Tuesday 31 October 2017


However you celebrate at this time of year, be safe!

This VAPID traitor has now pushed my buttons too often and too hard with this horrific statement in which he completely denigrates every Canadian who built this nation which yidiotically voted him this power he wields so ignorantly. I am old stock Canadian whose European settlers he so casually insults. What an Insufferable arrogant little ... oh I want to call him a dickhead but that would be rude of me... not to mention classless.... would you settle for snotty little whoreson?


Halloween Angels:

(Trump family angels)

Angels ~ Twins: Audrey and Marilyn


This is how our struggle against Communism is portrayed by Democrats and Liberals.

Known as: Authoritarian Capitalism

How is THIS for twisting the facts in modern media? This yidiotic blind hatred of "fascists" is as old as Antifa's original rallying cries in 1932. Meanwhile, Communists are given a back-handed slap of approval.

Oh, YES!

Of course these things enlarge.

The Anne Frank Halloween costume aka "World War 2 Girl" after political correction.

The war on Halloween really heated up in this year of tender sensibilities.
Next up: Christmas! 
Truth is, they just want to suck the happy out of everything and everyone.


I will just drop this lovely portrait right here.

RBG refuses to step down. Going nowhere soon.

I don't think so.


Downtown Damascus

The Daily Beast insists this was a group of Conservatives posing as Antifa to make them look bad through association with NAMBLA. Thing is, Antifa pushes a thoroughly degenerate platform and this really would not be much of a stretch.

This very white appearing woman has a huge Twitter following. Yours truly seems to be denied access. I wonder why.

More Daily Beast cultural Marxism and hatred of all that is American.

Martin Luther pasta!

 Russian immigration

 Silly cartoon. Not based on fact. Also the player is the wrong colour!



The Divide between Editors, 
Cartoonists and Readers

It is easy to match the topics of editorial cartoons and columns. We deliver our columns with suggested editorial cartoons, and editors can do an easy keyword search of our database of over 200,000 cartoons and illustrations.

What editorial cartoonists want to draw, what editors want to see from cartoonists, and what readers want in cartoons are very different. We have good statistics on which cartoons editors download.  

Editors prefer cartoons, drawn in a traditional style, which do not express a strong opinion that some readers might disagree with.

Editors prefer cartoons that are funny over cartoons that make readers think or cry.

Editors prefer cartoons that do not deviate from the topics that the pundits are talking about on TV.

American editors prefer cartoons by American cartoonists. 

International editors prefer cartoons that are not drawn by American cartoonists.

Unlike editors, readers are open to many topics, including those that are not today’s TV pundit topics. Readers prefer strong opinions in cartoons. Like American editors, our mostly American audience on Cagle.com shows little interest in issues from around the world and they prefer cartoons by American cartoonists.

Editors and readers prefer cartoons about celebrities in the news. The most popular section ever on Cagle.com was Janet Jackson’s boob at the Super Bowl with a whopping sixty million page views. Like most editorial cartoonists, I’m not interested in celebrities, but my most popular cartoons are celebrity obituary cartoons.

Cartoonists prefer cartoons that express strong opinions; we’re frustrated that editors don’t reprint these cartoons much. Most newspaper jobs for editorial cartoonists are gone now; we’re freelancers who are underpaid and struggling. We’re motivated by the joy of being a part of the public debate. We would like for editors to see us as graphic columnists rather than as bomb-throwers or clowns.

We would like for editors to see us as graphic columnists rather than as bomb-throwers or clowns.

Most of America’s 1,400 daily, paid circulation newspapers are small, rural or suburban newspapers with conservative readers, so most editors prefer conservative cartoons to liberal cartoons. 

ED Noor: Editors were responsible for the cessation of all the fecal and bodily waste  cartoons aimed at Donald Trump after his election. We readers were fed up and spoke out.
The vast majority of editorial cartoonists are liberal and the most frequent complaint we get from editors is that there are not enough conservative cartoons (even though we have many more conservative cartoons than competing packages). 

We feature a “Trump-Friendly” section on the front page of CagleCartoons.com to point out these cartoons to editors who overlook them. Sometimes dealing with editors is like coaxing kids to eat their broccoli.

Because editors prefer such a narrow range of styles and topics, editorial cartoonists (who are not a diverse group themselves) often come up with cartoons that are similar. Sometimes a dozen cartoonists will draw the same, obvious gag; we call these matching cartoons “Yahtzees.” 

Columnists do the same thing, often making matching arguments about the issue of the day, but matching cartoons are more obvious than words. Sometimes editors complain that they don’t need to subscribe to more cartoons because the cartoons they see are “all the same,” but editors shun cartoons that are not similar.

Many editors ask, “Why don’t you have more pro-Trump cartoons?” Editorial cartooning is a negative art form. Cartoons in favor of anything are lousy cartoons. Even conservative cartoonists don’t draw pro-Trump cartoons. 
After the presidential election, cartoonists stopped drawing cartoons criticizing president Obama and Hillary Clinton, a change that disturbed many conservative editors who perceived a sudden shift to the left.

What I would like to see from editorial page editors is more interest in diversity of cartoon content ~ in style, topic and point of view. I’d like to see editors choose great cartoons over funny cartoons. I’d like for editors to show more tolerance for foreign cartoonists and topics.

All that said, editors are our customers and most of them are great editorial cartoon fans. We love our editors. That’s why we want them to eat their broccoli.