Wednesday 15 March 2023


Friends, I will be honest here. There is so much going on in the world these days that I honestly cannot keep up anymore. It is all just too effing depressing to keep up with; I prefer to just touch things, not jump in deeply; I still visit my blog roll contributors almost daily simply to keep up with the basics. Of note I particularly enjoy 90 Miles from Tyranny, Henry Makow, The Ugly Truth. Between these three EXCELLENT blogs, I know more than I need to just as often as not. Then I delve into the others for more ... if I have the time or inclination.

Spring is here. Who knows but this one might be our last? I try not to think about these possibilities but I have been feeling like this for the last few decades now so it doesn't even bother me much anymore. It has just been something we have all lived with for so long now; for someone who has been awake for so long, you cannot let the fear ruin your daily life. 

Anyhow. Thank you again for your notes and responses. It makes my day to know that this work that I love is being shared and enjoyed. And here we go....


A little history.

This is no rumour.

And they think it is all about sexual deviance.

One of the several Masonic patterns incorporated into the layout of Washington DC. The White House is in the belly of the owl.
Don't tell me this is not warfare. Who is it waged by? Who funds it? Those who profit from the misery of others and want to destroy America ~ and there are too many of those to count. America is being torn down from all angles.

So they killed him; and here we are. No one seems to care about who actually pulled the trigger after all these years.

Instant karma

This is also why we do not remember our previous incarnations. We would not be able to fully live the experiences and incorporate the lessons of a life if we were plagued with memories which would most likely be quite unpleasant. Each life is a fresh experience although there have been, over the past decades, many of us who returned to tidy up loose ends in preparation for whatever is coming; for whatever Phoenix will arise from the ashes of what remains. Humanity has danced this dance before. Bashar al Assad must be a man of great spiritual advancement to understand these things so completely.

Hahaha! People fell for this foolishness? Such story telling is scientifically as inept as ever.

That is in just over two weeks. Gas is already outrageous.

He just followed the formula designed by his Masters.

The Disney technique

Pretty hypocritical words from this pedophile satanist Communist sell-out.
Baby barn swallow

Fact checkers dispute this story but here it is nonetheless.

Sean Connery was a hairy beast.

It is amazing what is hidden in our DNA, isn't it?

His mouth is moving. He must be lying again.

Which one is Hillary? Both women are wearing very low heels. The mask helps too.

Do you remember that hideous painting that Jamie Lee Curtis had in her home? The one of the miserable corpse-like child in a suitcase? She claimed it was just a gift of art from a friend. No one bought that of course; it looked dreadful. Now THIS is what a child in a boxish container should look like!

Almost immediately after these words were uttered, the world was plunged into international Communism, the Great Depression and WW1. He and his family paid dearly for his patriotic predictions.

"An Uncertain Future"

Tch. Tch. Tch. Criminals all of them.

She may be the fall person. She definitely had her liberal priorities screwed up ~ another Commie Dyke out to change the world ~ but we know that this banking situation is nothing she could have done a lot about anyhow.

Big Mike still has no sense of style.

I have been watching this happen now for 25 years here on the West Coast. Often they come in under the cover of night as well so the day just starts and the sky remains dead.
What flips me out are all the nature photographers who consider the strange clouds to be amazingly beautiful. They might look pretty for a sunset moment but they are harbingers of death ~ enough to ruin any sunset for me. Chemtrails and weather manipulation are also the source of the 12 "new" (man-made) clouds they have recently announced.

Canada and the US are almost at the bottom

If they were serious about the environment they would follow Ford's advice.

Jane Fonda is despicable, just like her brother was. Commie scum both of them.

They are doing work on the 5G installations on the roof of my building. I mentioned this to one of the guys as we were chatting. I asked him if he knew what he was doing and his response was if he did not do it someone else would and he had a family to support. They have us all coming and going.

Always greener

Impossible in this world. You might be almost nothing if you take great care but no one in this age is pure any longer.

Ecuadorian criminals being moved from one prison to another.

The vulnerable soles of his little feet, the perfect curl of his trunk...
Or woman.... or simply Be the type of PERSON...

Third term

Historians, grab this one. Apparently this image is removed every time it appears on Twitter and FB. Darn my memory has failed me because I cannot remember what the heck is going on but it seriously contradicted the Allied and Jewish interpretation of the ending of WW2. If you know the story, please remind me in the comments. Danged memory! It is at times like this I feel very foolish because I cannot even remember from where I nabbed this; I am sure I read the story and truly believe I had committed it to memory.
Turkish vehicles pulled from the rubble.

That is because Christians around the world are being silenced or simply do not know thanks to the control of the media on such information. Christians are targets as part of the war on our People.
And now, you know who you are, I went on a hunt to find you lots of Ukraine material. Not all that easy because almost everyone around does anti Russian material. I hope this works for you!

The torturous experience of choosing just one to take home.

He almost looks like a sneering "happy merchant" here; he is definitely gloating.

He had/has a large gay contingent of followers.

When the war began, Canadian Ukrainians (((and friends))) were running a similar scam to this only they promised to write "personalized messages" on bombs intended for Russians. I remember being mortified at such sickness. (((There is money to be made everywhere.))) I could not repost it here but the members who buy the following "deeds" get to see them carried out on TicToc. Very violent.

King Charles Spaniel

Iowa girls

Still better than that fake meat from a "meat plant" most likely! But the remembered smell of dead skunk on the road after a few hours of ripening under a hot August sun... maybe not so much.

Butterfly eye


Oh, and send more shekels.

They pinned the jaywalking charge on her because that was all they could manufacture at the time. They had nothing else but their blind hatred to work with.

