Friday 9 February 2024


Fortunately, for everyone else on the road, these moods of mine pass quickly! 

Please enjoy. As usual by the time I get things posted, all the things I wanted to say have disappeared from my little Swiss cheese brain. I will just have to let today's offerings speak....   

UPDATE: OK. This is a first. Ever. I lived yesterday as if it were Friday! As a result, I even posted an extra 24 hours early. Well! It is 2:20 am and I just realized this. That frees up my Friday! 

That Swiss cheese brain!

Saturday Morning Update

I just read about the death of the prolific and admirable writer who has touched us all over the years ~ John Kaminski.

I don't know the details but here is the link to his website. Apparently he died peacefully in his sleep; John had many serious health issues over the past years. 

RIP John. Personally, I am glad you are out of all this and free to roam the universe at will. You will return but take your time. You have earned the rest; humanity thanks you for your service. 

John Kaminski, Recent Essays

Women with insight suffer the same pain, Sir. Consider the fate of Cassandra of Troy.

Canadians, save this one. The next time anyone questions/denies the truth of Canadian elections, this is a good one to pull out.

Roman bread and circuses. Some things never change.

I doubt these two could ever be anything even approaching friends but I see these AI images as an overall view of the long time programme in action.

So, BANG! They killed him.

Toby will be missed. He was a true American man and fearless to the end. He died after fighting stomach cancer; King Charles is just diagnosed with a similar ailment. Just looking over Toby's musical legacy, he definitely knew how to sing and write great songs. Beer For My Horses was the first song that got my attention. Still listen to it frequently.

Very tiny vials. Perfect for secretive assassinations...

This bacon is 1/2 inch thick. Applewood smoked. I found it at a local shop. Two slices is a full meal!

This maiden seems a tad upset.

This Alberta woman advertises herself as a Gay Politician and she is furious!

"I did this!"

This is when Canadians got their first taste of Trudeau deception. Look at that expression. NOW he and Singh work to bring about electoral reform. And it will NOT be good.

Just talk to Chabad. They have the answers.

He was a war criminal but he still made some pretty astute comments.

Just look around


Playing with his dinner again. I imagine some nitwit thinks the nice cat is protecting the harmless little gazelle from evil predators.

Beautiful but how edible would they be?

He was an awful human being according to most. He was a drunk and slovenly and an aggressive opportunist. Oh and a bit of a thief as well. But not for his children's sake but for more drink.


Let this sink in. This is why they do nothing to halt international immigration. It makes illegal immigration legal.

How they do it: Divide and Conquer


Story HERE

I remember when dancers wore less flesh and flash but more flowing graceful outfits.

Smoke a joint and see how long you can stare at flower power personified.

Pretty sure this is my guardian angel when I sleep.

One of the girls from Otyken plays a similar instrument but hers is from a reindeer skull.

Corvette motorboat

I have such a place, a sehnsucht. Was taken there once by a gifted companion. The closest I can come to mine would be Tuscany in all its geographical beauty including that special light that once drew artists from around the world.

Churchill was a major player in this horror.

One of my X friends is an avid outdoors-man and shares his adventures with us. This photo is amazing; it looks to be water and trees but in reality, it is a field of snow that has melted a bit and then frozen hard to create an ice surface. Such snow is very loud and crunchy as you break the surface and usually quite wet and heavy beneath.

(((The usual suspects))) have been putting in a lot of effort to destroy Japanese society. But no one ever mentions them!

Gearing up for World War 3

How it used to be.

Just going to drop this one here. Thinking of all those Gazan children...

In 1963, when I graduated high school, I still had never studied the Holocaust material. It was not part of our curriculum. I see I was just under the wire for that, thank the Lord.

A Japanese artist's take on Little Ben Shapiro. The resemblance is uncanny.

Europeans have the most beautiful noses.

The paintings below were done after Operation Cast Lead by the children of Gaza. The show was banned almost everywhere thanks to Jewish activism.

IDF sneaking into hospitals to kill people in their beds.

This sort of idiocy is NOT age related!

International sales are down.

Diversity in fashion.

Beta fish

(((He))) was not predicting; he was stating what he already knew was in the works.

I am sorry. I really really really tried to avoid posting anything about this woman but she is everywhere. Terrifying actually.

I actually called this cartoonist out on the idiocy of this cartoon.

That is definitely billionaire beef; no vegetarian here.

Beavers. The only mammal that can reshape the environment.

This truly is the work of Satan's minions.

Tradition and the family business


  1. Soooooooooooo great!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TWO of your marvellous postings in 2 days!!!
    Mieux impossible!!!
    Gracias, Gracias!!!!!

  2. Answers to questions that Tucker Carlson did not ask:

  3. The information is out there, but it is important to note how few people want it.

  4. I just made this one, and thought you might like it.

    Mr. J

  5. Here's another interesting meme, Big Mike vs. Mike Tyson.
    Who's more muscular??

  6. US "Presidents" paying their obligatory homage to their masters:

  7. "This sort of idiocy is NOT age related!"

    No it isn't, it's politically related. And it sort of is age related.

    The left purports itself, as the saviors of the world.
    They are the ones who will save us from "climate change", and other made up bullshit like that.

    Young people fall for that kind of crap, because they to want to make the world a better place.
    It's like writing letters to free inmates for "Amnesty international". We had to in school, not writing wasn't an option.

    Young people's views change when they start working, and realise how much governments steal from their paychecks, and that the "green deal" is a tax scam.

    The rotten and dangerous ones, are the ones who are still leftists when they're older. They don't have a clue how the world works, but still want to impose their views on the other 95%.

    Normal people's views, tend to go right, the older they get. Leftists never change.

    Mr. J


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