Tuesday 3 January 2023


Or Canada's own Tamara Litch? ~ or, come to think of it, the J6 prisoners! Tate is just a distraction.

Commotio cordis (Latin, "agitation or disruption of the heart") is an often lethal disruption of heart rhythm

I lost this image years ago. Here it is! There more of this event in those folders somewhere.

These people are absolutely crazy! Take it to CERN; this is right up their alley over there.

Boston is hosting. They also have their own "satanic chef". This is not a cheap event either.

Why Boston, you ask. These nasty folks play vengeful in-your-face politicking as we have seen the deviant Senator Scott Weiner when faced by parents not wanting drag in a pumpkin contest contest. Within days of complaints these were up around San Francisco. Now it is an annual event although the queens are definitely not ... tantalizing anyone. I imagine Scott makes sure they will not be explicit as seen with less skilled queens. San Francisco has long been the bastion of the most varied drag on the planet. Not praising here, just remembering the hippie drug-fuelled free love city's past when drag   was celebrated clandestinely.

Why did John not "get it" after this particular episode? That woman was so toxic.
Peanut butter chocolate cheesecake. I would use crunchy myself but... such food is out of my league for awhile. But there are no calories gained in drooling.

Lemme see. First names Bill, Klaus, Fauci, Justin, Harari.... I could go on but that is a good start.

Release the Kraken....

Jann Arden is a parody. A compromised entertainer for the masses. This is not a parody; she is as brain-washed as they come in return for her commercial successes.

Klaus wants your cars. Not only to save the environment (spits) but to pin you down and keep  you local. Alex Jones warned of this decades ago; people laughed; every aspect of this enslavement he spoke of has or is being employed now by the WEF.

Despite the climate alarmists claiming this weather on the Great Lakes was the first ever, they were wrong. This is impressive ice, but such winter dumps have happened for as long as I can remember.

Gentle Hermit's Titanium knows he is a pretty boy! Gypsy cobbs were bred to be the coolest of horses. They worked pulling the vardo all day. When they were set loose to graze children would play with them and only the gentlest of tempers was tolerated. Anything else and the horse got sold, the traits bred out of them.

So long as the floor was safe, yes.

After the bombing of Dresden there were piles like this on every block.

I remember when this young rabbi was assigned to Iceland and thinking, "Dang, now Iceland is in for a whole new set of problems." And here we are.
Your tax dollars at work. Canada supports this stuff as well.

The Chinese Imperial Palace.

Poke. I am learning to make this fabulous stuff; will get some good tuna tomorrow. This could keep me off beef forever I love it so much.

"When Zelensky fails they will think of him as the Jew."

Frogmouth Owl

"Whatcha doin', rabbi?

This chap outdoes Eli Weisel and the Diamond Feces Lady, Irene Ziblatt, a serious run for their shekels when it comes to the blarney. Who can possibly believe this stuff?

This is the new Joe.

Pork Belly. Mmmm good.
We have been discussing the weaponization of weather for well over a decade now. The Boxing Day Tsunami. Fukushima...

Momma Octopus and her babies

The yellow weaver bird male gathers the materials for a nest to court any interested ladies in the vicinity. The ladies can express disinterest if they do not approve of his building techniques which makes him work all the harder.

This one is a keeper, folks, if you are following this story.


This "unexpected heart attack" really hit me. And it will for a long time to come. I have listened to Dori for at least 10 years. He was so very refreshing with his hard hitting Conservative work. You can be sure there are many relieved that he ... just keeled over and died a bit later. He was healthy, refreshing and will be greatly missed. There is no one who could possibly replace him, Dori was a one-of-a-kind.


Summertime, when the living is easy...


  1. Image 130 appears to be yet another illustration of the testosterone shortage in the western world. Men need to eschew soy products and other phytoestrogens and xenoestrogens, and assert their natural dominance. Perhaps then the western world could be cured of its decadence.

  2. Beautiful as ever. You're the meme queen.

  3. Jehovas Vidners Stævneplads

    And somewhat to the northeast of this, a few hundred meter is the test centre of the hospital. That looks like the pyramid with all seeing eye.

    In the post it got mixed up. The Jehova witness centre is very near the place but is not the place viewed from above.

    Sa a Little correction.
    Love your work !!! Greetings from Holland.

  4. The more truth that comes out results in more stupidities to refute the truths. A friend of mine who has "always" tried to get me vaxxed sent me a clip promoting Zelensky as the latest god-head of help. I sent him this...
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UkmI1BHAr8I . I wonder if he'll get back to me. Thanks for your efforts, as always, an eye-full, and and eye opener.

  5. Ah, No. 305, a steam locomotive at full speed! A fine sight. What on earth is No. 111?

    1. It is a coin luck tree in the British Isles. An old custom.

  6. Reality is what they're all afraid of, so they create increasingly ridiculous lies for their prey. It is truly fascinating to now watch people who are blind believe lies to avoid seeing reality. Only God can wake them up.

  7. https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-nobel-ivermectin-idUSL1N2QB2XA

  8. Ivermectin is approved in France and in Germany since 2016 for the treatment of human beings against Scabies and Strongyloides stercoralis. Maybe the fact checkers of Reuters don't know what i.e. Oncosphere means: parasites harbor bacteria. The incidence of parasites in humans is 60%. All of them are infectious diseases which has to be treated.This explains why it is also effective against viruses. >The Lancet< once recommended after studies in Indonesia with combined schemes of Ivermectin and Albendazol.

  9. Hello Noor, sorry to hear about the ban placed on you. let us know if you are starting an alternate website. Lgunaway@comcast.net . All the best


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