Wednesday 28 June 2023

Saturday 24 June 2023


Back to the Canadian reservation scandal that we Old Stock Canadians are supposed to feel enormous grief and guilt about.

Remember gum cigars? Couldn't blow bubbles with that stuff.

The A-Team vehicle.

Dubai suburbs

It is also a hate language for far too many today. Sorry. (((Look at how long we have been dealing with these opportunists)))!
This stay at home father of two is an artist. His wife receives frequent updates of what her little family is up to. More to come over time.

We now enter the putrid sewer that is Hunter Biden.


Note the dates

This text!

Ben nailed this one years ago.

NEVER forget this one. Trudeau pulled some similar globalist moves when he came into power as well.


The entire family sat around the tv and watched this show; we did this every Sunday night after Mom's big dinner. I already had my tickets to their first show at Maple Leaf Gardens in September by the time this aired. We had no idea of the dangers this whole British Invasion would bring to North America.

They tell us to lay off the plastics. In Canada single use plastics are supposed to be illegal. I have so many similar images of useless pointless packaging.

Twelve grapes!
Just how lazy are people?
This is the worst of all. Junk food in plastic.

Anasazi cliff home

Kidnapped and stolen dogs in a Chinese meat market. These hapless creatures are killed in front of each other, frequently blow-torched to remove the fur, to the amusement of the crowd. One of the most despicable things I can imagine on this earth.

Summer solstice

So glad I found this one again. I picked it up years ago and never saw it again anywhere.

"Engineers, doctors, accountants.. oh my!"
Speaking of sex with children....

Hopefully they learn from the recent submarine incident?....

The victim of antisemitism from a Grade 6 student.

Bibi is doing everything he can to keep popular and bloodbaths in Palestine are always an entertainment he resorts to.

The face of evil ~ dead eyes

This is a report from an ABC reporter in Israel. She was attacked in 2009 by a very large group of rabbis who terrorized her and spit on her. She was a woman and she had a camera operating during one of their no work days.

Commie scumbag

What you do not hear about the ancient rites of various mother goddesses over the millennia, in particular Cybele of Rome, men would work themselves into a frenzy and remove their own bits during their trances.

There is a reason my pool is closed down each September for a water change on the side most used by children!

Starbucks motivation cup

I just realized this is an Autumn photo! Those are trees not flowers...

They began on her when she was 11. This is such horrible abuse of this girl and her parents.


Pandora's box


When the left eats the left
Not the truth. Sometimes you meet and circumstances are simply not conducive, perhaps due to age differences, marriages, obligations. Sometimes, soul mates just pass by each other to remind each other they have that bond, a waltz through time, no more, no less. Those are the hard ones. Besides, who says we are limited to just one soul mate?

Ancient Druid forest

Last live photo of the sub