Monday 28 August 2017

THE WEAPONIZATION OF HISTORY AND JOURNALISM: we don’t need no stinkin’ facts

August 28, 2017
Paul Craig Roberts
In the United States, facts, an important element of truth, are not important. They are not important in the media, politics, universities, historical explanations, or the courtroom. Non-factual explanations of the collapse of three World Trade Center buildings are served up as the official explanation. Facts have been politicized, emotionalized, weaponized and simply ignored. 
As David Irving has shown, Anglo-American histories of World War 2 are, for the most part, feel-good histories, as are “civil war” histories as Thomas DiLorenzo and others have demonstrated. Of course, they are feel-good only for the victors. Their emotional purpose means that inconvenient facts are unpalatable and ignored.
Writing the truth is no way to succeed as an author.
Only a small percentage of readers are interested in the truth.
Most want their biases or brainwashing vindicated.
They want to read what they already believe. It is comforting, reassuring.
When their ignorance is confronted, they become angry.
The way to be successful as a writer is to pick a group and give them what they want.
There is always a market for romance novels and for histories that uphold a country’s myths. On the Internet successful sites are those that play to one ideology or another, to one emotion or the other, or to one interest group or another. The single rule for success is to confine truth to what the readership group you serve believes.
(ED Note: PC Roberts: Keep this in mind when you receive shortly my September quarterly request for your support of this website. There are not many like it. This site does not represent an interest group, an ideology, a hate group, an ethnic group or any cause other than truth. This is not to say that this site is proof against error. It is only to say that truth is its purpose.)
Karl Marx said that there were only class truths. Today we have a large variety of truths:
~ truths for feminists,
~ truths for blacks, Muslims,
~ Hispanics, homosexuals, transgendered,
~ truths for the foreign policy community that serves the military/security complex,
~ truths for the neocons,
~ truths for the One Percent that control the economy and the economists who serve them,
~ truths for “white supremacists,” itself a truth term for their opponents.

You can add to the list. The “truth” in these “truths” is that they are self-serving of the group that expresses them. Their actual relation to truth is of no consequence to those espousing the “truths.” 
Woe to you if you don’t go along with someone’s or some group’s truth. Not even famous film-maker Oliver Stone is immune. Recently, Stone expressed his frustration with the “False Flag War Against Russia.” Little doubt that Stone is frustrated with taunts and accusations from completely ignorant media talking heads in response to his documentary, Putin, based on many hours of interviews over two years. Stone came under fire, because instead of demonizing Putin and Russia, thus confirming the official story, he showed us glimpses of the truth. 
The organization, Veteran Intelligence Professionals for Sanity, published a report that completely destroyed the false accusations about Trump/Russian hacking of the US presidential election. The Nation published an objective article about the report and was assaulted by writers, contributors, and readers for publishing information that weakens the case, which the liberal/progressive/left in conjunction with the military/security complex, is orchestrating against Trump. The magazine’s audience felt that the magazine had an obligation not to truth but to getting Trump out of office. Reportedly, the editor is considering whether to recall the article. 
So here we have left-leaning Oliver Stone and leftwing magazine, The Nation, under fire for making information available that is out of step with the self-serving “truth” to which the liberal/progressive/left and their ally, the military/security complex, are committed. 

When a country has a population among whom there are no truths except group-specific truths, the country is so divided as to be over and done with. “A house divided against itself cannot stand.” 
The white liberal/progressive/left leaders of divisive Identity Politics have little ~ if any ~ comprehension of where the movement they think they lead is headed. 
At the moment the hate is focused on the “alt-right,” which has become “white nationalists,” which has become “white supremacists.” 
These “white supremacists” have become epitomized by statues of Confederate soldiers and generals. All over the South, if local governments are not removing the statues, violent crazed thugs, consumed by hate, attempt to destroy them. 

