Saturday 3 February 2024


Ten loaves of bread for $2. Mom was not happy when bananas went from 6 to 9 cents a pound. We did not have all the fancy international foods that are so expensive and part of our diets today. The variety of fresh products was not so good but what there was was healthy and free of most of the poisons in our diet today. We grew up strong and healthy on lots of prime meat and fresh veggies.
"Cool Breeze Over the Mountains", honesty personified, confirms what everyone already knows about Whoopi. Good man!
An old favourite.
Heroes do not always wear capes.

"If you are not scared you are not listening."

Lahaina after the fire. The theory now is that the fires were set off by the power boxes attached to the homes. Planes were not so practical since no one reported them flying overhead as densely would be needed to start the fires one after another. Meanwhile residents are still forbidden access while they are paying debts on their lost homes. It is a hideous situation. No one is allowed inside the barriers still.

I know she is AI but I kind of liked her anyway.

This one cracked me up. So true! TBH my first question when told of a fiance was, "Is he (((tribal)))?" I was roundly condemned for my horrid attitude but still very happy about the response.

Canada is majorly invested.

THIS is beyond sleazy! It is CRIMINAL if true.

This is where our nation is at. I would like to see what the officials look like. We will never know. Murder. Simply murder.

Canadian organ sales have reached an all time high on the international market.

I cannot ascertain if this is real or fake. The crime is that one should have to even question its validity!

Tamara, Canada's Sweetheart

There are times when this man looks to be absolutely unbalanced.

This passes for Canadian news.

In that case, several traumatized abused women were kicked out of the shelter in the middle of winter because they refused to share a bedroom with an intact person.

Did Moderna pay for those snappy boots?

Another reason to question Justin's sanity. His mother.

Joe is just the public face of the nightmare.

Except Obama sees himself as a Commie satanist.

You can't because you can't.

Snoop is a whore. A few years ago he was making offensive videos of shooting Trump. Or, maybe he has awakened?

An original "California girl" from back in the day.

Back in the 1960's when I walked through this weather to attend school, the big treat was girls could wear pants to school!

First I must say that Mr. Fox would most likely laugh fairly hard at this. Second, my Mom died from Parkinson's. I really get it and ... it just makes me smile. No guilt. I just remember my Mom.

Gentlemen, you have no idea how far this can take you with your beloved!

Fix my knees. I wanna goat!

So many stories to be told from this painting.

Proper healing. In 1971 I had an injury that required a lengthy stay in the hospital. There was a lovely sun space to use for the patients to get outdoors. Now they generally do not have such access or, if they can manage, sit outside the front doors of the hospital for awhile provided they can do it on their own.

How they create permanent victim mindset:

This one is, I believe, AI, but you never know! The rest of them are genuine.

Roads are being burned and to halt military movement much of it is being torn up by heavy equipment. If there are problems, these machines are fully capable of going off road in most cases. And Trudeau thought HE had problems, the silly clown.

Fighting the military with straw.

Edmonton, Alberta, has been working on turning itself into a 15 minute city. I had not known this until a few minutes ago. They were announcing it in 2021. Below is the map of how the city would be divided.

Lest ye forget:

How they do it.

Another reason Shapiro is despicable. By the way don't you love the depiction of him in the above cartoon?

A prophetic quote from an article I posted very very long ago. And here we are today.

Other Jews have apologized for this guy's very existence.

Is it insensitive to think, "Venison seed"?

Jim Carrey, visionary

Remove the memorials and statues to the heroes of the past and replace them with these types of .... art?

Just going to drop this here.

Cartoon of the week, IMHO.

Bot Shop set-ups.

AI fine portraits. Let me count the mistakes...


Soon Momma will wake up and meet her cubs for the first time. Easiest infancy in the animal world. Give birth, sleep, feed the babies while you hibernate... wake up.

The eye of a Tokay Gecko

Good guy. Aged well.

Consider the Obama's participation in Netflix and you can see from whence the racist material derives.

Things are changing. But are they changing swiftly enough to keep ahead of pollution?

The ever classy Michael Caine and his wife.

Me, too. All my life.

Playing with his intended meal. Check that tongue! Meanwhile the owner thinks it "cute".

Nothing to see here. Move along.

Somewhere in Canada.

This is very old and definitely offensive. But back in the day this was the norm. I don't agree but this is truly part of history.

In my Daily #WHITE posts on Twitter and GAB, this lovely young woman is a frequent model.

Pay attention. How many folks from India have been edging into North American politics over the past few decades? Why hide her roots?

The ferry man. Charron.

I remember admiring young Travis back in the day. He had wanted to go into acting back then. He filled out quite nicely.

"The Survivors"


  1. Great cartoons. Although I still subscribe to the idea that life was easier and better when I was much younger. So many of the things I thought and did as a younger me are now considered ... bad.

  2. Justine Trudeau's mom??

    Mr. J

  3. The Chrystia Freeland pic of her disguised as a witch is far too glamorous.
    In reality, she is a far uglier and truly evil person!

  4. Thanks to Henry, I can steal memes again. I'll wait for you at the other side, tell the ferryman your passage is paid. Sincerely another grandma


    Mr. J

  6. "Back in the 1960's when I walked..."

    When I went to culinary school, I was 12. The school was 12.5km from our house, and I got there driving my bike.

    It was winter, and it snowed, so I went back inside the house, telling my father: "it snowed, how can I go to school on my bike? The road is slippery."
    My father said: "You can drive in the grass next to the road, that isn't slippery is it?"...
    And the asshole didn't stop reading his newspaper for a second...

    Mr. J


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