Friday 23 February 2024


Five minutes? Amazing restraint.


Lawfare from an illegal.

Florida is a Jewish run state. Communism is a Jewish creation. I fail to see how this could work!

No more police and acorn jokes after this but it was worth riding for a few weeks.

Even a few weeks ago Trudeau was still blaming climate change for these fires. Trudeau has signed Canada up to donate to Bill Gates' horrible plan to darken the skies. Once Trudeau claimed "sunny days", now he pushes "really dark ways".

Love him or loathe him, sometimes Elon nails it.

Laugh if you must but at least she is not making some strange gender announcement.


This could easily be the first home my parents bought back in 1954 on Rosemont Ave. in Toronto. I think this model was built en masse all over North America.

Mating duel

Lest ye forget the London opening of the Olympics with its "revelation of the method" back in 2012.

This man has an entire Cirq de Soleil show with animals. Not a whip, no harnesses, nothing but working in sync with the animals. Apparently Cirq had received great criticism of a previous show where whips where used so they found a Romany horse whisperer to create a show.

I did a search on this chap. The first article was titled "How Not to Die Following Dr. Greger"  Definitely needs to work on himself; his main thing is fear of dying and he himself is afraid of everything. He is apparently a rabid vegan. Not a very fit looking representative.

Contestants for Miss Poland.

Snail sex.

How they do it. A few years ago they began in on Iceland. Norway is just fine as it is, Sir.

Fresh papadoum.

Brazil's President, Lula Da Silva, has made headlines with his reprimand of Israel's behaviour. Bloody Bibi just got mad and all defensive again.

Things we would like to see.

I could sleep in this room forever. Right to the open roof, it is like the porch on our old cottage where I slept as a child. The trees, the winds, the sounds of nature, birdsong, animal calls, were all part of that room. The porch was all open with screens, just like this.

Men stand naturally with splayed feet. Women tend to put their feet together. Just noticing ...

Sure sure. Communism not working out for you Colin?


The temporary good news is Google has recalled Gemini AI due to the bad press about its eradicating White People from their programming. Why on earth should we complain!? Methinks there was more to this than meets the eye; they had to know what they were creating!

Wing feather of the Argus Pheasant

University of Moscow main campus

Dinner prep

They put her at the back of the bus.

Before we all became racists.


It seems Johns Hopkins agrees with Gemini AI. Whites don't deserve to exist.


  1. Brilliant, as always!
    Muchas gracias, Noor!

  2. Keep in mind the following critical facts about Dwight Eisenhower represent no defense of the indefensible Mark Milley. No man who maneuvers his way into 5-stars as a General and President of the United States should ever have to grouse about missing out on COMBAT during World War I, lesser known as the combat of Dwight’s Youth. “Completely missing out on the warfront left him (Ike) depressed and bitter for a time…”. It also left him alive and less exposed to the meat grinder that was World War I. D. David Eisenhower also spent some 16 years as a Major, but only about 16 months as a two-star general before acquiring The 5-stars of General of the Army, unusual and equally impressive stuff…both ways.
    Do you think folk noticed Ike’s meteoric rise after eschewing combat during World War I? Do you think the constant reminder that Ike had no combat experience before World War II left him again “depressed and bitter for a time” and perhaps motivated Dwight David Eisenhower’s decision to execute Polish American Private Eddie Slovik for desertion during WW II? One man’s avoidance of combat is a life-preserving maneuver which led to the presidency while another man’s avoidance is labeled desertion and therefore worthy of execution by the aforementioned “man”. As Ol’ Ike put it, the death sentence Dwight David put on Eddie Slovik was “to encourage the others” and, I suppose, to expiate Eisenhower’s sins from World War ONE. “Depressed and bitter”

  3. Thanks, dear Noor, for all your precious work for us. Best wishes from another grandma

  4. "This could easily be the first home my parents bought back in 1954 on Rosemont Ave..."

    When I was young, you could rent a house (Europe), have 5 kinds with a stay at home wife, and have a decent life, on one income. And with some "off the book" work, you could even save enough to buy a house.

    For most families now, that's impossible even with two incomes today.
    These days it's near impossible to rent a house and have kids, with two incomes.
    That's not by accident. The jews want caucasians eradicated, because they can't control us.
    Inflation is theft, and that's the reason why a one income household is impossible these days.

    Btw, did you know a "stay at home wife", is called a "tradwife" now?!?
    Like there's something wrong with a girl/woman that wants to stay home, take care of her kids and hubby, instead of dumping the kids in daycare, and going to work.

    We have no kids, and we wanted a big family. But because of our house renovations we have none. And I think that's a good thing.
    Not because of "climate change", or whatever other bullshit the Rothschilds pull out of their ass, but because our kids would be awake to what's happening. And I don't mean the woke BS the MSM is feeding us.

    Mr. J


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