ED Noor: The statue of David Levy Yulee in Florida is not likely to be taken down. This great Jew of the Confederate States. According to Michael Hoffman:
"In the halacha of the Babylonian Talmud, there is one law for gentiles and another for Jews, a distinction which the "revolutionary left" seems to observe and respect when it comes to memorial sculpture in honour of this Confederate slave-driver." 
In New Orleans someone with money bused in thugs from outside flying banners that apparently are derived from a communist flag to confront locals protesting the departure of their history down the Orwellian Memory Hole. 
ED Noor: The same manufactured outrage over public statues by far right Bolsheviks aka Antifa, BLM, etc, is not just in the US of A. This same madness is taking place in Canada (above), Australia, The UK, anywhere that liberalism has taken control. It is about the removal of all history so that it can be rewritten according to the approved playbook.  In Canada the government just quietly began changing statues, names of buildings, etc. Although when they changed a major government building to a more PC name, they did work for bragging rights. It is easier to change the names on buildings than to make reparations to those making claims. Only now that the hatred has enveloped much of the US do we see defacement.
What happens when all the monuments are gone? Where does the hate turn next?
Once non-whites are taught to hate whites, not even self-hating whites are safe.

How do those taught hate tell a good white from a bad white? They can’t and they won’t. By definition by Identity Politics, whites, for now white heterosexual males, are the vicimizers and everyone else is their victim. The absurdity of this concept is apparent, yet the concept is unshaken by its absurdity. White heterosexual males are the only ones without the privilege of quotas.
~ They and only they can be put at the back of the bus for university admissions, employment, promotion, and only their speech is regulated. 
~ They, and only they, can be fired for using “gender specific terms,” for using race specific terms, for unknowingly offending some preferred group member by using a word that is no longer permissible. 
~ They can be called every name in the book, beginning with racist, misogynist, and escalating, and no one is punished for the offense.
Recently, a professor in the business school of a major university told me that he used the word, girls, in a marketing discussion. A young womyn was offended. The result was he received a dressing down from the dean. Another professor told me that at his university there was a growing list of blacklisted words. It wasn’t clear whether the list was official or unofficial, simply professors trying to stay up with Identity Politics and avoid words that could lead to their dismissal. Power, they tell me, is elsewhere than in the white male, the true victimized class.

ED Noor: The strongest move to "dumb down" American males was perpetrated by the most beloved cartoon series of all time, The Simpsons. Bart Simpson and his anti social attitudes created a culture that took pride in ignorance. 
For years commentators have recognized the shrinking arena of free speech in the United States. Any speech that offends anyone but a white male can be curtailed by punishment. Recently, John Whitehead, constitutional attorney who heads the Rutherford Institute, wrote that it is now dangerous just to defend free speech. Reference to the First Amendment suffices to bring denunciation and threats of violence. Ron Unz notes that any website that can be demonized as “controversial” can find itself disappeared by Internet companies and PayPal. They simply terminate free speech by cutting off service. 
It must be difficult to teach some subjects, such as the “civil war” for example. How would it be possible to describe the actual facts? For example, for decades prior to the Union’s invasion of the Confederacy North/South political conflict was over tariffs, not over slavery. 

The fight over which new states created from former “Indian” territories would be “slave” and which “free” was a fight over keeping the protectionist (North) vs. free trade (South) balance in Congress equal so that the budding industrial north could not impose a tariff regime. Two days before Lincoln’s inaugural address, a stiff tariff was signed into law. That same day in an effort to have the South accept the tariff and remain in or return to the Union ~ some southern states had seceded, some had not ~ Congress passed the Corwin amendment that provided constitutional protection to slavery. The amendment prohibited the federal government from abolishing slavery.

