Friday 31 December 2021


The next day.. Oh my! It is Friday morning. For some reason I was confuddled and posted this on Thursday, thinking it was Friday! Oh, dear, but I somehow lost a day this week! (Without the aid of anything alcoholic).

Greta's dream and part of the entire agenda. Cartoons were coming out after the first lockdown about this.

This agent was forced to remove this tweet and face repercussions at his work. All he did was state a truth and his life was turned into a turmoil.

No one cares. No one listens. Thank goodness.


Vancouver is also the cloud covered capital of Canada. Big wit there.

In the Victorian era, Little Cherubs were the first bottle created for babies. Unfortunately thousands of infants died using it due to cleaning difficulties and the lack of knowledge of germs.

The Great Reset, Anyone?

A dog on a leash on a beach? Almost as miserable as wearing a mask on a beach.

War on Christmas idiocy. The trees are grown on TREE FARMS for Christmas!
And more:
Already dreaming of summer.
Twerking it. Does this make the Grinch sexy?

Old Persian miniature of Mary and Jesus. Or so it says. Looks rather Indian to me.

The Japanese are very fancy with their trains.

Vancouver Island Roads (not the highways)

His final New Year it seems. Anyone sad about that?

Rare Christmas Eve information. Let's enlighten the world.

The Queen's Throne. Ghis and Kevin.

The artist joked that we check back in a week to see if he is still alive after publishing this one.

This straight football coach and ITT developer loves high heels and skirts. Comments?

Then the leg snapped off and it went in....

Poor creature is bored to death!
I have a severe case of onism.


Unless it suits their purpose.... then they pretend.

It is sheer coincidence that these two .gifs ended up together but it kinda works.

Somewhere in Sicily:

Trump just is not what people thought he was. Still the best deal in town but the shine is gone.

CAN YOU BELIEVE THIS?! "Scary sounding conditions"

Well done! Keep it up.

Another car on that Japanese train. Each train has a theme. No advertising!

Those Emanuel Brothers. Such fine (((dual citizens))). This one is all about being put permanently to sleep on your 75th birthday.

I have the book. A tough read but OMG so worth it. I had planned to give it to my son-in-law for Christmas but was told it was a waste of my money because RFK Jr. is 'just another crazy conspiracy theorist.'

Whew! You made it to the bottom. I am not going to say much about Happy New Year or any of that stuff. I wish you all the best possible but I am too honest to be terribly optimistic about what is ahead for global citizenry. That WW3/Apocalypse stuff, you understand.
The loss of my Grandchildren is a constant rip in my heart, and they are being used to... break me. My option is, risk death and be with family; risk us and you are out. So I have made my choice. 
The loss of my relationship with my daughter is also a constant ache. She admitted it was she who was behind this push to get me vaccinated, so the cut is even deeper. I cannot trust her and that puts me in with so many others who are in families in turmoil. In our few conversations, there is a new high wall between us. I have never had to deal with such a thing. I guess I never really knew her, again a disconcerting thought. Since there is a baby involved, I haven't got a leg to stand on. Or the fact that I am over 65! Every one thinks we seniors should be taking this jab. NO!
As for my other closest kin here, his wife is a retired surgeon and very proud that she is vaccinating up to 55 children a day. "Doing her part." So I am now, to all intents and purposes, alone. No invitations came this year, despite the fact she and I never discuss these matters. For one, I am "intellectually inferior" in her books. But let's leave it at that.

Which is one reason I am so glad to receive your messages! Something in Blogspot is not letting me respond or comment at all to any of you either here or at any other Blogspot site. But I read your messages and am most gratified that my efforts serve someone a purpose. 

My only wish is that this were over. But I fear we are just in the early stages. You know what is valuable to you. You know what you can and cannot do to get through this. I don't plan on going anywhere soon, God willing, and will be here for as long as He allows. 

Blessings and ... pull your loved ones in. Never let them go. Family is what you make it and all you have. There is always hope but hope doesn't mean much if you don't take action. 

And on this note, I hope to see you again in another week!