Saturday 3 June 2023


Far too many rainbows this post. Tis the season...

Those Liberals are such respectful folk. Especially the Canadians!

THANK YOU, JUSTIN TRUDEAU! Canada is indeed lost when they run headlines like this.

Can you imagine if Highlander returned today having to figure out the intricacies of TikTok?

John was so into writing communist lyrics. Simultaneously he also stated bitter truths, words that effected generations.

This is why I have abhorred atheism as the scourge and soul killing danger it is for my entire life. I don't even bother to argue with these folks when they poke and prod. They are to be pitied.

AOC lost control of her own Town Hall meeting a few weeks ago; these folks just sat with their signs as people all around them fell into struggling with her staff. That was the end of the meeting in her own riding; she is not loved.

Russia has been publishing new images from the Biden diaries. I could not find any of the new ones to put up but have seen them in videos. Images of Hunter with a small child dressed in a red silk stripper outfit; images of Hunter naked with five or six pre-pubescent girls scantily clad in sheer Grecian gowns sitting around him with their feet on his nude body. Very disturbing stuff. Imagine if one of the Trump boys was exposed in such a manner. Would we never hear the end of it?

Looks as if Hunter is painting again.

Being obese is now an "endangered human species" in NYC. It is now considered an "incurable disease" by the medical profession. Don't ask why, just figure it is part of the human genocide project.

Actually, one of these sisters has lost hundreds of pounds and the really ugly one has been doing really well in therapy. These people are not the top of the food chain...

Tell me, is this photoshopped? I have never seen a horse this size...

Connecticut in Moscow....

He came in a dress. This was a surprise.

This pup will be this perfect for as long as it takes to get to the food bowl.
What have I said, even just last week, "June Pride, June Bride. Who needs the latter?" That is a woman who is confused having a baby, regardless of what those hormone drugs might do to her baby. At the deli earlier today I had one of these, not pregnant, answering my questions. They are popping up all over but this, this, is horrid. But it is everywhere. India is getting the same treatment as well.
You are a woman using chemicals to be a fake man who does not want to give up the privilege of giving birth. Again, "June Pride, June Bride"
Dang his quotes are... just so inappropriate. "I have chosen love over fear." Who cares? Y'all have also destroyed the true meaning of the word "love".

When I went to school we drew maps and pictures and projects to put up on the walls. This is such a waste of everything let alone the destruction to the naive children who sop up this propaganda?

Think of all the skills that were utilized to create this simple thing. Many men, every one a creative artisan of his trade. These men made things that last and are truly pieces of beauty. I have been bingeing on Peaky Blinders and enjoying the hard world ~ all that fire and manufacturing of days past. Things were meant to last.

This freak is absolutely a nut case.

Do you see how easily he slipped MAPS into this?

These people also know their company does not qualify for financial assistance if they do not meet certain standards that include pushing this agenda although, agreed, some like Target, seem to push the agenda with absolute satanic glee.

Special treats for "pups". A lot of the following material is from the creator of the Pride line for Target. This is the stuff he creates and sells, a heavy dollop of deviance and satanism thrown in for good measure.

Another woke clothes and accessories line.

Trans adults do not make future generations. They can't.

The creator
This one is particularly slick/sick
"To be trans is to know God". Huh?

Yes we are still here with Target materials.

Flag says, "Make America gay again". Yeah, Target... You deserve the blowback.



They dropped the Latinx foolishness pretty fast!


Half the folks I know at the pool eagerly got the latest shots. I was asked today twice when I was getting it ... considering my recent illness. I don't think anyone was convinced during our discussions...

Eventually the kids and skaters got together and emptied tons of sand out of their playground.


  1. Always a pleasure reading your postings, Noor.

  2. I have always thought that if my dog doesn't like someone, there was something there not to like. I don't know how my dogs knew, but they knew. And to a degree I have developed this ability. When I see what is going on in cities, I am so very glad to be living out my years in the countryside.

  3. Two shots of classic steam locomotives today! I am overwhelmed!

  4. Thanks again for all the photos, for animals, the giraffe, who loves their child, the beautiful landscapes with houses, where feelings arises to live in, and memes for learning. Kind regards from another grandma with maybe the same lung disease on a motorbike called Monkey

  5. "Russia has been publishing new images (...)"

    Happy to help.


  6. If you still trust the government, look what they did at "Rainbow Farm".
    Governments can't leave people alone, and always interfere with force.

    The people at Rainbow Farm weren't violent, they weren't bothering or harming anyone, none the less the government decided to show it's strenght, and attacked with full force, to deter anyone from standing up to them.

    Isn't "our" government suppose to serve us, the people?!?
    "Rainbow Farm" is the perfect example of how governments haven't served it's people for decades, but enfore rules governments approved because their masters told them to approve them.

    The ban on hemp/marihuana isn't to protect the people.
    It's because hemp/marihuana can be used to make clothes, instead of using petrol.
    Because hemp/marihuana can be used as a building material, like carbonfibre is now.
    Because CBD/CBG extracted from hemp/marihuana is a great medicine, that can even help cure cancer.

    The problem is, that the medical indusrty can't patent it, because they can't patent natural products. That's why governments worldwide made hemp/marihuana illegal.

    If a study proved tomatoes were beneficiary to our health, governments would make tomatoes illegal, because the medical industry wouldn't be able to make a profit from them.
    Yes, they would make tomatoes illegal, if they had to.
    They would try to make an artificial version, that they could patent, and sell to us.

    I'm not kidding, it's just about the money, and nothing else.
    And governments worldwide are all bought, bribed or blackmailed to cooperate to vote laws, that help the medical/militairy industry.


  7. " In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill.

    In their totality and in their interactions these phenomena do constitute a common threat which demands the solidarity of all peoples. But in designating them as the enemy, we fall into the trap about w hich we have already warned, namely mistak­ing symptoms for causes. All these dangers are caused by human intervention and it is only through changed attitudes and behaviour that they can be overcome.

    The real enemy, then, is humanity itself. "

    The First Global Revolution, A Report by the Council of The Club of Rome 1991

  8. Today is Wednesday, isn't it? Are you all right, Noor?

  9. Hola Noor!
    We are suffering from withdrawal, a lack of your new Wednesday materiel.
    Por favor! Gracias!

  10. The scientist who discovered that GMO was poison was based in England. He and his team was chosen to test a GMO potato by a U.S. company, as they were the lead researchers in that field,. I believe that it was purple in colour.
    When he produced his findings there was a media frenzy and he was invited onto news programs and initially given a favourable airing.
    That was until the GMO company got onto Bill Clinton, who got onto Tony Blair, who got onto the press and the university that carried out the research.
    This sent a clear message to all researchers, that they were to report what it was "paid" to do not what they were supposed to do. Facts are inconvenient when money is concerned.
    The good news is the scientist had a good offer to go and work in Russia, which he did.


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