Two days later in his inaugural address, which seems to be aimed at the South, Lincoln said: 
“I have no purpose, directly or indirectly, to interfere with the institution of slavery in the States where it exists. I believe I have no lawful right to do so, and I have no inclination to do so.”
Lincoln’s beef with the South was not over slavery or the Fugitive Slave Act. Lincoln did not accept the secessions and still intended to collect the tariff that now was law. Under the Constitution slavery was up to the states, but the Constitution gave the federal government to right to levy a tariff. Lincoln said that “there needs to be no bloodshed or violence” over collecting the tariff. Lincoln said he will use the government’s power only “to collect the duties and imposts,” and that “there will be no invasion, no using of force against or among the people anywhere.” 
Here is Lincoln, “the Great Emancipator,” telling the South that they can have slavery if they will pay the duties and imposts on imports. How many black students and whites brainwashed by Identity Politics are going to sit there and listen to such a tale and not strongly protest the racist professor justifying white supremacy and slavery?
So what happens to history when you can’t tell it as it is, but instead have to refashion it to fit the preconceived beliefs formed by Identity Politics? The so-called “civil war,” of course, is far from the only example.
In its document of secession, South Carolina made a case that the Constitutional contract had been broken by some of the northern states breaking faith with Article IV of the Constitution. This is true. However, it is also true that the Southern states had no inclination to abide by Section 8 of Article I, which says that “Congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes, duties, imposts and excises.” So, also the South by not accepting the tariff was not constitutionally pure.
Before history became politicized, historians understood that the North intended for the South to bear costs of the North’s development of industry and manufacturing. 
The agricultural South preferred the lower priced goods from England. The South understood that a tariff on British goods would push import prices above the high northern prices and lower the South’s living standards in the interest of raising living standards in the North. 
The conflict was entirely economic and had nothing whatsoever to do with slavery, which also had existed in the North.
Indeed, some northern states had “exclusion ordinances” and anti-immigration provisions in their state constitutions that prohibited the immigration of blacks into northern states. 
If freeing slaves were important to the North and avoiding tariffs was important to the South, one can imagine some possible compromises. For example, the North could have committed to building factories in the South. As the South became industrialized, new centers of wealth would arise independently from the agricultural plantations that produced cotton exports. The labor force would adjust with the economy, and slavery would have evolved into free labor. 
Unfortunately, there were too many hot heads. And so, too, today. 
ED Noor: Then, as now, the same folks, backed by Rothschild money and ‘inspiration’, were fomenting and financing both North and South, urging war. One does not see their monuments being taken down! 

ED Noor: This article headlining Time Magazine is by Joel Stein, the same man who wrote the infamous article "Who Runs Hollywood? C'mon." in which he bragged about Jewish ownership of American media. 
In America there is nothing on the horizon but hate. Everywhere you look in America you see nothing but hate.
Putin is hated.
Russia is hated.
Muslims are hated.
Venezuela is hated.
Assad is hated.
Iran is hated.
Julian Assange is hated.
Edward Snowden is hated.
White heterosexual males are hated.
Confederate monuments are hated.
Truth-tellers are hated.
“Conspiracy theorists” are hated.
No one escapes being hated.
Hate groups are proliferating, especially on the liberal/progressive/left. For example, RootsAction has discovered a statue of Robert E. Lee in the U.S. Capitol and urges all good people to demand its removal. Whether the level of ignorance that RootsAction personifies is real or just a fund-raising ploy, I do not know. But clearly RootsAction is relying on public ignorance in order to get the response that they want. 
In former times when the US had an educated population, everyone understood that there was a great effort to reconcile the North and South and that reconciliation would not come from the kind of hate-mongering that now infects RootsAction and most of the action groups and websites of the liberal/progressive/left. 

Today our country is far more divided that it was in 1860. Identity Politics has taught Americans to hate each other, but, nevertheless, the zionist neoconservatives assure us that we are “the indispensable, exceptional people.” We, a totally divided people, are said to have the right to rule the world and to bomb every country that doesn’t accept our will into the Stone Age. 
In turn the world hates America. Washington has told too many lies about other countries and used those lies to destroy them. Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Somalia, and large chunks of Syria and Pakistan are in ruins. Washington intends yet more ruin with Venezuela currently in the cross hairs. 
Eleven years ago Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez resonated with many peoples when he said in his UN speech:
“Yesterday at this very podium stood Satan himself [Bush], speaking as if he owned the world; you can still smell the sulphur.”
It is difficult to avoid the conclusion that America is a font for hatred both at home and abroad.

