Saturday 4 March 2023


This has long been one of my favourite quotes from the Vietnam War.

Communist stuff.
Nothing like a little more division; don't fall for it.

Credit is overdue on this sort of accomplishment. I see this is courting the Israeli and Christian Zionist population for the future.


They all CHOOSE to serve. This is on them, no passing the buck.

Chanel needs to get her priorities straight. Pouty-face girl here is living the more elite level White lifestyle and complains her hair is in need of international attention over an imagined slight. But, as Eli Wiesel said regarding Holocaust tales, "It does not need to be real to be real.'

These are lousy to horrifically lousy options.

So says a degenerate Communist and internationally despised war criminal. Oh, and creator of the WEF along with his pupil Klaus.

Many cartoonists do not support Scott Adam's freedom of common sense speech. Fools.

Consider those long parades of blank-faced workers in the movie Metropolis? That is what these creatures want for us all. Stoic slaves.


The one gets a bit old after a few decades. It has very dark overtones.

Just a little opossum
Read it and weep.

Posting this and saying "Presented with no comment" should be comment enough.

Camilla, you will never be the Peoples' Princess

"Unless, of course, that autocrat is me."


I remember posting this years ago. Glad to have found it again.

Swirling flowers
Tucker, why do you wear the Kabbala red string bracelet? You have worn it forever. What does it mean to you?

Poke bowl. I make them often enough. Raw tuna, green onions, various greens, toasted sesame seeds. A fun tasty dressing. Pure protein and so tasty.

A final tribute to Mayor Lori, good buddy of the Obamas, known now as the mayor who destroyed Chicago. Top image, Captain Rona Destroyer.
$846 prize money if you get the vax and win the draw.

She is only a woman when it suits her purpose. But that turned down smile is absolutely delicious!

Read this and consider his presidency and the aftermath to date.

Last September, over 200 whales beached themselves in Tasmania.
Yes, yes, yes.

Some of us have always been in fashion! Girls' briefs from the 1960's have returned to the fashion scene; no longer is it an insult to refer to them as "Granny panties"! Ooh, they used to come with records, the old 45's. Elvis, Perry, Eddie.
They might appeal to the eye of the beholder but thongs have always looked so uncomfortable.
Do we really? Don't even bother to answer. Where would the world be without us? Again, don't answer. We havedone so much good no matter what others claim.

Dad would take the coconut down to his workshop and pierce the little holes to drain the milk. We all loved that stuff. Then he would hammer the nut to break it. Then Mom would roast it. Absolutely a fresh rare treat. Just like this. They don't sell whole coconuts in the West any more.

This would be an easy fix once you got over the shock of finding this lovely animal stuffed in your throne. Although they are almost pure muscle, snakes are easy to handle if they are not poisonous.

White Tibetan Mastiff probably worth more money than several of us combined have earned over our entire lifetimes
Hebdo came for the disenchanting "royals".

Children's cartoon show. Is it just me or is her snooty little nose very negroid looking in this photo?

Melanated Jaguar kit
I do not understand why Bashar gets bad press for accepting assistance for his nation; Western nations led by Israel want the situation in Syria to deteriorate even further. I have never seen a leader so castigated for trying to help his people after an earthquake.

A trashy little video of him running around naked and then dancing with a bunch of naked people. It is actually pretty gross. He is a scrawny shapeless little turd and given the lead roll to shake his little bootee at the world.

Somewhere in Des Moines.

It appears that Bibi is about to feed the Israelis another blood feast as he pushes and prods the Palestinians further and further. The moment one retaliates, it will be "war" and his people will feast.

This chap, to hear him speak, definitely has a huge agenda. VERY in your face; look at those eyes.

Hawaiian Peony

Somehow I ended up on a Vogue site looking for something. In the "Best of fashion" series, this jumped out at me. Look at those delicate feet! No joke, EVERYWHERE one looks, this stuff is pushed at every opportunity. There were full spreads of these folks. I know, if you don't like it, don't look ~ but it was like lifting a rock and being fascinated by the creatures exposed to the light. When I was looking up swimsuits, a site pushing women's men's suits kept coming up with dykes in suits while claiming the site was chosen with my interests considered. No, I don't thinks so!
This is carrying the madness to extremes and a sad attempt to taint the miracle of a woman giving birth. Abomination.

This one reeks of satanist

Greek fish farms

By Julie Bell. Possibly the most beautiful dragon in the universe.

Somewhere in Taiwan

The man seated was just sitting there with his back to the shooter. The shooter stood there fumbling with his gun for a few minutes then just executed the seated man and casually walked away.

The White lady speaking to these thieves was assaulted and something was ripped from her hands as she fell.
Stuffing waffles and turkey feast leftovers....

Russian women....


Thank you, Mr. Perloff!

This is Scar. Apparently Scar is a very friendly young whale and tends to enjoy human companionship. So far he has not tipped anyone over.

This is a doctor. Glad she is not mine.

This was a year ago. She is still retired with no signs of returning to stage.
Eric, too, is a victim. But he spoke out and was absolutely vilified for it. Those who do not speak out get sympathy and diseases with fancy names but all come from the same source.


  1. When I was a schoolboy, long ago, our class had a reader containing a poem about a stag hunt. "A runnable stag", the refrain began:
    "A runnable stag, a stag, a stag,
    A runnable stag with a kingly crop:
    Brow, bay and tray, and three on top,
    A stag, a runnable stag."
    It's not much of a poem, but for some reason that refrain has stayed in my mind all these decades, and now you have given us a photograph of that very stag in No. 53. Look at those antlers! There they are: brow, bay and tray, and three on top. A kingly crop indeed.

  2. As usual, great stuff. I sometimes think that somehow I have been transported to another world... a world of unimaginable stupidity. When I was younger I used to wonder maybe it was me with the stupidity... but I'm old enough now to know it wasn't me, it's THEM...

    1. I always thought you were just a Trump butt-sucker, at least you do occasionally post something critical about him

  3. Loved this clip of the former Twitter executive morons being interrogated by a US Congressional Committee about their censorship on Covid matters:


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