Friday 25 October 2019


I don't want to talk about the results of the Canadian election either. As a Westerner, I am feeling the pain. More to come. Sadly, I nailed the outcome.

The dark humour of the Joker, and his wisdom, is scattered throughout today. His very dark humour matches my own at times. It seems that no modern actor can have a complete resume without tackling this challenging role and giving it his own unique twist. A long time fan of Joaquim's, (Remember him in Gladiator?) I look forward to his take.

Today's world is in a constant state of turmoil as people begin to riot over one thing or another. Many have very legitimate problems; many of those problems are propaganda; many of these problems are the result of actions taken by these creatures who have world domination on their agenda.

Toxic masculinity at its finest.
What a hero this man was.

Oh, dear. Some similarities  there!

Betty White, circa 1955, with one of her many pups.

This is a direct threat to the standing of Republicans in Texas now that so many Californians have relocated to Texas over the past few years. But then, many Democrats also put forth the idea of moving simply to change key states blue.

Killing the golden goose of Canada.

Orange is NDP. Red is Liberal. Green is Greens. Blue is Conservative. This is how British Columbia voted. I am in NDP turf, just south of the Greens where the map is cut off. Victoria itself tends to go Liberal.

Many naive or Liberal Canadians still worship this creature and of course his recommendation carried weight. This was more than a friend speaking of a friend; it was direct political interference.

Feast. Personally I am eying those brilliant yellow tomatoes.

Bernie heart jokes were a dime a dozen. But this one was just too good to ignore.

Stilton says:
In case you weren't paying attention, Saturday was National Period Day, with crowds of woke men and women flooding into the streets (so to speak) to declare themselves "period proud," demand that we "end period poverty," and wave signs saying "tampons, not guns," which makes us wonder who the hell had been making that mistake?

And although it's easy for insensitive cretins to make sophomoric jokes about all of this, we are fortunate to live in a society where serious issues are taken seriously by serious people. Like Beto O'Rourke, for instance...
Okay, we've slightly exaggerated what he had to say, but we're not kidding about Beto's hot-blooded dedication to this issue. Just consider this actual tweet...
That's right, the Irishman who pretends to be Hispanic, who wants to confiscate guns, and who promises to take away the tax exempt status of churches has thrown his support behind the Menstrual Equity Act, which is surprisingly a real thing. We're not 100% sure what the goal of the Menstrual Equity Act is, but suspect it's intended to close the menstrual inequality gap between the poor and the rich. Or, in tampon terms, the "light day" versus the "supermax" crowd.

But enough foolishness. We certainly and sincerely support women's health and hygiene, and in good conscience can not mock National Period Day since we didn't mock men when they held National Skidmark Day.

Sorry! Sorry! That was another joke! But we're going to take a deep breath, square our shoulders, and make one more attempt to present this subject in a serious, adult manner...

In the midst of the Democrats’ exercise in wasting time and hoping people don’t notice what a bunch of crying-ass losers they are ~ uhh, that is, the impeachment inquiry, Washington Rep. Pramila Jayapal remarked that no inquiry was needed, and that “…People should stop looking for a secret smoking gun. Donald Trump is the smoking gun.”

So, basically, the bunch who crashed and burned in 2016 and tanked with Russiagate are cooking up an impeachment “inquiry” that will probably drag out until the Conventions and telling us “really, trust us, we’ve got this, really this time. Don’t ask us how we know, we just know, OK?”

Same criminals.


Old dogs...

Ah, yes, those shoulders.

When polls don't bring the results  you were hoping to get...

Trust. No daddy issues here.

Vancouver leaves. Most are being blown from the trees over the weekend with these gusty storms.

Actually, a one-legged one night stand.

Speaking of goats.

Chicago, 115 years ago.

Around the same time, people in the West were also living in hollowed-out tree stumps.

A rally in Chile earlier this week brought out this group of protesters. Millions!