Friday 25 August 2017


Ah, the joys of censorship in the digital age. I got double-slammed this week. The first to go was Pinterest. For the past few years, when I wanted to unwind, I played in Pinterest. I also posted most of my cartoons there. I had 50 to 60 stuffed folders covering such diverse topics as Just Eat It!, Aging with Pizazz, Bacon, Fashion for Larger Women, Women in Art, Fractal Art, Fine Art, Things that Purr, Beasts, Water Creatures, Vikings, Males, Leather Stuff, Glass, Bridges, Stairwells, Horse, Flowers, Healthy foods and drinks. But then I included the less acceptable matters with folders titled Social manipulation, Resistance and Persistence, Palestine, the Middle East, Cultural Marxism, Communism, Politics, Liberal Lunacy, Trump and Clinton, etc etc. You get the drift. Into them I slipped a LOT of conservative material, a lot of ... historical truth as we know it. The stuff that is being wiped from the internet.

Last week when I posted your cartoons, as usual I posted simultaneously to Pinterest; all was fine. The next day I went to Pinterest and found my account wiped clean. Everything gone. Contacts, folders. Someone must have decided my contents were... offensive? And of course, no response to my queries. Not a peep or even a warning.

The next instance. A friend informs me that a piece I posted earlier this week had received a mention on the esteemed David Irving's blog which explained the high numbers for that page. He sent me the link to the blog. Well, in Canada it seems to be rather difficult to find anything of Irving's that opens. Everything seems to need you to check that you have 3 w's in the URL and leads nowhere. He did finally find me a link that worked. Such an honour to have been noticed by Mr. Irving or whoever puts together his blog for him!

It reminds me of about 20 years ago when I met a girl from Iran in a chat programme. We began discussing politics and I began to send her URLs. Out of 20 or so only 1 opened for her, the rest were all 404's. I was shocked at the censorship in Iran at the time, never realizing that one day it would be part of my life as well.

There is a huge section on statues and their removal this week. This is about much more than the removal of statues that "hurt" feelings of the psychologically immature, it is about the takeover of the world, in this case North America, by Communist forces bent on erasing our history so it can be rewritten with a more flattering narrative to themselves. These Communist forces consist primarily of Antifa and Isis.

The video below is entertaining and enlightening if you wish to learn more about the work and modern struggles of conservative cartoonists. Many of those speaking, you see their fine work here weekly. These fine artists,  especially Michael Ramirez, discuss just what is involved in the creation of an elegant and insightful piece that makes a statement with clarity. Recommended if you have the time. 

Anyhow, here you go for the week! Enjoy. Please share widely. That is one of the reasons I do this. And enjoy these last days of summer. Already nightfall is too soon!


Don King's DNA!

I never ever thought I would find wisdom in a comment from Reagan, but I have said this same thing for decades to many people when discussing North America. Now Canada is down and out for standing up...

Enlarge to see the details. This artist did devastating work about Obama; this is a surprise.

This is a cartoon folks, not a real tweet! But it is true. This international consortium Cartoon Movement asked its artists to refrain from the fecal vulgarity of its Trump cartoons.

Amazing how creative one can be using thumbprints!

92% of Antifa types live with their parents.

Are you serious? A toddler at such a situation? Brainless parent.

We don't go much for flags on everything up here in Canada. When my daughter moved to the US, she had to apply for American cards and the first thing she did was call me in total astonishment: "Mom! They even have the flag on my BANK CARDS!" She was not offended, just we don't paste them everywhere. It was just an indication of the cultural change she was about to face moving down South.



Here he is again.

