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By Elizabeth Nickson

February 24, 2024

In the Great Game played by the U.N., the W.E.F., and its various grim satellites, the international policy shops, and the closeted meetings of the Round Table, Bilderberg and the Committee of 300, the Vril, the 33rd Degree idiots, the backrooms of the National Security State, the CIA, MI6 etc., Canada’s is generally seen as the most passive western population.

All over the world, people joke about us, mock us, and for the past fifty years, we have deserved it all. We went to sleep, we let the buggers have it all and we deserve everything that is happening. Our passivity is real.  But it is skin deep ~ a recent and artificially imposed national character. The people I grew up among, all the families, the thousands among whom we lived, were anything but, though by the time I left university, the new Canada was forming, courtesy of the Marxist Trudeau and the civil service he bulked out.

The truckers invented the protests going on all over the world right now in every single country. That was us. Don’t count us out, but this is what they did, over fifty years, when we trusted them, how they bullied and destroyed a great people.

I left after graduate school, and came back only for family reasons. I vainly dream sometimes of a cottage in the Lake District, a ranch in Wyoming, but stuck I am, hoping, begging, praying for salvation. I am seventh generation Canadian on some sides of the family ~ they were titanic people who dug the highest longest railroad pass in the world, Kicking Horse Pass, the American branch who dug the first deep cut on the Welland, or my grandmother’s first cousin, Klondike Joe Boyle, who became the richest man in the world, digging gold up in the Yukon with a bear cub for a pet with whom he napped. He competed with the Guggenheims who had a dredging operation the size of his. He financed an entire regiment in the Great War ~ uniform buttons of gold ~ romanced and won Marie, Queen of Rumania, Victoria’s granddaughter and built the railroad the Russian army needed to get to the front in WW1.

ED Noor: As an 11th generation Canadian on my Mom’s side, I understand what this author speaks of. My family, too, has contributed significantly over the centuries to the creation of the nation.

These people I grew up among? They were tough, exigent of their children and they expected much of the future. The future they saw was gleaming, incandescent with light, scholarship, wealth and goodness. And adventure. My great-grandmother started the Vancouver General Hospital in a tent. 

All these women bureaucrats ~ our bureaucracy is deeply feminized and not a good way ~ can do is institute legal fentanyl for children and adults, killing thousands a year on the streets, ruined people defecating, robbing and knifing fathers in front of their children outside Starbucks (ER: Yes, this happened last year). You can kill a baby here, at any time in your pregnancy. No questions. Never mind population collapse. We don’t do math. We are girlies.

This story was in the Daily Mail last week.

For two hundred years, they built, and dug and pioneered in town after town, in the coldest most inhospitable environment imaginable. They built and built and built the infrastructure and institutions for the millions who came after, both of which are being dismantled by heathens and the hate-filled. They fought against murderous animals and murderous indigenous. We tamed them, brought them to heel, and in the case of indigenous, in real history, not the Marxist confection that assaults our intelligence and truth, tried to help. Jamie, whose family is as old as mine ~ together we hold the bloodlines of four indigenous tribes.

I don’t write for Canadians. 90% of my readers are American or from the other 99 countries where Absurdistan is read. If I wrote what I thought about Canada, I’d be ruined by frivolous lawsuits or audited until I gave up. “The Overton Window,” says the head of the think tank where I am nominally a Senior Fellow, “has been narrowed radically since Trudeau”. There is so much you cannot say.

These people, these so-called Canadians, my contemporaries, the people among whom I properly belong, the people who run the country? I know them; I met them during grad school.

These people are mewling ninnies, comfort-seeking, scared of their own shadows, determined above else to have someone else pay for their lives, content, apparently to do nothing but seek pleasure and complain, and trust the government to put them to sleep before the pain gets too much. They suffer from toxic compassion that kills or eats their young and kills their old.

We have feminized the country, expressing every single negative trait usually assigned to women.

We are weak, hysterical, nit-picking, scared, and vicious to anyone who challenges us. No one dares anything. I am entrepreneurial by nature, I started three companies before I turned 30 and one of them was in New York’s Soho and a resounding commercial success. Since I’ve been back, I’ve thought of five, but do I even map it out? No point, it would be smothered in its cradle by the safety police and the equity police and seedy little functionaries with clipboards.

We have killed the spirit of the country. 

And now we are killing ourselves.

From ScrumpMonkey on Youtube;

ScrumpMonkey video ~ link

Canada is almost sport-killing its own citizens 

and replacing them as fast as possible 

via metastatic immigration.

By the time of the next election in 2025, less time than a decade, 16% of the country will have not been born here. 

Every month, 4,000 Canadian babies are born, and 150,000 immigrants come into the country ~ the equivalent of 1.5 million into the U.S. 

That does not count illegals or refugees.  

We have 2,500,000 temporary workers, now, 6.5% of the workforce. 

There is no place for them to live. We are 2-3,000,000 houses short.


