Saturday 11 February 2023


Brilliant assessment!

Did not one of the Founding Fathers state that if the Jewish folk were not reined in from power that within 200 years Americans would end up homeless? I forget which one said it and needless to say the quote is since scrubbed from the internet.

Scottish warrior in training.

What do you think? Am I ready for a new avatar? I rather like her smirk.

Make of this what you wish. I don't know why but it elicits a dark laugh from me.

Ukraine. The Red Bolsheviks burning the grain in the fields to starve the populace. Makes you think about all these food facilities being destroyed by fire over the past few years. If you notice no one is ever charged in these crimes. Must be Satan's djinn who then blend into the woodwork?

Gates has scientists working on this. It has been one of his pet projects for many years. His visions to control reproduction have been in operation and are totally controlling of every cell in a woman's body. But of course, the vaccines have been excelling in cutting down the population.

Drying pasta somewhere in Sicily.

This looks like the best poutine on the planet. Layers of cheese with a few fries. Cholesterol and a stomach ache in one meal but ,oh, so nummy.

BOB always paints Trudeau in blackface. That is how the world sees him.

Possibly the strangest looking birdhouse ever but apparently very popular with our feathered friends.

All those beautiful photographs I post are courtesy of dedicated artists. Like the one below. Those photos don't take themselves.

From the President of Syria. This man has some VERY deep wisdom and insights. His words radiate light and truth. Do not believe, ever, what the media says about him. They would do to him what they did to Qaddafi if they could.

Bullet train in Japan....

What's in a name?

Somewhere in the Midwest

She was not just a princess, she was heir to the throne.

I wish that was my foot ...

Remember these? These are the VAERS charts that were taken off line when the covid hysteria hit the fan. Just check out these numbers and see where we are today thanks to big Pharma.

Do you remember this?

Just watch YellowJackets and learn how that goes...  (not recommended for the faint of heart).

Oh, my gosh! Think of the filth! That poor child.


Is it any wonder that a leader who speaks and thinks like this is detested by the Israeli government?
From the Happy Merchant collection.

The power of words. I once loved a man who spoke that way at times.

Glutting on Botox and adrenochrome again, Maddy?
What an effing mockery and insult this abominable satanist makes of decency. This is the face they want you to see, not what she is.

Young Musk Ox

Bibi has NEVER lost his grand ambitions.

This appeals to the ancient in me..

The girls who bullied bashed her in, from what can be seen in the video, were not White. No photos found and no mention of race. Adriana's story will not be allowed to go away.


  1. Image 25/26, "Did not one of the Founding Fathers state. . .". Here is what Wikipedia has to say, FWIW, about the "Franklin Prophecy":

  2. Re: the Chinese balloon. Fans of Peppa Pig can find Miss Rabbit's solution for a rogue balloon in Episode 43,"The Carnival," starting around 00:02:30. NB US military.

  3. Good morning, Noor. You've given us a number of memorable photographs this week, including No. 241, that terrible shot of the Eiffel Tower shrouded in smoke from the fire consuming Notre-Dame Cathedral, and No. 377, a wonderful view of mountain rail in the days of steam. Merci beaucoup !

  4. I'm happy that you're back. We missed you. H. Makow let his readers know that you were back.

  5. Muchas gracias again, Noor! Very happy to have found last week, and totally by serendipity, that you were re-listed on Blogger.Your explanation of what had transpired left me curious to know why, without any effort on your part, someone (who???) decided to "allow" you back on this (((easily-controlled))) site. Maybe it was a "warning" that these (((petty tyrants))) can just as easily have you quickly deleted again whenever they please, on their arbitrary say-so? Dunque, agree wholeheartedly on your Plan B approach.
    Never let the (((illegitemi))) wear you down!
    Saludos de Valencia!

  6. Great posts Noor, loved the classic paintings put in a new setting. Madonna and child with in angels in a train, the ladies with small dinosaur were captivating along with the others. the smiling dog made me smile and I knew you would get a comment from traducteur about the steam train.
    Keep well.

  7. #73 - the beautiful redhead ?? . . . . . she'd make a fine new avatar for you Noor. You have my blessing if you need it/want it. In case you didn't see my 'welcome back' message last post, "Welcome Back Girl" !!


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