Friday 28 April 2023


Oh the Canadian memes I have thought of with this image! If only I knew how to make them. The man, Old Stock White Patriots. The raging bull our Trudeau Liberal government. The woman is the rest of Canada, not sure of what to do and not brave enough to pick up the weapon and end things.

Shabbos goy

Same thing everywhere. Now we understand how some countries hold elections with only one option on the ballot. It all boils down to the same thing in the long run.

This is not the first time we have seen this appalling headline. There are no words. Along the borders the cartels are slaughtering women by the thousands. This falls on the Democrat party.

Yes, it should. It is American history. However it should be taught honestly and without rancour. It should not be politicized, but that is impossible in today's climate.
This is pretty silly!

Pay attention to this one. This is how they operate. Think "covid".

One of my brothers, Michael (RIP) was born in Toronto Sick Kids back in 1955. On Christmas Day. Michael was one of those infants that they would most likely euthanize today; my parents would never have agreed ~ being staunch Roman Catholic. He was the first child born with a debilitating condition to be in the expert care of specialists from birth and lived a long good life. His childhood was a series of surgeries but this made him strong as heck. Anyhow, times have changed. Back then surgeons wanted to save him, ease his life, and do everything they could before the condition progressed; to save other children from what they learned. Thousands of babies around the world benefited. This headline is actually rather triggering.

Thank you, Elon, for paying attention! Now, when will you let me back on Twitter?

Better late than never. Pushback.

"Mrs. Kissinger" and her adoring husband.

They SAY you cannot predict a "Black Swan Event" yet Klaus predicts another horror for mankind; one he will be spearhading on a global scale, just as done with the ongoing coronovirus/vaccination genocide.

What the average liberal thinks communism looks like.

Oh, man, this is really pathetic

Going to mention it again. Proper grammar: ".... WERE a breakfast cereal."

Looks just as lost as Bernie...
If I were that mother, I would consider myself darn lucky to be as far away from that family as possible. He does owe child support but leave it at that. Besides, Biden's "art" was sold internationally for astronomical sums to various government leaders and deemed "instant classics" in parts of the art world, known for its money laundering problems. Much of his art was paint in straws blown onto paper... very little skill involved.

Note the background painting.

"Mrs. Schumer" is indeed a comely woman.

Transgender Democrat Rep speaks out on men; punishment for this was swift. I doubt the tears in the image below are tears of apology rather simply because of being caught and punished. Another case of trans hatred ....

The world still has no idea what they lost...

I should start a bucket list for my next life. This experience would be right up there if such a thing were possible.
The bottom of the hoof of a newborn foal. It is called a "foal slipper", fairy fingers or golden slippers. They protect Momma from sharp little hooves during the pregnancy and don't last long after birth. I love little snippits of information like this; so very Gemini!

This is the very top of the Pyramid of Giza. A few folk have even climbed to the top and scratched in their names.
This is Giza from the bottom...

Some sick jokes write themselves

Suicide nets around the Apple worker housing in China.

Not off to a good beginning....

The nasty ones don't like it at all.

Beautiful skies, delightfully chemtrailed. I never saw a natural sunset like that when I was young. Never.

Thank you Mr. Perloff

I was just studying this piece and being in awe of all the crafts of all the men who shaped the parts that made the whole. Fire. Hammers. Exact craftsmanship. Sweat. I don't know what this is, only that it represents excellence.
75 years of Israel

Long ago I posted a cartoon series of the assassination of Lennon endorsed by Ronald Reagan. John was quite prophetic here. Another fallen hero when I realized he was Marxist, followed Crowley, the true meaning of "Imagine". Crash.

Oh, yes. So many of these mothers create the problems with their children.

Such unhappy girls. They should be enjoying school, hanging with girlfriends and being wholesome with a smile on their lips. Looking forward to life. Instead they look as if their souls are dying. Damn the criminals behind all of this.

The "father" of this boy was finally arrested for repeatedly taking him, so dressed, to a satanic bar named "Old St. Nick's" where vice is the activity of the day. Dad, an obese very ugly drag queen, already had jail time behind him for pedophile activities.

Meanwhile they are seriously grooming kids in the Midwest. These two already are being pushed as "stars" and influencers in Wisconsin! "Youth drag entertainment".

It really is a nasty form of insanity

Barbie Kardashian. Also threatened to murder his mother and family members.

Those Romans really knew how to build

It appears that lesbians have to share what was once considered "Sapphic love" with everyone else, another form of erasing of women.

Goddess to her babies
The devil made me post this. Honest.

I did not know (or care) that Jim Nabors was gay. Or that he and Rock Hudson were an item for a long time.

Too funny

Brilliant and actually more common sense than Putin's excellent offer to Russian women.

War of the Worlds, original illustration

Great pushback

Probably the same Canadian doctors who advise their transgender patients to get Pap Smears came up with this page.