"The purge"? This is pure Marxist propaganda. The Communist Purge has killed hundreds of millions of people over the past century: Russia, Ukraine, China, Cambodia, Spain, wherever Communism reared its vile red head mouthing ridiculous promises that bring horrendous results for the decent people of the planet. Dangerous terminology. No different than that of the thugs of ISIS.

Artist Comment: Approaching Storm" Resurgence of Nazism internationally

Artist Comment: Kabul Mosque Terror Attack!: More than 40 people have been killed and 100 injured in Kabul Afghanistan.

There is a whole clothing line out now based on this arrogant insult. (((They))) don't even bother to hide their disdain for us any longer.

My goodness, but the cartoons about Steve Bannon are nasty. I have rarely posted material on him simply because it has always been so incredibly hate-filled, off base and overflowing with Nazi insignia. This is a mild example but at least no Nazi symbolism.

A fair bit of truth in this one, I think. Bad blood between those two. Silly note: My Father had hair like Bannon's only pure white in his later years. A carryover style from the 40's.

These are the same people who are now pushing to have various statues removed and the changing of many schools in the province because they are named after one white man or another. Think they have an agenda? Remember, their deviant sex education programme was put together by a convicted sexual pervert who was very into small children, and enforced by the despicable K Wynne a woman of no morals or ethics. So they are after the statues too.

One of my Aunts was born in a town called Swastika in Northern Ontario. She was the first child born there and my grandparents were under much pressure to call her ... yes... Swastika. This was back around 1902 or 1904. They resisted and called her Cecile.

These folks did not hoof it to the Canadian border. As with the African immigrants to Europe, there are many people willing to transport them right up to the right streets where they are picked up and taken to camps. Someone got angry with me today because she was telling me her sister-in-law lives where this is going on in Quebec. The sister was saying, "We want to be nice, but we are now stretched to the limit and.... enough is enough." I agreed with this sentiment. My friend got upset because I was not thrilled about this "wonderfully diverse" influx of folk apparently fleeing Donald Trump on whom she was blaming the problem! No fix for stupid even if you do have a few PhD's.

Canadian winters are cold. Tents won't do. What then?


Meanwhile, you already saw the sexual crap they are pushing upon innocent children!

Cultural differences


Wonderful eclipse

Anniversary of the Independence of the Ukraine

The French people see they were fooled.

The people of France have paid over 26 000 euros on make up and beauty sessions for Macron!



Throw in that expression "cray-cray". Or "kewl".

I almost did not post this because of the KKK aspect, but the overall message of this cartoon is so true. It applies to everyone.

From an extremely liberal cartoonist with whom I have frequent disagreements. I don't understand all of his work because he is crazy snarky liberal at times.

At a Toronto University.... What a crock when you read the description!


Liberal Mathematics

Artist Comment: Shattered: Post traumatic stress disorder


Who they really want to bring down.

Honestly, the media gave more fuss about the destruction of these monuments than they do about those of their own culture in the West!

Australia as well!

Prepare for a rewriting of history. The libraries have already been cleansing and we know (((who))) owns the publishing companies. Most of the educational publications in the US including encyclopedia companies have been in the hands of the Rockefeller family for over the past 100 years.

Artist Comment: Origin of the Blues: 2017 marks 115 years since the first appearance of the Blues music genre, originated by African American ex-slaves and descendants of slaves in the Deep South of the United States around the beginning of the 20th century, from roots in African musical traditions and African-American work songs. ED Noor: This music is the soul sound of North America, the base of rock and roll and a contributor to folk and country, and everything in between.  Possibly among the best contribution of these people to the world so far. 

SERIOUSLY? It takes the Trump women to vilify stilettos? 

THE ACLU has now apologized for the following image of a sweet little girl that created such havoc on Twitter. The image was to show what the ACLU wanted as the future of America. (Take that with a grain of salt!) You will get an idea from the following responses of just how hateful folks are. Racism...

And Chelsea Clinton made a fool of herself on Twitter yet again. This girl has bubbles for brains. Some of these responses are pretty good.

They really don't get it.

Major propaganda that is found in the JMSM.