So we are killing our born Canadians, white, ‘privileged’, as fast as possible, hoping that others will follow. We started killing the vaccine-injured recently. It is a generally accepted fact outside of officialdom that we killed 30,000 of our citizens with the vaccine, according to physicist Denis Rancourt, more than any other country, and Dr. Chris Shoemaker thinks that will be 30,000 a year for the foreseeable future. And while we’ve stopped killing the mentally ill, that is only a pause, until people ‘get used to it’.

But hey! We’re making money at it

Just the beginning

Many MAID deaths are hidden

We are your future. 

We are the test because our people 

have been radically weakened 

by cultural Marxism. 

We are what the globalists want for all of us. 

The white, educated, affluent with a history

 of independence, self-actualization and power, 

to be replaced by the desperate and pliable.

In 2023, we recorded the largest legal immigration inflow on record, of more than one million, accelerating to 400,000 in the last quarter alone. We solicit immigrants in the most corrupt nations of the world, promising money, jobs, health and dental care and we fast-track them to permanent residence.

Then they can vote without, probably, even speaking English. Or French.


This is just throwing the populists a bone

Another feint from the deep state

We are your future.

We are five years ahead 

of the U.S., the U.K. or in fact, anyone.

In the last two years, the government killed 455 people who were not terminal, who someone convinced they should die. “I am a burden. Kill me please.”  We are practising an active version of passive euthanasia. 

In the past six years, since the filth bucket Trudeau took power, the government killed 44,958 people. The graph is below. Note please the growth rate. It’s doubled in five years. 10-15% of all Canadian deaths in 2022 were administered by government. Please note this is not the Liverpool Pathway, this is not withdrawing nutrients or medicine; this is straight up killing.  

Furthermore, as their own documents prove, much of the killing is hidden, classified as natural death, within whichever illness was dominant at the time

Check out that growth rate.

Let me put it this way. When my mother was dying, she was 96, and I brought her home and set up her hospital bed in my room and looked after her. She told me she wanted to die. I soothed her and finally said, “Well, stop eating,” and she did. Then she stopped drinking water, or taking more than a teaspoon of applesauce with morphine in it, and within days she was gone, gently, easily. I heard her die, heard a slight gasp of surprise. I decided that was her realizing that she was dead, and it was her last breath, of surprise, not joy, not anything strong, just, wait, what? I’m still here?

She died trusting me, knowing how deeply she was loved. The dog and cat slept on either side of her, the atmosphere of home surrounding her. It was hard, because I had to shift her every three hours, but if I had had to tell some damned nurse to kill her in some foul clattery utilitarian room filled with machinery, I promise you the devastation, the self-hatred would have been geopathic. It would have poisoned my soul permanently.  I tell you something else, the entire medical establishment, the hospital, doctors and nurses and home help treated me like a blessing, my humanity, one in five thousand, a softening of their jobs. Her death was soulful.

ED Noor: Again I can relate. My Mother died 12 years ago peacefully, in her own bed, surrounded by family. She was part of Canadian history and died as she should have.

But we white Canadians 

aren’t allowed souls anymore.

Once health becomes a public resource, 

human beings become a public resource.

ED Noor: Near the end of the last century I noticed when Personnel Offices were renamed Human Resources. No one caught on to my comments on this at the time. Most still would not. I thought that was significant at the time.

The amount of time you may or may not live becomes someone else’s decision. We’ve had death panels here for decades. So has the U.K. So does every western country now. Kids go to school to become bioethicists, which means they get to decide. We are mechanisms to be moved around on John Stuart Mill’s chessboard, “the greatest good for the greatest number”, via our 4.1 million bureaucrats. 

We are government property, 

to be done with as the death panels decide. 

We are livestock. 

We kill people to save money.

MAID is a repulsive euphemism for the industrial killing of your own people via the hand of the therapeutic state. ~ John Sweeney

Health care is a rationed resource, and Canada is freaking broke. How broke?

Who is taking advantage of this program, in particular, the no-pathway-to-death-but-kill-me-anyway people? The upper middle class who have a loving family. Professor Jocelyn Downie, a straight-up ghoul, testified in Parliament that this program needs equity.

We need to kill black, 

brown and indigenous as well, 

she said. It’s not fair.

Let’s back up. Old affluent white people ~ Canada is still white largely, built by whites, all the institutions Anglo or to some extent French, but Anglo principally ~ are choosing to self-destruct because they have been convinced they are rotten, as is the world they built. There is something rotten about them, about the world they built.

at this growth rate MAID will consist of 75% of annual deaths within ten years

In Canada, we are looking at civilizational collapse. Our immigration, “legal” immigration, is out of control. We are killing the people in whom reside our history, the history of great accomplishment, the creation of a fully modern state within 100 years, fully egalitarian, limited only by your will, and ability to work.

