Saturday 17 February 2024


Another week gone, dear readers, and we meet again! Sometimes the week just flies by so quickly that it seems like just yesterday I did the last post; don't ask me what I did because I have forgotten. 
The world situation has me at a "sit back and watch" point. We are all so small and helpless to stop what is coming; I find that the only way to survive. Just live life; I suppose I am the grasshopper in Aesop's fable.
As always, I highly recommend you visit my Blog Roll. What I don't say, someone there always does. If you want to truly understand the Israel slaughter in Gaza, visit The Ugly Truth. For the truth behind the mysteries of today, Henry Makow. The State of the Nation and the Burning Platform. Just browse when you are finished with my offerings here. 
As for the word 'philanthropath' the explanation is made near the end. However, examples of such creatures include Bill Gates, George/Alex Soros, the Royals, the Clinton Foundation, but the list is almost endless. So it is actually rather self-explanatory.

And now... here we go.


An acorn fell on the roof of his vehicle sending this police officer into a gun toting madman sure he was under attack. Fortunately no one was killed but he did lose his job.

The power and beauty of the spoken word.

For the hair. Apparently the urine contains an enzyme that helps prevent baldness and promote hair growth.

Just over on the lower mainland area of Vancouver. Sorry. No compliance from me if I had a dog...

Excuse me? I remember talking to a security officer at the local museum and being surprised that all of the security staff came from Israel.

I remember this from 2009 and finding it to be shocking. And here we are 15 years later...

This woman is furious, condescending, a promoter of child "education" and rights to ... oh you know the drill. She is up in arms about Alberta handing things back to the parents when it comes to gender decisions. From what I see, this face is her usual demeanour talking about her pet projects. But oh she is an ugly customer; so glad she is not the teacher in my grandson's classroom.



Another reason they assassinated William Cooper (RIP). He called it hard.

Why Bibi does the things he does.

This is definitely part of the strategy. They really do want us dead.

Such a sad little face.

Indeed it is the mothers.

Note the repugnant little creature with the breast removal scars and the, er, rainbow private area. Obscene.

More drivel pushing the agenda to kids.

From a beautiful woman to a miserable person who has given herself an artificial penis. (The cast where the flesh was removed from to create the ... appendage.)

Women! THIS is a great little tip. Share widely.

This beautiful girl on her road to "self improvement".

Trying to sleep in a world full of horrific dreams...

Last century in North America was indeed a golden age of mankind.

Penguin courtship. If she accepts, they are a mated couple.


  1. Thank you so much, Noor! Be blessed!

  2. Image 24. "We don't have to keep prices down because wages are going up." Right! Unless you are retired and on a fixed income. Oh wait, US Social Security payments went up 3.2% this year, and inflation was only 8%, 10%, 12%? I love being stupid!

  3. Gracias siempre, Noor!
    I appreciated your posting of Big Mike's and Mike Tyson's backs. Big Mike's tool is probably similarly sized to Tyson's. ;-))

  4. "Electrician..."

    That's not OCD, that's workmanship.
    That's someone who takes pride, in doing a great job.
    It's also a great help for the electrician that needs to fix a problem, when the original installer isn't available for whatever reason.

    Mr. J


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