Friday 20 June 2014


Smart advice

Sometimes I use an electronic book device but nothing, nothing, nothing, replaces books. Ever. If ever we lost electricity what are we left with?

Shocking! But then, priorities are priorities non?


Caught you laughing at this! Possibly my favourite this week.

My other favourite. If you are a punner, this one is for you.

Omgosh when I was posting this, I was listening to Rock and Roll by Bob Seeger and somehow ended up on the floor laughing ~ it synchronized!

Each man is reading the holy book of another religion than his own.

I read about the world and the current turns of events; all I want to do is weep. 

Iraq again? I am speechless at what these demons do to work their evil on Russia and China via Iran via Iraq. Iraq was Balkanized for the creation of just such regional wars as we see today ~ all goes according to plan. 

I read about the nuclear depopulation programme in place and feel so helpless ~ there is so much to Iraq and DU and Fukushima and Chernobyl ~ it is overwhelming. But, I digress, back to Iraq.

What plan? Any plan. They have created so many stewpots of division and hatred around the globe that there is no shortage of plans to fall back on. Anywhere.

That hatred we work so hard to keep under wraps is giving me a tough time. Hatred is such an easy fix but giving in to hatred means one has given up all hope. It concedes defeat. It is a weakness to be exploited since hatred seems to warp all focus. So I cry a lot it seems. Listen to a lot of music, stare out the window and think. That light at the end of the tunnel seems to get further and further away.

Our losses seem to keep mounting up, like the Canadian Federal Government approving the Enron pipeline this week.   Yet they have the nerve to brag about Canada's environmental record! No one wants this development although it is already far more along than most people are aware. Construction preparation is well underway. It makes me truly want to vomit.

On the upside, my arm is slowly healing. Four weeks of enforced inactivity today and it is getting tough! Even the repetitive small actions of typing slow down total healing time so.... I am not even out riding my shiny new red tricycle because it involves riding a clutch.  The physiotherapist will let me know when it is good... sigh. Currently it just sits in a corner waiting patiently, but isn't it cute?