Both my great-grandfather who contracted and built Kicking Horse Pass, living on site for the time it took, and Klondike Joe Boyle became the richest man in the world, a lover of a Queen, a saviour of the Russian war effort, had only a high school education. My ancestor who dug the deep cut on the Welland, a titanic job, had a grade school education. None of them had privilege or family money behind them, Joe from a horse breeding farm, John Joseph Nickson, an immigrant, Phelps’s father was in debtor’s prison..

That’s what Canadians accomplished before cultural Marxism. That initiative, courage, confidence, precision, logic, problem-solving. Exported around the world, it would be an entirely different place. But no, now we have government.

Here, look, this is the argument against it which is fully 100% convincing. Its economics are crap. Give these people, these skeezy heavily benefited and vacationed, and pensioned parasites full rein and this is what they do to an economy that used to soar, could soar, and is now in full collapse.

These figures are from the Fraser InstituteOECD and Peter St. Onge, but principally the latter. St. Onge is a magnificent aggregator and explainer of our toxic economies.

Canadians receive West Virginian pay, with million dollar houses and California taxes. 

Wages have been stagnant since 2016.  

The average Canadian earns $18,000 less than Americans, on average. 

The OECD estimates that Canada will be the worst performing advanced economy all the way to 2060. 

We are the worst performing advanced nation, worse than the de-industrializing EU, worse than stagnant Japan, worse than the U.S., which would be deep in stagflation were it not printing money.  

As St. Onge says, “it’s like being the slowest runner at the body positive marathon.”

We have nosedived since Trudeau took office. Business investment tanked by a third and $285 billion of investment has fled Canada. Which would be like $3 Trillion fleeing the U.S. Our government workers grew four times, 400%, 400% since Trudeau, and we have doubled government spending and doubled government debt.

Canadians now pay 4,100,000 government employees 31% more than anyone earns in a comparable job in the productive economy that pays their wages. We pay half our salaries to these parasites, more than we spend on food and housing combined.

Our health care system has collapsed since Covid. A medically necessary procedure means a 28 week wait. Environmental mandates add $55,000 to the cost of a new house and $1,000 a month to the rent of a one-bedroom apartment. If you have cancer and money, you go to the States or Mexico.

Seventy-four percent of us think government is too big. The conservatives will sweep the next election, getting more seats than any other in history. And they will be attacked every minute of every day by people who are not fit to wipe their shoes or sweep the sidewalks. They will be smothered by the worst people on earth, Canada’s civil service.  

Except in us all 

runs the blood 

of the Canadian truckers.

ED Noor: Let us pray this article gets read before it is taken down!

Friday 23 February 2024


Five minutes? Amazing restraint.


Lawfare from an illegal.

Florida is a Jewish run state. Communism is a Jewish creation. I fail to see how this could work!

No more police and acorn jokes after this but it was worth riding for a few weeks.

Even a few weeks ago Trudeau was still blaming climate change for these fires. Trudeau has signed Canada up to donate to Bill Gates' horrible plan to darken the skies. Once Trudeau claimed "sunny days", now he pushes "really dark ways".

Love him or loathe him, sometimes Elon nails it.

Laugh if you must but at least she is not making some strange gender announcement.


This could easily be the first home my parents bought back in 1954 on Rosemont Ave. in Toronto. I think this model was built en masse all over North America.

Mating duel

Lest ye forget the London opening of the Olympics with its "revelation of the method" back in 2012.

This man has an entire Cirq de Soleil show with animals. Not a whip, no harnesses, nothing but working in sync with the animals. Apparently Cirq had received great criticism of a previous show where whips where used so they found a Romany horse whisperer to create a show.

I did a search on this chap. The first article was titled "How Not to Die Following Dr. Greger"  Definitely needs to work on himself; his main thing is fear of dying and he himself is afraid of everything. He is apparently a rabid vegan. Not a very fit looking representative.

Contestants for Miss Poland.

Snail sex.

How they do it. A few years ago they began in on Iceland. Norway is just fine as it is, Sir.

Fresh papadoum.

Brazil's President, Lula Da Silva, has made headlines with his reprimand of Israel's behaviour. Bloody Bibi just got mad and all defensive again.

Things we would like to see.

I could sleep in this room forever. Right to the open roof, it is like the porch on our old cottage where I slept as a child. The trees, the winds, the sounds of nature, birdsong, animal calls, were all part of that room. The porch was all open with screens, just like this.

Men stand naturally with splayed feet. Women tend to put their feet together. Just noticing ...

Sure sure. Communism not working out for you Colin?


The temporary good news is Google has recalled Gemini AI due to the bad press about its eradicating White People from their programming. Why on earth should we complain!? Methinks there was more to this than meets the eye; they had to know what they were creating!

Wing feather of the Argus Pheasant

University of Moscow main campus

Dinner prep

They put her at the back of the bus.

Before we all became racists.


It seems Johns Hopkins agrees with Gemini AI. Whites don't deserve to exist.