Wednesday 29 March 2023


It is late and I want to get this up. Not much time to chat. However, before coming in here I opened up a Comment from a reader and I want to apologize for losing it to the universe. This person had done a numerical workup on the people involved in the Catholic School shooting that is heavily featured here in this post. I did not dump it, I lost it!

From an ancient culture, that is all I know. They knew.
Oh, please.
Mrs. Fetterman and she does look beautiful here. How long and how far do you think she will carry on the farce of this replacement they are rolling out?

At last the rest of America is becoming aware of this scumbucket.

This woman is brave. Soros has poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into this man and having his sentence slashed. This woman will not have it; she is fighting back.
And yes, he is a major groomer.

Hanoi Jane was Hollywood blacklisted for her subversive activities at the time; now she is cream of the communist crop in Tinseltown. She might not be directly responsible but she is in on the plot, just as despicable as her late brother Peter. She took those words public; they resonated with the far left and Antifa folk.
The most important and tragic aspect of all this is that many people are using the person's real birth name and sex, not the death of human beings.

Sheep in the shade

The shooter did not encounter another person in the very detailed video so quickly released. How often have we ever seen ANYTHING that went on inside these events? There is not a speck of blood. Somewhere along the line, there was a change of footwear. What is that all about, hmmm?

Marjorie is absolutely correct!
This guy looks like a gay leather master.

Never forget Israel is involved deeply in all of this.


110 and still a very proud American living in New Orleans.

Living their best ever lives

Sophie's body language says she is not part of this, hands indicate just how closed off, there simply to do duty so she can continue to live off the Canadian people. She does not even attempt to speak to Jill; normally the wives sit together. I cannot blame her to be honest, but that is not the point. She and her husband are not together. Meanwhile the two weak tyrants get along because neither has much depth at all.

You know there was backroom dealing going on between this pair of thieves. It is amusing that it takes a visit from Biden with his track record of illegal immigration in America to get Trudeau to announce closing of Roxham Road. There has to be much more to it than this. If JT follows through on his promise, Canadians will definitely approve, but it will not be enough to redeem him; this action should have been taken years ago.

SERIOUSLY!? This one really could  trigger me if I allowed it. I called it; with the predictable ousting of African "refugees" from countries not hospitable to the gay lifestyle, Canada will take them in with open arms, just as we did with Russians fleeing their nation.

Canadians, read this. Then read it again. Now you know.

I would question Israel in that list.

Already heating up on the streets and spring has barely sprung.

Young Gabriel Assange
Does she apply this thinking to Jewish families? I doubt it.

They will try to blame the coming international grain shortages on Russia's activities in Ukraine.

George, look over here.

Little Navy needs to be kept as far as possible from that pedophile.

It was at this moment that my disgust for that woman became one step short of hatred, but I won't let her do that to me.

Love those yellow hairs.

These people are being primed to "act up" as the weather warms. They now have their martyr, a lot of funding, training grounds. Not only that, they are on drugs that addle their perceptions and emotions. This is not going to be pretty.

Go back to England then.


Government greed and corruption do not help either.

The Star of Israel shimmers in the background.

Europe is beginning to wake up. Finally the average European is not happy with the War in Ukraine situation at all.

They are now rolling out new street signs in Germany. Don't they already have these in parts of middle America? Minnesota perhaps?

The Ukraine has a kill list. Here are a few members. Somehow they have not all loaded together, more to come.

This is another image that is being falsely repeated. It is not the Dutch farmers; the video being circulated is 2015 video unrelated to the ongoing protests in the Netherlands. It dates back to when farmers from Belgium, France, and Germany protested against the plummeting prices for their produce in Brussels outside European Parliament in nearly seven years ago. Best to keep things honest; it just looks so bad when people do this sort of thing.

North Korea has apparently been working on some new warfare techniques.
I love Russian art. Imagine my surprise when these popped up under the search "Russian fantasy women"!

Class, elegance ~ a superior spiritual man; the absolute opposite ~ a cunning, dishevelled creature of evil.
I heard the place was war torn and looked like Damascus after a visit from Israel.
This person is not a chess master, he is a pawn.

