Tuesday 21 March 2023


Today I am feeling a tad frivolous. I don't feel like getting heavy today so no cartoons. Just not in the mood but can offer you something a little different. I have a rather neglected my YouTube channel and many of the very old videos I loved are still around for sharing. 

So that is what you get this post ~ a hodgepodge of interesting often dated YouTube material. 

To be honest, I am also a tad stunned on pain killers for my knee and the old noodle is not quite up to speed. I have images galore ready and might throw in a few but I am just not in the mood for politics beyond the content of the videos here. 

This is my version of a holiday! I was not going to post anything at all until I remembered all these forgotten videos. Please do enjoy.


NufffRespect: Clouds




Austen Derry: Let's Go All the Way 




Unhidden Agendas




Old Soul ~ Snordster  



Tribute to Richard Russell the Sky King  



Unhidden Agendas: America's Bad Religion  



Unhidden Agendas: UFOs to Think About  



Nufffrespect: 9/11 The Luckiest Man Alive  



The Brains Behind AOC




Nina Salarosa




Hitler Finds Out Paula Deen Has Been Cancelled from Food Network  


Tomáš Slavik's winning run at Red Bull Valparaíso Cerro Abajo 2011  



Uptown Funk: Old Stars Dancing  



Overcoming Stress (hilarious)  



Deer on the Hood: Never grows old.  



NufffRespect: Open Your Mind  



More Cowbell  



Daddy Called Me a Democrat!  






NufffRespect: The President Who Told the Truth  



Imagine: Snordster   


Michael Heart: We Will Not Go Down in Palestine Tonight 

The (((usual group))) has tried again and again over the decade to eradicate this song written and performed during Operation Cast Lead in 2008.




It's a Trick: We Always Use It




John Trudell (RIP): It Is What It Is  



Barbara Bush Daughter of Aleister Crowley



Snordster, Les Visible: Stage 6 Cancer on a Peloton Bike to Nowhere

I hope you enjoyed. Some of these you have already seen I am sure, but it was just fun sharing them again. The amazing work of Snordster is still easily found. In the meantime, back on the weekend with the usual stuff! 


  1. Lovely pics, Noor.

    Should keep me with greeting cards for the rest of the year.

    El Sid

  2. I like this new format. There are a lot of URL's I've never seen before. Snordster, in particular, I've never come across before. Things must be getting bad in the US... I see today there is a "push" to start WW3. It's been said before, when things get tough for those in charge, they start a war.

  3. My compliments on No. 7, Noor: she is, by a wide margin, the sexiest young lady whom I have seen in a long time. Definitely one for my personal collection. Merci beaucoup !

  4. Awesome post, thank you. I love the video on the upper right, Juri Lina's "In the Shadow of Hermes". I read his books ages ago and they still ring just as true today as they were when he first published them; in fact, I think they're more relevant now than they were yesterday.

    Hope all is well; also, if you need help creating backups in case Google loses its mind, again, please feel free to reach out. Always happy to help where I can.

  5. Love the new format Noor, post24 is beautiful. Keep well


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