Friday 26 August 2016


Another page of the American elections coming up as Part TWO. There is just so much material to share. This page is the more general insanity in the world. Just scroll through it and either laugh or cry ~ or both ~ and know there is PART TWO waiting to be posted momentarily.

Remember watching your babies?....
These scum BEG for lowbrow humour.


Most Canadians believe that Trudeau lite is a "fresh start"~ not awake to the fact that Trusty Justy is as relentless as the departed Stephen Harper in the establishment of the JWO/NWO (aka international Communism or enslavement of gentiles under the Noahide laws of the Talmudics. ~ same thing really). Justy flashes that smile and Canadians let him get away with murder ~ literally in the case of Yemen as he sells weapons to the Saudis for use there.


Back to Canada and military sales to the Saudis...

Amazing how Hildebeaste's followers can ignore her obvious crimes yet focus on tax returns.

 Obama's quandry

Remember your innocence reading "The Little Prince" as a child? How the world has changed and little prince's living in war torn zones are plucked from obscurity, the tragedy of their lives used for political propaganda.

 Sigh. I had had such hopes for Elizabeth but she has lost her way and become totally boring and Zio-predictable..




I honestly don't know whether this is photo-shopped or not!