Paranoia strikes deep...

I am sure you have seen some of this material before but I am just posting them again as I refill my depleted archives with many of those lost to my hacker buddies.
We all know the answer to that, don't we, boys and girls? It took time to rewrite history to fit the revised facts for the books. When we were taught about WW2 in history class we never even heard of the Holocaust; it did not get slipped into our education until the mid 1960's and I was graduated by then.

Life and marathons still go on in Palestine
A Palestinian searching through the rubble
A Palestinian boy watches his bombed out world from the window
Although there is no comparison to what the Palestinians have suffered under the Israelis to date, we are all Palestinians now, fighting the same rigid enemy who wants the Amalek gone and rigid control over every calorie that passes our lips.

Swedish transvestites, 1959

Apparently this bike club has a lot of branches in the United States, six in California alone, but this is primarily an Israeli organization. Of course they don't pursue criminal activities! They are described as very devout Jews so when they act against goyim, it is not criminal by their standards anyhow if they follow the Talmudic path.

This is a demonstration in Israel from a few years ago. People were very upset at Bibi and some of his declarations during the covid mess. The police marked spots off for everyone and made sure no one got too close. Not exactly a free demonstration from a free people. But then Israelis, love them or loathe them, are no more free than anyone else when it boils down to it. (Except when it comes down to the Palestinians; there they have a lot of freedom to literally get away with murder.)

The after Purim hangover
California! That darned global warming!


Right after this the first Rabbi moved to Iceland and suddenly Iceland has all these new issues to be dealt with.

Canada is ahead of the game. So glad we are teaching these young rebels to think according to the current diktat.

I always was that little girl on the right. When I look around at my peers, the joints may be getting very creaky, but I am still her.

You can leave the ear muffs on...

After his speech on Israel last week, and his pride in the vaccine, I have had it with Trump. The Israel speech was the nail in his coffin. But because he matters I will continue to post material on him, just not terribly flattering. At one point, he might have made a huge difference, but they broke him.

Lioness and gazelle

How badly do you want one of his sheep?

The bloody greed! The insanity of it all.
Leeches weakened but Big Pharma debilitates then financially thrives off your pain.

China had LOTS of help. The blame does not lie with China completely. Do not get into this propaganda wartime ploy as NATO builds up towards international warfare and is already into demonizing our enemies more than need be.

No wonder Jacinda can retire. She has done her job well and it is only up in the globalist scheme for her now.

I hope his parents can sue the hell out of the doctors who ignored their directives.

A stone chapel in the Romanian forest.


  1. No. 179 is a very famous photograph: it shows a Russian soldier raising the flag of the USSR over the Reichstag building in Berlin on 2 May 1945, when the war was only a few days from its end. The classic steam locomotive in No. 433 is magnificent, the exploding diesel loco in No. 5, not so much. And there are several charming young ladies scattered through today's post. Keep up the good work, Noor, chemtrails or no chemtrails!

  2. So sorry to see this great web page cease publication. Does anyone know of a similar site for great picture and cartoons?

  3. We've been here before.

    "Atheisme has no meaning, because...."
    There was a time the earth didn't have a moon, that doesn't mean there was a god involved in getting it here. It just means there was intelligence behind it.
    Aliens, an advanced race, whatever you wanne call it, but not a god.
    No idea where they came from when their was nothing in the beginning, but if their was nothing, how could there have been a god?!?

    It's the fucking chicken and egg allover again...


  4. Buckle up for sure, was just out looking at the land that should be growing plentiful crops now, area is called salad bowl for a reason. Anyway, flooded fields as far as the eye can see. Food shortages? Absolutely and soon! Peace to all in a very depressing time

  5. The country is SALVADOR not ECUADOR. Thanks!

  6. Please don't cut us off completely! Try reducing the volume and frequency to just once a month and choose your favorite 20 pics.

  7. The colour Russian photo, a lady, whose name I forget, spent a lot of time colourising old WW2 photos. She got a lot of praise for her work, then out of the blue she was cancelled along with all her work. No reason given, I would like to know why.
    Post 313 sublime.
    Keep well Noor.

  8. Thank you for all your hard work Noor. Your post helped me get through a rough weekend.

  9. Have to agree with Mendoza above Noor - if it's all getting a bit much drop the Wednesdays
    As to the photo of the shaved head thugees it's anew maxi prison in El Salvador. I

  10. Know what you mean about it's all gettin' to be too much Noor. The thing that really gets me is that the vast majority just DON"T get that bad shit is washing over EVERYTHING !! . . . and that it's ALL planned !! There IS a lot more realization over how bad the jibbajab is/was but not that it was deliberate or introduced for nefarious purposes or that there's an agenda or it's part of a bigger agenda.

    Anti Russian propaganda driving the Western world towards war with Russia - which the West WILL LOSE !! Collapsing banks, the pushing of race hatred (which the Blacks in the US in particular, are falling for big time - to wit the unprovoked attacks on whites being streamed on TikkyTak seemingly 24/7 . . . . . OMG - am I racist like Scott Adams, cancelled for noticing & pointing this out !!) The 'climate crisis', "we're all gonna die" . . . TOTAL propaganda, clear for all to see, except most can't or don't want to see. Is it any wonder that (((they))) & their Shabbos Goy underlings think that they've got us primed just right to roll out their CBDC, the 15 minute cities (although Telegram is full of videos showing large town hall meetings of VERY angry people not copping it . . . good!!), carbon footprint trackers (private jets & helicopters for the 1% anyone ??) meat is bad, the whole NWO agenda. God help us all because sadly, I doubt there'll be enough of us to help ourselves.
    Sorry for the rant Noor.


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