Friday 30 March 2018


From me to You, everyone who celebrates this joyous event, the best wishes possible.

The European dog obeys its master.

That was me the first time I had to deal with these folks. Huh? My driver's license? And when you still use only a land line, you have ultra problems with them. And I NEVER got one on the phone to talk to me!

Putting affairs in order....

Seen around Los Angeles. Street art signage rears its honest head yet again.

Throw in a dog and a little drink and this could be paradise.

And here is why:

Chinese bloggers were knee deep in these despicable comparisons.....


Ambassador Stevens could not be reached for comment 

Something has gone very, very wrong at Netflix. They recently made a deal with Barack and Michelle Obama to develop exclusive content for the streaming service. And now, they've made Susan Rice a member of their board of directors, owing to her "great expertise" with foreign policy.
This is a woman who lied her ass off about the Benghazi nightmare, and then went on to be instrumental in the "outing" of individuals who were caught up in the illegal surveillance of people surrounding Donald Trump. She doesn't even deserve a first class prison cell, let alone a high-paying job in which she can inject more of her lies into the nation's bloodstream.
We like Netflix, subscribe to Netflix and, thanks to a fortunate stock purchase, have Netflix to thank for the best part of our retirement funds.
But if they're going to keep up this nonsense, we'll have no problem dumping their service and sticking with the programming on Amazon Prime. Unless, of course, Amazon hires Hillary.

Thank you, Mr. James Perloff

Netherlands bans use of animals in the circus.

Artist Comment: Hamas is the Snake in the Grass: Palestinian militant organisation Hamas has been accused of orchestrating a mass protest on the Israeli-Gaza border in a deliberate attempt to provoke a violent confrontation with Israeli troops.

Meanwhile in Kenya.

Stilton says: Still giddy from the 500 million taxpayer dollars heading their way from the recently passed "Omnibus Bill," a Pennsylvania branch of Planned Parenthood has come up with a bold new initiative to make their services more appealing to very young girls.
"We need a Disney princess who's had an abortion," the baby butchers happily tweeted.
This puts a new and unwelcomely graphic spin on Snow White's song "Someday my prince will come," implying that he did (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) but didn't stick around afterwards to support the baby mama.
Uh-oh! What should the knocked-up Princess do then, little girls? That's right ~ get an abortion! Hooray!

As puke-worthy as this notion is, Planned Parenthood wasn't finished with bright ideas for making abortion an entirely acceptable ~ indeed, routine and cool ~ alternative to giving birth. Their tweet went on to describe other Disney role models that young girls desperately need:

Presumably, Disney could get the whole job done with a single movie in which an illegal alien princess who's working a union job becomes heavy with child (perhaps after an evil witch has slipped her an enchanted banana). But our resourceful heroine then gleefully has an abortion (singing "What's the issue? It's just tissue!"), and the audience gets a warm and squishy happy ending when the illegal pro-choice union princess has surgery and hormone treatments to become her own handsome prince! 

What frankly baffles us, other than how the ghouls at Planned Parenthood sleep at night, is why they've bothered to lump "Princess" in with all the other qualities they think young girls should find laudable.  Is aspiring to Princess-hood possible, plausible, or empowering in any way? Or does it just encourage girls to live in a completely unrealistic fantasy world with their hopes, and presumably legs, in the air ~ until harsh reality sets in.

At which time, Planned Parenthood will be singing "Hi-ho, hi-ho" as they don their mining helmets and crusty forceps...and rake in more millions of dollars for dumping Disney's dissected future audience members into garbage bags.


They don't look as if they have gone hungry for too long; in fact it appears the child personas might have been doing the shopping and food prep.

About the only truth he has ever spoken.

Brilliant cartoon.

Stilton Says: In a surprise announcement (to put it mildly), Pope Francis is alleged to have declared to a journalist that "there is no Hell," and that sinful souls actually just disappear. Perhaps with their soulful feet embedded in a wash tub of cement which is dropped to the bottom of the river Styx.
We should note that the Pope didn't say that last part, although we feel pretty solidly that it's implied.
The Vatican has subsequently released a statement suggesting that the Pope's remarks may have been misconstrued, as an official lack of eternal punishment in Hell might lead some folks (Progressives, for instance) to more fully indulge in their numerous bad habits.
Our take on this is that the Pope is simply aware that Easter and April Fool's Day fall on the same day this year (for the first time in 847 years), and he's making the most of it with a gag which people will have all eternity to laugh about...or regret.
In any case, we wish a sincere Happy Easter to the faithful among us...and encourage others not to use the Pope's pronouncement as an excuse to cause more Hell on Earth.

In their hatred to demonize Russia, international media including cartoonists, have made very little mention of the tragedy in Kemerovo, Siberia.

JMSM still worships these little snots.


Operation #Hoggwash blown open. Not kissin' cousins, but cousins nonetheless.

Artist Comment: President of Yemen: Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi, Yemen's president is sleeping all time in KSA. Wake up Mr President, please!, Come back to building Yemen! And stop this fucking war!