Friday 28 August 2020


Death to America?

And so I am still suspended in Twitter. Thanks, thanks, thanks, to all who continue to share my link in there. 

My friend Blackbird9 seems to be missing from Twitter. I have a feeling he is permanently suspended; mine just seems to be taking foreverrrrrrrrrrr. Of course that has nothing to do with my Conservative leaning comments!

I send them a reminder about once a week but get the same form letter back within a nano second; heaven only knows when my account will be open again.  Gab does not quite scratch the itch; any one got some suggestions for alternative sites?

I also seem to be spending more time at BitChute now that YouTube is suspending almost everyone of interest!  

Anyhow, here is the collection for the week. The usual riots, vaccines, dirty politics, etc as ever. 

Please enjoy. Please nab n grab and share. Take good care. Until next week, enjoy every moment of sun and fresh air you possibly can.

Kyle Rittenhouse?

Up in smoke. Huge swathes of the ancient California redwoods. 

I don't know much about this man yet. But the woman is horribly out of touch; definitely a typical Canadian in terms of her apathetic political ignorance.

Who's a good birdie?

Falling coconuts kill hundreds of Indians annually. The toll is much higher than deaths by covid19! Where is the outrage?

This is the face of our common enemy.

Ancient Incan stone cut with astonishing precision. 12-sided block.

I have that same blanket in the lighter shade. It is so warm and has a delightful weight. Very soft and cuddly.

I think she is serious.

Poetry in motion

Contents of an Antifa backpack. Intended for the police. The glitter is a nice touch. 

Black chickens. Meat. Eggs. Everything is black. Cost? About $2500 per chick.

Absolutely savage:

Bear hairs. They resemble rolls of toilet paper, do they not?

Hillary Clinton recently gave us a preview of coming distractions when she counseled Joe Biden to not concede the election "under any circumstances," even if he gets his ass handed to him by the voters ("Hey look," Joe would say, "It's my elbow!").

In other words, Hillary has dropped any pretense that she believes (or has ever believed) that our nation's leadership should be determined by voters. She's openly advocating a different system in which political machinations, power, money, and corrupt courts replace the expressed wishes of America's pesky peasant class. That system is called "tyranny," and dressing it up in a purple pantsuit doesn't make it any prettier.

This Coney Island Elephant Hotel lasted from 1884 until it burned down 1n 1896.

The man's ego is beyond belief. 

Helmet laws don't apply?

Innocence on a hot summer day

Kamala jumped for joy when Joe gave her the call.

 This bird just heard about the Biden/Harris ticket!

This is pretty suspicious, I gotta admit.

The world of the newt

Persimmon harvest

1916 warning against electricity

Nature is magic

Another inappropriate science fair project

Original gangster gear from 1928

Mooooove on over fake food.

Indoor bee hives

I dunno about you, but I want to meet this woman!

Transgender tidbit of info.

How many eyes?

Matching shirts. 7 bullet holes. Mr. Blake. BLM. Overkill? Literally. On all levels.

One Potter book in Braille.

Heaven. Cherry season.

Dangerous truth

Why homeschool? The following 3 pages are from common core classes. Racism on steroids.

Not a soy boy

No ribfest this year. First world problem but I will miss it nonetheless.

The American Blue Bunny 

So there I was meandering along the stream on a summer day... 

Guitar string tightly wound

This looks like many windows I have had over the decades.... 
Only my plants seem to get very big as time passes.
Blessings all. Be well. Be aware. Don't accept any unwanted jabs. Check out my blog roll. Come on back next week!