Friday 20 March 2020


I was hoping to keep virus stuff down to a dull roar, but honestly it is all I could find. Believe me I had so much more but tried to stick to more interesting views of the problem. 

When I began this blog, I never thought I would actually blog about toilet paper, but there you go. This is my day 8 of absolute isolation but tomorrow morning before everything gets busy I must go do some shopping, getting low on fresh foods. Got a choice of fresh food or a bottle of Vodka. Yes, stocking up on a few things has left me broke till the end of the month. Seriously still thinking about the vodka but ...

A daily walk is lovely since the sun has been out but my town has been struck by the virus and closed down big time. At this point, all we can do is our best to keep healthy, shelter in place, and let events shake out. 

My son-in-law has been doing a lot. Dang he even shaved off the beard he has had for 20 years. Wife hardly recognized him! When he gets home he enters the basement door, tosses his clothes in the washing machine, then dashes up to shower. Grandson does not understand why, on their walks, he cannot go play in familiar parks or places he recognizes. Gotta get my Skype up and working so he remembers his Gaga whom I know he misses. 

Ex just got back from the Philippines last night and is in isolation. That was very difficult to arrange because the Philippine airlines were not playing according to the guidelines of their own nation. Cost 3.5X the usual plane fare! Whether there will be any refunds waits to be seen.

Truly I don't have much more to say. I really wanted to simply present the Virus material at the bottom as I did last week, but, as in real life, it seems to be everywhere. 

So shelter in place and try to make this as positive as possible, even if you want to kill the folks you are locked up with! Cabin fever is real! And thank you to all the people who are making an effort to lighten things up for folks. Like the You Tube artist who offers daily drawing lessons for children. Every day he puts up a 40 minute video walking them through interesting projects. That makes a difference to a child missing school and projects. 

On the plus side, maybe they will cancel all those nasty Pride celebrations that plague the planet from late spring through to late summer. They are, after all, talking about this thing in terms of months, not weeks. 

At the bottom you will find a video by The Amazing Polly. Highly recommended for a dose of the truth about this situation. Take 45 minutes to take it in. 

Devil's Advocate. They don't want us going anywhere and getting isolated. Could this be so that people don't realize how few folks really are sick? Or how many recuperate? 

The stuff of nightmares. Joe. Old man junk. Shuddering. But let THIS SONG cheer you up a tad.

Possibly one of Garrison's best.

The Liberal media is taking this ludicrous stance. 

This is more of the Liberal discussion. Really ludicrous. Weak. Lame.

Yesterday local TV was discussing how China should lead the world in this "war" because they had no new cases. Just earlier that day John Hopkins revealed they had 35 new cases. 

Just. Don't. Eat. Us.

CHARGES of racism when none was intended is even WORSE.

Buying chicken wings, fresh, in a Wuhan wet market.

And Coca Cola. And Disneyland. Been saying this for many years. Once these guys get in, globalization or Westernization starts. To maintain consistency, Mac's changed entire farming communities over to the products required for those perfect fries, proper lettuce and tomatoes, etc.

As if Biden can deliver...

You know the tail is twitching when pussy has that intense stare...

Blames Trump's policies because he cannot find employment.

Which woman is the real Oprah? Is the insult that we think they all look alike? Cos they don't.

Oh. My. God. Here is what they are used for!  You know when the list of ingredients includes "pork by-products"?

 Bear paw...

The mammal made of left-over parts, the duck-billed platypus. This one is awful cute! The unusual appearance of this egg-laying, poison spurred, duck-billed, beaver-tailed, otter-footed mammal baffled European naturalists when they first encountered it, and the first scientists to examine a preserved platypus body (in 1799) judged it a fake, made of several animals sewn together.

Perfect Innocence

 Impromptu face mask

This is a bug house. Not a funky bird house, a house built for insects to shelter in.

The future

Read: Italy: Vaccinated Area is Hit Worst Italy's stats also show males are much more likely to come down with this strain. Almost 2/3 more than women. In all age categories. 

Momma brings home dessert.

Enlarge to read. Why is the Masonic number 33 EVERYWHERE? There must be hidden significance. This ain't no coincidence.

An American fruit bat on Bloomberg's Samoa money!

 NYC is already reporting a difference in air quality.

The faces of these workers all show such marks and scars from wearing those protective masks for extended hours. 

 Supreme beauty on an icy desert night.


I really had to work hard to try to figure out where this guy got such a conspiracy theory but he sure does have a great imagination. What an absolute crock of idiocy.


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