Friday 30 November 2018


It has been a slow week in terms of offerings in thew world of "humour". To be honest, I pay the minimum attention to the world's problems of late, much preferring to keep up with the more positive aspects of life. That does not mean becoming yet another apathetic Canadian by a long shot! 

Winter is settling in around us; it is December and life picks up speed for those of us who love Christmas and all its attendant joys.  

What an absolute shame! Shocking! Time to up the publicity via some stunt pulling world attention back to this most important of all human tragedies.

Bacon cup.

Meanwhile, Canadians who stop having children, we will bring in hundreds of thousands, possibly millions, of migrants to replace you.

That is a lot of pounds!

Triggering a liberal!

Nationalism TERRIFIES the globalists. 
Yes there are Nazi types who we should avoid.
But truly, the word Nazi means little these days due to over-use.

Paris fashion

Seasonal serenity, mother and child

Liberal Before and afters:


I am sure her parents love the Baphomet tattoo.

Eastern European cartoon on family, media and gender.

The first big experiment in mass manipulation involved cigarettes, women, feminism. That was in 1918, courtesy of Edward Bernays. Look at where we are now.

In a desperate effort to remain relevant, I include a few Obit cartoons for Mr. Hillenburg, creator of a cartoon series that even my children are too old to have seen!

This is what Soros funds. Let this one sink in.

Talk to Soros, bonehead.

Now this cartoon really takes the manufactured victimization of these aggressive illegal migrants too far and is a cruel slap to the genuine victims of the Vietnam War, those effected by truly dangerous chemicals and bombs.

Mary and Joseph were not refugees; they were going to Bethlehem for the regular census taking in their nation. It gets so damn tedious pointing out the obvious truths over and over and over again!

2016 all over again?

Orange Man Bad!

The media is incapable of giving Melania Trump credit for anything. Her beautiful White House Christmas decorations have been mocked far and wide: