Saturday 11 March 2023


The following is a grim start to today's offerings but this message is a priority share. When they began forcing the vaccines on people stories came from around the world of people feeling a spiritual reaction, a different way of perceiving the world and in some instances, how they were perceived by others. This video is highly recommended; I posted it when the madness began. Consider the comments coming from Klaus and Harari about humans being hackable, etc and it all becomes more appallingly clear. Knowing these things does not mean you have to dwell on them; just being aware and pushing back, protecting yourself with foreknowledge is a powerful tool for survival what we all face.

I feel fine despite having had a few shots but that is just the luck of the draw. I live in a very liberal part of Canada so I think I was lucky but I am ALWAYS aware that I am a ticking time bomb. Other than blowing a 5 inch clot out of my nose last summer, which really grossed me out and assured me stuff is going on inside, nothing much has happened as everyone around me keeps falling sick while I just carry on without a sniffle. But ticking time bomb; I got one.

This is such NONSENSE. I post it just to illustrate the absolute historical ignorance out there. Comparing a ghetto to a 15 minute city is apples to jackfruit. This person knows nothing about ghettos, who created them, why they existed. Rabbis created ghettos to contain their flocks and keep them from learning the lives of Christians. They existed for hundreds of years before the birth of Nazis. Ghettos kept the Jews ignorant and malleable. Rabbis have always been a predatory lot.

Thanks Antifa.

Golly. One might be forgiven for thinking  the Covid genocide was created according to these plans from (((Mr. Attali))).

This is PURE Frankfurt School conditioning, syllable for syllable.

Meanwhile up here in Canada things are going crazy as well but there is a more solid grip on the press by the Liberal party so that the people hear nothing unless they go alternative. Even Forbes and Google have criticized our government for how far they go with censorship, let alone how much further they intend to take it.

Interesting slip of the tongue here.

Tolerantly wearing caps felted from their own coats.

Does this surprise anyone? Considering that the past hundred plus years they have been recording weather and that the planet has had it since the beginning, previous records were not even a drop in the pool. They say it is because the data was flawed.

Never. Never even thought of such a grossness.

Living dangerously
This is so true. Every time there was something major polluting the air, the sunsets are beyond awesome. When Mt. St. Helen's blew in 1980, the Toronto sunsets on the other side of the continent were remarkable. The world was so crystalline clear back in the beginning of Earth, when it was all fresh and green. Creatures were also larger then; pollution has taken its toll over the millennia.

Brave New World. Sort of.
Somewhere in here today is a tweet from a Dutch farmer lamenting that he had just milked his cattle for the very last time due to Dutch regulations and war against the farmers.

Biden and his health

Birds of a feather?

Three more bite the dust

She sure doesn't dress like a woman!

Obama's mother really looks like her dad. When she had her clothes on....

Femme fatale

Meanwhile even cartoonists go into action to suppress this story of dying whales on the East Coast.


Yes, Hemingway, there can be happy endings.

THIS is how they mock you for loving God and country and your First Amendment.

Germany may be getting the headlines now but Canada has been ahead of this nauseating game for a few years longer. How to totally destroy something meant to be delicious...
Some Canadian folk seem to have liked this. Dear Lord have mercy.

Artem Chaboka. Several of his pieces are included today. The power of these herd and flocked creatures is contained in his work.

Ancient (((Chinese history)))

In the hippie days of the 1960's and 70's everyone was expected to read The Little Red Book. Now I understand why even more.

I wonder who pays 'Gordo' to push WWW3.

We know this particular idiot is a paid blogger. His stuff is always nauseating to the max.

A fluffle of sleeping bunnies. Yes, fluffle is a group of rabbits. That almost makes this photo ever dearer.

Even cartoonists who are often Conservative are coming down on Tucker andover the release of these tapes. This is masterpiece of journalism but goes so against the accepted stories  that they cannot do more than support the mainstream lies.

"Sanitize"? More like, scrub off the slime.


People discuss the downfall of art in today's world. Picasso with his skewed visions contributed greatly to this downfall but to say so is to ... insult a "(((great artist)))" so I won't go there.

Excellent portrayal of the trash pit known as Silverman
Settler children are taught guns and to kill at a much younger age than this child. It begins almost at birth.

The American President grovels before his masters

From Operation Cast Lead

People are walking away from these abominations
If Harry's "Spare" was not bad enough, now we have Colin complaining about the people who adopted him and raised him in privilege. If only they had left him where they found him... in an orphanage, abandoned.
Keto treat. Coconut and chocolate.
This site is still there only it is private. She was also connected to Pizzagate in some way; that is where I remember her from.

A few weeks ago I went online looking for a new summer dress. I went to women's sites. Only looked at dresses. Not pants. Not jackets. Dresses. Now every time I log in, this creature selling men's suits for dykes is in my face. Grrrrrr! These "it-people' are just... so... unattractive!

Summer forests and fireflies

That Daddy is so proud of his son... and now mud under his commie feet

Such a sad photograph. You want to see that tail wag and those eyes light up.
When I hear Pink Floyd at the grocery store...

I miss the Canada I grew up in

The Mating Call

Courtesy Henry Makow

The artist really captures the feel of a large herd of bison moving forward across the Great Plains. Can you not hear their grunts, snorts and lowing as they shuffle forward?

A friend of mine once got fed up with her class of Native children denigrating Whites and history. She broke with traditional teaching and spoke of European nations as "tribes", of wars between the tribes ~  all to show that the Irish tribe was not like the Italian tribe was not like the English tribe, not like the Viking tribe...

I do not think Trump would willingly serve Bibi. The two were not exactly friends despite Jared's close ties with the monster.

I am not, I repeat, not, a great Trump fan but I do see what was done to him.


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