Tuesday 28 February 2023



To the men who restored our electricity last night around dinner during sleet, snow and gale forced ocean winds...

Normal cat "stretching its senses".

Mother and child

Pandora's box again

The sheer arrogance of this fraudulent demonic creature never fails to astonish me.

Very fresh wild mushrooms

Oh, dear, those shoes!

A split second of summer captured forever

Lemon cheesecake, Keto style. Num.

Shaddap, Bill. We are not having it.

I don't have anyone in my family with my sick sense of humour! Very lonely place to be when your every wisecrack brings a curious and often disapproving stare!

Angry time here. Poached wildcats from Columbia, South America. The primary nation buying these products are, no surprise, Chinese. Curative and health etc. Virility. All the usual idiocy that drives prices up so that desperate locals supply the goods to feed their families.

This former KGB operative discusses how he was sent into India during the time when the Beatles were there. He discusses how he was there to learn about what was going on so that the Russians could use this spiritual corruption and confusion to their advantage. His observations are astute and true, probably shocking to those who bought into Maharishi This or That, but it succeeded. He discusses how gullible and naive those seeking enlightenment were and how the world was laughing.

And on to South Africa.

The Swiss are being removed from their apartments to make way for illegal migrants.
A pair of elk who did not survive the winter, their antlers frozen to a tree.

At the beginning of the war, the Ukrainians were doing this to anyone they claimed was looting. Most of the victims were Romany people.

You can bet his parents are much more sophisticated than this. They are both educated and worked in very top level educational positions. There is no way they dressed or lived like this. My bet is they borrowed this hovel from some local for a photo shoot.

Chainsaw art
What? Two Zelenskies! Oh, just the spare...

Mother and child
Sometimes you just have to laugh at the histrionics

Read these titles. And now a "She Persisted" about Rachel Levine is added to the mix.

The following advice is SO very incomplete and omits so many important things. Teach her she can prepare for marriage AND love others. This is pushing self love and loneliness IMHO. Education? Of course. But... 'prepare her for herself'? What does that even mean?

The aftermath of Hurricane Ian in Florida awhile back


Like I just said, no upgrade!

A Selkirk Rex kitten. Curly crazy hair on this new breed of cat.

Coming soon to a forest near you, God willing