into account, in which time it was published, to understand the view and why the soldiers are black. It was written in "Sutterlin", which was usual in Germany before ending of WW II. Germany lost it ´s colonial rule over parts of Afrika after 1918. France gave up decades later colonial power or better change it into economic power.
      But in Octobre 1961 the French Police, catholic Frenchmen put lots of black people in Paris into the Seine, so the river was filled with red blood.
      What was really going on Algeria, we will maybe never find out.
      Best wishes to Noor from another Grandma

  3. A very interesting article you may like.

  4. ""How naive we were. Liberace was a flagrant queen but this was never mentioned. And those "beautiful women"?"

    We were naive in every way.
    Really listen to the music lyrics, from the 60-70-80's.
    Look at the change of clothing, artists were wearing.
    Look at Madonna, singing "Open your heart, I'll make you love me" (1986), while dancing with a young boy (Felix Howard born 1973).
    The list goes on and on and on. The jews gave us plenty of clues, but we failed to see them, because we were to young, and our parents were blind.



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