Russian fantasy

Back to those kill lists. Canadian journalist Eva Bartlett, an amazingly brave reporter on the ground, has been on the list for awhile now.

This came from a site without a dollop of English. I do not understand it but thought it was a work of art.I think the artist was pro Ukraine, it was impossible to tell.
It is at this point the lines begin to blur and the brain wants to explode. We know it is all very dangerous theatre with real repercussions ahead of us no matter where they take it.

(((Sigh. Aggressive, isn't it?)))
Stare into the waters

Where to even begin on this one!?
Yeah, we know already. Stop bragging; it is all criminal.
You don't say!

Every time Reiner makes another obnoxious post he should be buried under this image.

Nailed it here. I see participants of Marina Abramovic's bloody ritual dinners. (Literally bloody.) All of Hollywood and much of Washington attended them.

Remember to trust the science, especially the proven facts.

Bibi is tearing the fabric of Israeli society apart.
Israel and Ukraine. What do the two have in common that gives them such ownership of Biden?  Then you have his relationship with China and the fact that now unheard numbers of Chinese are now coming across the Southern border. Something is a tad out of whack here and the answers lie with Israel.
OK. This is the best of this post. Just do it and save it. Would be hilarious.

Why do they support Israel when Bibi is planning to completely eradicate Christianity from Israel? His methods are very harsh. But then again, as he is purging Israel and Palestine of Christianity, Zelensky is doing the same thing in Ukraine. The new Khazaria will just be Israel on the Russian border.

I have seen a few of those floating around before.
Not a pork fan. Just the crispy stuff.
The Happy Merchant's daughter

Before "play dates"!

Not "straight" Aunt Jemima but... drag superstar RuPaul is fine. So it was never about colour?
This is psychological abuse.

Tell me again that people who do this sort of thing are not unbalanced. Then tell me again that the drugs they take to maintain the delusion don't effect them psychologically.

Maybe she should work with the Alberta government creating their Somalian education system.
Remember Balenciaga?

OXFAM wastes the donations given them on this dribble?
Two happy Daddies.

Two more happy daddies.
Accept and celebrate us.... OR ELSE

Big money behind this latest campaign and we know Antifa is going to be hugely involved. This is their sort of thing.

Pygmy Seahorse

Now that she has done so much damage to Chicago, Lori has found a new cause and it is prone to violence. No wonder murder accelerated under her sick watch.

These are the same children that fell under the spell of Greta Thunberg.

Hidden heroes of the Right

Another revered assassinated hero of the Right.

Even hell is too good for some creatures.

And THIS one thinks that GoFundMe contributions should shut up a woman he paralyzed and he should be released.

(((This Professor))) was urging his students to go out and kill Conservatives (Whites) on campus.  The university was not impressed but one wonders if he will be seriously reprimanded; they kept him on salary.




  1. Please keep 'em coming, Noor! We sure do love 'em!

  2. Nick from Newtown29 March 2023 at 16:09

    Thx for posting Nashville truths.

  3. Good morning, Noor. This is off topic, because you haven't been posting rants against publicly funded health care lately. But I have just spent a week in hospital here in Quebec, and I'd like to tell you about it. Comfort! The best of care, in the language of my choice! The dedicated services of a highly qualified medical team! Even the food was good! And I didn't have to fork out so much as a cent for any of it. In the absence of publicly funded health care, that level of care, for that long, would have cost me my life's savings and left me penniless. And what if it had been even longer? Once the money ran out, they'd have discontinued the care, they'd have turned me out to die in the street. I rest my case. Yes, we pay for it all with our taxes, but to my mind that is money well spent.

    Spring soon!

  4. "Big money behind this latest campaign and we know Antifa is going to be hugely involved. This is their sort of thing. ".

    Gotta admit, they picked the perfect day, to look like complete idiots lmao.


  5. If you ever have time for a break.

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    Not a phone number but my old bankaccount number. You used to have to enter it manually everytime, when online banking started. Now I'm lucky if I can remember the last 3 digits, because now you use your card to sign in.


  7. "Almost?"

    The plot is redacted, it's a live soap, but I dare you to stand on a 2 meter ladder, jump off it, land on your back, stand up, and say that didn't hurt one bit.
    The pain isn't redacted, neither are the injuries.



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