Friday 24 March 2023


Not the faces of an evil dictator and his wife. I truly feel love for this man. He is high on my bucket list of people I would love to sit and talk with, to ask questions, none of them political.

Taken by a trucker along a Mid Western highway.

Easter bonnet or is she just flaunting her wealth?

Communism. Fire. Famine. Riots. Destruction.

A rural country home buried by Mt. Etna in Italy. 2021.

Said every Rothschild always:

I grew up with almost that identical Madonna on the dresser in my bedroom.


Five years old.
The Taliban sasses back at Hillary.

How I feel watching the world these days.

Totally fake document
Mike forgot the wig. Is that a discreet bulge in the one shot? The stripes seem a tad... bent.

Beautiful photo. Meanwhile people do not realize just how normalized chemtrails are in our daily lives now. The photographer has incorporated the sick skies into an otherwise beautiful piece of art.

Such skies as I grew up with are almost nowhere to be found today. That deep beautiful blue with crisp but fluffy clouds is a rare thing. There is no fantasy, no imagination, in these new obscenities.

Top tier globalists


Never forget:

Another note from the Taliban

Don't let them call what is going on in France any less that the peoples' rebellion. This is from earlier this week. Over 1300 power stations throughout the nation are not able to function at the moment.

With no trash pickup, there is no shortage of material to be burned in protest.
Astonishing little video. They are welcomed with shouts of joy.
Careful, Elon, your elitist is showing.

Husky seeds.

This is a bad look for Britain.

Detail from a war image by a Russian artist

A Korean rescue dog eager to get back to work in Turkey. She was fretting because she had been taken off duty due to an injury.

Silly thing I found in Deviant Art on a pro Ukrainian page.

The perfect beauty of the human form.

This cartoon angered the ADL crowd. "Anti semetic" nose was... unacceptable. LOL.

This is SO my way of learning!
As they steal freedoms we knew that our grandchildren will not even be able to imagine, they do this...

When an image is framed by brown with this orange print, it comes from 90 Miles from Tyranny if you are interested in the full article.
My girls grew up without a father. It was hard work but they turned out quite well. I feel that they turned out well in spite of me more often than not! They were wonderful material to work with. An interesting fact is that children whose parent DIED, as opposed to a single parent by choice, are usually more well adjusted.

This is just plain stupid "politics". American policy is beyond comprehension.

Older Italian man slaughtering the competition in women's races.

Er, six pointed snowflakes!

This Italian person is very aggressive in pushing for his "rights"

Outstanding trans "women" or those who claim the title because they cannot make it anywhere else.

I almost got into it with someone who just said she should not have participated at all ever once these folks got into sports. It was her fault for competing period. Sometimes folks are idiots, like that commentator.

Liberal sharing this said, This is all about a woman changing her hair colour.

The ladies responding were far from complimentary.

Gets damn lonely at times but you adjust.

Darn! When I am resizing images, and I have been doing it for decades now, I keep nothing at 666 pixels, always alter it up a bit! For that same reason so I suppose I am pretty funny at times but it is true. I have avoided using 666 since forever.

Every venue sold out within 30 minutes.

Titled "Akashic Records". I simply do not have the skill set to draw the building housing the records. The skies were pink and blues. But then, I only saw the buildings, never entered. At least that is how my memory of the vision interprets what I saw. Someone highly advanced was taking me on a tour of some of his favourite places before moving on. The Hall of Records was one; the others were equally breath taking. I do not seek to die; however these visions removed a lot of the innate fear we all have. I always visualized the records being scrolls in the way of the ancients.
Denzel has always worn an elegant calm energy about himself. He is also quite conservative.


China has made headlines in the past for executing crooked bankers.

This is the way.

OK. Yes, we have known at least this long. This form of psychological communism takes much longer to bring about; people don't even know they are enslaved until it is too late to escape the monsters they have given free rein to.

Watch for a sudden influx of gay Ugandans in Canada. We have a special law to take in all homosexuals; it was put in place especially to snub Putin when he passed laws forbidding adoption of Russian children by foreign homosexuals. This was after an international scandal involving one such infant. Putin was protecting Russian children. So Canada created an open door policy... That's Trudeau for you.

Elysium? Pure beauty.

This one really ticks me off.
I don't think the Arabs would agree with this. The Africans who first found the beans in Ethiopia chewed them.


Cane corso doggos, an Italian breed, easily 100 pounds apiece. They are gigantic.
Somewhere during Purim festival, this tasteless couple paraded around Israel like this. They knew what they were doing? Did they rent the child?

This child is why I get ticked over "insanity pleas".

There are hundreds of reds where I live. Red headed children are everywhere but that might be local White genetics from the British Isles as well as Germany and Scandinavian nations.

Little mountain hut in France

Drools. Since I cannot move around much these days, cheese is off the menu. Calories and output...

Please do not equate my including more Trump material with a renewed appreciation or admiration of the man. I am simply passing editorial commentary on events and politics. Unlike previous times, I now include unfavourable material on the Donald but it must be solid, not some idiotic slur to "get" him; before I was as naive as many others, and desperate for the hero that I know now will never come. His stances on the vaccines and also on Israel have thoroughly opened my eyes.

This idiot paid Liberal "influencer". I am sure his eyes are brown.

The pizza is getting cold. Where is he?

Actually, they claimed Obama was the first; also Bill Clinton; LBJ decades ago. Bush openly studied the Talmud.

London. This image should be able to enlarge.
Interesting take, Matt. Maybe. Maybe not.

The life and death stages of the coffee bean
He is STILL doing it!

(((It is always about us!))) This one is such a stretch! One must be truly deranged and paranoid to think in these terms.

Exactly. It is working just like it should.
A memorial page dedicated to deceased pilots. Vaccine victims all. July and August alone, the numbers are staggering.
Truly inspirational art. Russian artists produce stunning masterpieces. This is The Land of the Fathers by fantasy artist Vladimir Kireev


  1. I loved the little cowboy being gallant to the little cowgirl and kissing her hand. A moment like that must make the parents really proud and justify all the training and coaching they put into child raising.

  2. "My criteria for 2024 is simple" (*are simple)
    Yes it is, don't vote. It doesn't make one fucking difference.
    ALL politicians are approved, blackmailed or payed for.



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