Saturday 1 April 2023



This is true.

Food for thought.

A little more Weiner
It will be very interesting to hear his story, if he is allowed to speak of it.

But, but, but.... you get free stuff from loyalty programmes...

Well, Ron, it was nice while it lasted. You hang out in the swamp.


Well, duh. Something about having known armed security on the grounds. These things, like a guard in the school, all of this, is so far from even the schools my children attended in the 1990's let alone the freedoms and safety I grew up in when even at 6 I was able to ramble as I pleased.

An honest headline.

Can you relate? I can.

Carousel Theatre for Young People in Vancouver

Christopher Robin and Pooh Bear

Did no one tell Jill the wings are upside down?

The normalization of chemtrails in art.

It never was.

A young hero


Sicilian "little anchovies" pizza. Yea or nay?

It is goyslop, don't buy it, don't eat it, don't feed it to ducks in the park.

The bread people have been eating for those thousands of years was from good clean grains, not those grown with chemicals and toxins. There is a problem there.

Not your average pretty Ukrainian 'girl' here but, uhm, I imagine he is living his best life.
Someone tell Biden to follow suit

Gotta get the makeup right.
Zelensky is purging Ukraine of Christianity much like Bibi is in Palestine.

This was such a great scene from Vikings!
She does not trust you.

You can call these folks anything as she says, but NEVER call her Jew. Doing so is guaranteed to trigger a reaction like this.

The words might be original but the photo is a hoax.This image has been doing the rounds for the past week and it makes for a mighty juicy meme; but one that is untrue.
The children run wild

Who were the victims here? Oh, certainly not the dead six.


Maybe he got raptured.

Spring in the Dolomites
What happened here?

When you can't find the librarian...


  1. Gracias, Noor!

  2. Thank you 🙏🏿🫡

  3. I hope that high-speed derailment in No. 375 is a computer-generated simulation and not something that really happened. It's a terrible sight.

  4. I wish everyone a happy Palm Sunday.

  5. "I don't trust words, I trust vibes."

    For some reason, I can feel when people aren't who they claim to be, and aren't honest.

    My sister's gf couldn't be trusted. He was the friendliest guy you ever met.
    When I talked about it to my sister and parents, I was the problem.

    About a year later, it turned out I was right.
    He wasn't being honest from the start.
    He hid his debts, took money out of our wallets, etc. etc.

    I knew the moment I met him. My gut feeling never fails me.


  6. "Athiests, abortionists,......"

    I'm an athiest, but I'd never vote democrat.
    Just because I don't believe in a god, doesn't mean I reject a society that respects the rights of an unborn child, agree with same sex marriage, and so on.
    You don't have to believe in god, to be a decent human being with a moral compass...



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