Tuesday 10 January 2023


NOT a new resolution by any means but one I have kept up for decades. So I suppose it is not much of a resolution so much as a way of life. 

From 2008

Diamond will be missed.

This is just nearby in a very rural area. These sick teachers are everywhere.

One of JT's finest achievements.

Is there anything his father did that this idiot JT does not mimic? The yoga pose. The buckskin jacket. The car. Not an original thought in his dark and vacant brain.

Very cool hack.

Divine decadence and a ripped doily

I had two.

Grammar police gone very wrong

Voltman, I promised you a shot of Hermit's Titanium with his owner/trainer. Here she is.

A home in Hong Kong. Imagine spending the lockdown in this.
It snowed in Japan this week. Global warming anyone?

Gimme Zelensky! Lemme at 'im.

TBH the pregnancy is weird and the situation is not a sexual one, however, this is still lunacy.

Peak Madness. How to fake a period! Seriously this is a thing for some folk. And this is 2003.


Thoughts that make you scratch your head and go "Hmmmm? Hmmmm!"

My sister-in-law has been known to feed her chickens in their coop (art nouveau windows) wearing a black velvet gown, pearls, gumboots. On that particular occasion, it was the leftovers from Christmas dinner going to the birds. Then a moment later she was off to the hospital in the same outfit to save the face of a toddler ripped apart by the family pet.


Just asking what good these things do? It is a spiritual war, not financial.

I hear you.

Mom knit all four of my brothers this pattern sweater in almost every colour possible.