Tuesday 13 June 2023


I don't think I have ever posted Trump on the top of the page but today's historic and criminal events warrant it.

Truly immortal devotion. Their final emotions still whisper to us through an endless eternity.

Make of this whatever you will. Some of these things I post, I have no idea. But they get presented nonetheless.

No to Gavin! He is a Pelosi.
(((Senator Scott Weiner))) is quite busy these days.

American infrastructure

Back to infrastructure...

My truth
Our truth

He dies

Melanistic penguin

My progressive Canadian city

This is so very predictable, isn't it? Not a syllable spent on the many arsonists and proof of foul play that are already public knowledge.

Jacksonville, Fla

How does she do that without exposing her garters?

This article is several years old. The author insists that she did not mean the state should own them but that their success in life is part of a successful society. Hmmm. When you know the commie stuff we know, it takes a bit of a stretch to take her at word value.

Someone could not wait to meet their dark master, perhaps?

Just look at that Happy Merchant pose! It really is in the DNA.

Hunter and a few young friends

Pay no attention to these obviously patent lies against young Mr. Biden. Look at what Donald Trump is guilty of.

Can you find the camouflaged little Pica? Answer at the end if you cannot.

Torsos belonging to a born female sans breasts and a born male with a set of inserts.

Remember the little guy with the cars in his hand? He caught his first fish! It was released, btw.


Even my favourite cartoonists sometimes miss the mark. Big time. And here Ramirez is taking aim at Robert Kennedy Jr.

But... but... her partner is white. Or is he Jewish?

Uni-party info

Chain of command

The Temple of Horus

Last night I saw this young man on stage in his role of a very talented musician in a back-up band at the city's premiere vintage theatre. Later in the evening I found this photo of him. Not a surprise actually, the show has left me with much to think about. More later, too much to think about and I need to get this post up.


Can anyone confirm whether or not this is photo-shopped? No one looks too happy to see him if that is actually Putin.

Lookin' all rat-faced n stuff

Word salad and propaganda

That Happy Merchant DNA strikes again!
Lady Jane tea and these...

Melanistic Hedgehog

That obscene Glamour Magazine cover was all about SELLING BOOKS for this person ~ a breastless wannabe man who cannot give up her most feminine of powers and betrays the civilized world. SICK.

Her/her and he/she (whatever) flash their chests at the White House after sharing time with Biden.

"Trans Kids are Sexy"

The poster depicted really disgusted the kids who saw through the whole charade.

Insert Rittenhouse joke here.

Methinks nature has lost its way ....

Meanwhile in Russia, Western style rodeos are a very popular thing...

A sunken cemetery off the shores of Camiguin Island

That camouflaged pika.


  1. Thanks again for being here. You are the Meme-itary Industrial Complex ammunition depot for my meme attacks.
    I am trying to train my brain to immediately think "perverts" or "sickos" etc. whenever I see a LGBTQOMGWTF acronym. It's starting to work.
    BTW, as an old school experienced construction worker, # 251 works better with electrical tape. More flexible, and more compression.
    Praying for you.

  2. Several good pix this week, Noor. I like No. 408, the train and market sharing the right-of-way. My guess is that the scene is India. The expression "Holy mother of corned beef!" (No. 320) is one that I have never heard before. I shall make a point of using it myself from now on. The naked young lady in No. 279 is about to kiss the frog, isn't she? in the hope that it is going to turn into a handsome prince. I wish her luck. And the thing in No. 76 looks like a hand with only three fingers besides the thumb, bitten almost to death by mosquitoes, but I think it's really a carrot. It's very frightening, at all events.

  3. Can anyone confirm whether or not this is photo-shopped?
    Most memes are photoshopped and use dubious or out of context quotes.
    Do you really think JT is lighting forest fires? I hope not.
    In Alberta most fires were accidentally set by the "convoy" crew who thought that the suggestion of staying out of a forest during extreme fire danger was the government lying to take away their freedom.

  4. Hola Noor,
    Yet another brilliant compilation! Please keep 'em coming!
    Muchas gracias!

  5. Isn't there a second pika, behind the first one? Perhaps I'm imagining it.

  6. Meanwhile in Russia, Western style rodeos are a very popular thing...-в России на родео вместо лошадей медведи..lol...

  7. Great posts as always Noor. loved the young girl hanging upside down on the swing with her arms out but her shadow had the arms hanging down. Also the panoramic picture of the milky way.
    The train going through the market, absolute chaos but it obviously works.
    Keep well Noor.


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