Saturday 31 October 2020



No witty comments today folks. That stuff all just disappeared with my parting notes as I was ready to post tonight's stuff. That old story again. EVERYTHING poofed at 10:32 pm as I went to hit the PUBLISH button. The little spinny thingie showing nothing was happening. For almost 10 minutes. Then I know nothing is going to happen but bad stuff. 

I think I simply put too much stuff on the page and ... the system just crashes in mid space. I am really ticked. There is no other way to do it; I post these things in small lots and it saves as I go along. Then suddenly, enough! Poof.  OK. Here we go a-frigging-gain. Either that or my old pc is just getting too old and cannot handle what I put its way. I dunno but.. damn. Here we go again.

A miracle. 14 days after surgery.

They refused to sell.

The Dalai Lama, hmmmm?

How did anyone write such a long graffiti without being seen?

Modern servitude

L'etat c'est Moi! (Mao?)

This has always been the plan.

All my life I had to tell folks how to spell my name properly thanks to this woman misspelling it on her billboards. This is decades before I was (((wise))). Innate Jewdar, I swear. Anyhow, I do appreciate the fact that the more they try to hide these stories, the bigger they become thus the Streisand effect. (I don't understand it either.)

Really good Catholics always support abortion proponents.

I just watched a news report discussing the "fake news" of lost votes.. Shocking that the President should make such accusations; "Considering his Twitter account is the source of so much disinformation." They never miss a chance to slam him. Canadian media does this to him all the time.

Antifa has members going through areas, noting who exhibits Trump support, then have been mailing the above to them.

Portland is in for trouble after the elections. No matter who wins...

Just a simple log carving.

Suicide Mission

A Sardinian litter of pups. No one knows what caused the one to be green.

HaHaHaHa! Joe wears that face when he does jigsaw puzzles for preschoolers.

The Cave of Dead Cars in Wales. Hundreds of cars hundreds of feet beneath the ground.

Someone had an epiphany!


Abandoned Victorian beauty circa 1865. Detroit. Imagine the grace of living in such a home.

Lego included this letter in their earliest products. They have certainly changed their products to appeal to the genders with the introduction of pink and mauve bricks and specific commercial themes.

She looks so much better as a blonde, don't you agree?

Dead man finger fungi. Yes. That is what it is called.

Dead-eye Zuck.

Jack needs PAYOT to complete the image. After all, he is pushing (((the overall agenda))) with his censorship.

Nature does Bonsai best.

Every darn time!

Too easy. And I know my IQ is not 140.

This bench at the Alexandrian Library.

I disagree. 2020 is much worse than these previous events. Why? Because these tribulations were, to some extent, natural phenomenon. What we face now is a premeditated well-organized war dedicated to the killing of our souls.  The theft of our very essence. To be honest, this current situation reminds me of the final years before the fall of Atlantis, the long battles between the over reaching scientists and the common people.

Don't get your hopes up for 2021 either. Sorry.

This happy news is ... well, part of the whole climate change goals for the reset programme we are currently dealing with.

Canadians really bought in to this one.

Medical report. London. During the Black plague.

What quality of sound?

Please get out there and vote folks. America, the world counts on you. Whatever the outcome, you yourself must know you have done the right thing. As always, please share. I hope you have enjoyed this week's offerings. I hope we are all still here in a week's time considering what the leftists have in mind for America come what may.