Wednesday 31 May 2023


It's a war of the Spirit

Don't trust this one, either!

What a fun sound this was.

Finally! At last I have found an international cartoon site with translations!

This includes Ukrainians starved in the Holodomor

A personal story about John Kerry. His father Richard, also an elitist politician, was owned by Armand Hammer, a wealthy Jewish communist. When Daddy K died, Armand kept supporting the family through Al, who somehow became a darling of the Club of Rome and deemed their man to push the environmental insanity upon the world. The Hammer family is an extremely deviant family with a reputation that is tarnished beyond repair.

Somewhere in Budapest

He has at least four of those vehicles.

Can anyone else remember the heart pounding run to pull everything off the line just before a sudden thunderstorm bursts overhead? Or did you just leave it to dry tomorrow? We also had lines strung in the basement. Sometimes the boys played pool under drying nappies...

I called it when they pulled off NordStream actually.  actually. Blaming civilian cars for climate change will not be serious until they get wars under control.
Alex Jones called this one decades ago. And here we are.

I found a page of "if Don and Joe" were actually real best friends. It is well done and pretty funny. I would like to see one with Don and Barak.

Always check the comment section
Those crazy Commie eyes

I never saw an autistic child until 1987 or so. There was ONE in the school in which I worked.

Do you remember Fukushima? Of course you so. Just a few cartoons ...

Uganda has taken a stand for decency however chances are that this means that Uganda is now targeted for "unfortunate events" in retaliation. You can bet your sweet bippy, Commander Levine has his undies tied in knots over this.


Lucky Ireland
Why has Great Britain not shifted to African languages yet? English is just too White.

Roman Catholic. Polish. Orphan. This face haunts me. Her face is bruised because she was randomly beaten by a soldier. She died soon after this photo was taken. But we only hear about (((these folks))).


Is it just me or do these children have sad tired eyes with no flicker of joy to them?
Old man baby does not approve.

A resounding YES.
Of course they cannot once the education system and a liberal upbringing have done the damage.

(((One of theirs)))

So now Dylan is a lesbian. Wonderful. No surgery, just another incel trying to find a woman the complicated way?

I imagine those turbines make it very noisy when the wind is up.

The sponsors along the bottom include the Smucker's Jam company; a favourite sweet I will no longer purchase. I will finish off the raspberry jam and purchase local jams. Otherwise those organizations all are in a position to profit from the entire transgender process.

The label is rainbowed; the product has always been in those colours.

What to wear when you want to "rebel" and shock everyone. And get twisted in the process.

Threats from.... violent trans activists...

Tell me this is a publication like The Bee. Please!

Meme magic
The original

Great idea however........... The rainbow flag is also the flag of the Noahide Laws. I smell Christian Zionism.

Oh, they got those stickers on the bricks.

Lofoten in Norway.

Rich and poor in South Africa

That is the world I grew up on. Sundays very little was open.

Chocolate cheesecake, Keto style

A boy and his Puli


  1. Hi! I appreciate all the hard work you put in.
    I especially like your digs at Trump. I voted for him in '16 & '20, it was stolen from him, if you read Patrick Byrne's "Deep Rig", you know Trump choked.
    Now Trump sez he'll pardon the J6 if he wins '24. He had FOURTEEN DAYS, from Jan 6 to Jan 20 to pardon them. FOURTEEN FRICKIN DAYS!!! Unforgiveable.
    He is SO proud of 'his' Trumpzine, bragging about it at least 15 times, probably much more (I don't know if anyone has tallied his bloviating about it), that monstrosity has been in the works for decades.
    He likes using kindygarden nicknames for his political opponents, I've got one for him:
    "Hitman Donny" or "Donny the Hitman".
    Keep up the GREAT work! Take care & stay sane.

  2. Bravo, Noor!!
    More, please!

  3. Lots of fine material this morning, Noor, many thanks. The political stuff makes my eyes glaze over, as usua, but there are a number of splendid nature scenes, and some attractive young ladies too, notably the one playing the ukulele in No. 254. "Nuke Israel" (No. 210) is an attractive thought, but inevitably a lot of Palestinians would perish as well; despite years of diligent effort, the Zios have not yet managed to make Palestine goyimrein. No. 153, a steam locomotive crossing a viaduct, the whole scene being perfectly reflected in the water below, is magnificent. No. 143 is witty in a rueful sort of way, but when the chap says, "Imagine all the things our ancestors can do with this land," I suspect he means "descendants".

  4. Some truly beautiful pictures this morning, thank you!

    The Samsung law suit is a from a satirical site and was published on September 18, 2018:

    And, I absolutely love the "True People of Color" picture.

    Hope you're doing well

  5. Thanks for all your hard work Noor. I really hope you're looking at relocating your blog, like I've suggested, because "they" are coming after independent media, and that you're training someone to take over, incase something happens to you, god forbid (and I'm not even religious haha).

    I'll reply in the next drop from now on, it makes more sense.

    "Does it have to be a grocery store? A good sound equipment shop would be my call. Or a tricycle scooter!"
    Make that a bike shop. $5K would buy a nice secondhand Suzuki 750 GSXR.
    I've had a 1999 750 GSXR, and 4 other motorcycles, but that one was the one I loved riding most. Untill the electricical problems started...


  6. Wonderful posts Noor, the one that made me laugh out loud was 307, the butterfly showing his early drivers license.
    traducteur would love being in my part of England at the moment. My brother in law is a volunteer at worth Valley railway. They have the Flying Scotsman there for the summer, where the classic film The Railway children was filmed.
    Keep well Noor

  7. Rose at PennyForYourThoughs got taken down. Anyone know if she has a backup?


  9. "The sponsors along the bottom include the Smucker's Jam company; a favourite sweet I will no longer purchase. I will finish off the raspberry jam and purchase local jams. Otherwise those organizations all are in a position to profit from the entire transgender process."

    I've read, that the reason companies go woke/LGBTcrap is something called the Corporate Equality Index (CEI).
    It's a social credit score for companies. You get plus points for woke/LGBTcrap advertisement, minus points for ignoring those customers/advertisement.
    When their score gets to low, they are refused loans from banks, because they are blacklisted.
    So they are forced to do that kind of advertising, if they want to operate. That's how far banks have sunk, that they blackmail companies or else.
    And all that after the people had to save them, just a few years ago...



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