Tuesday 19 September 2023


Just stepping out of line can stop the fire. Sometimes.

And here we go. Let's take care of business before you move on to the fun stuff. I got a GiveSendGo account going. Within a few days a few of you lovely souls have gotten the ball rolling. To each of you, thank you so very much. You know who you are. I have found a cute little vehicle and hope to be able to borrow enough to buy it while it is available. Test drive tomorrow all things going well. 
Please consider donating whatever you feel appropriate. 
On another note, my family completely scoffed when I mentioned my readers had offered to help me. It was the same treatment I get whenever I have said anything to do with modern life/politics. They think me a tad mad and my blogging is hardly worth even wasting time to dismiss. Even when my "conspiracy madness" is proven correct it is ignored completely and followed up with the usual normie responses. 
You could help me prove them once and for all that they are the ones on the wrong side of things!  


The red fades within 10 minutes.

Across Canada tomorrow. The Liberal folk are having fits.

It looks as if my Granddaughter is in the background playing.

My new car will be gas fuelled. None of this idiocy.

Put the little blighters to work.

Oh, yeah!

Of course the numbers have changed since this was published. Elizabeth's wealth was beyond belief and her investments were very questionable and powerful.

This ratty little wretch is coming to Canada next week. How much of Canadian taxpayers' money will end up in the "war".

Take time to decipher the code.

Human and Dolphin brains. That extra mass, what extra capabilities to dolphins have? Curious.


Even uglier than Mulvaney. There has been a lot of backlash so the school shut down comments.

Viking Queen Lagertha

I normally avoid fat jokes, but this one is absolutely too pathetic to ignore. She is a bully being given a platform.

Frolicking in the surf. Silliness. Funny.

The men in my family all have thick heads of hair even still. It might be a tad thinner than their flowing locks of the 1970's but there are no bald spots. Come to think of it, perhaps more men of younger generations lose their hair in today's world than in the past?

How it really happened....

Scampi Pizza


Bee larvae

The sheer power of this gentle beast.
This piece is called Sisyphus; here we have the devil working the entire works.

I have never seen Elephant breasts before....


  1. Hola, Noor! Gracias siempre!
    Hope you reach your car funding target soon!

  2. Suppose they had an election and nobody came? All this civic duty stuff is deeply ingrained, but they didn't build bases around the world and assassinate countless people, just for average citizens to mess it all up

    1. WOW! Very succinct! 100% on target. Gracias!

  3. Hola Noor,
    Very happy to see how well your car replacement fund has taken off. I'm certain that your many devoted readers will soon be making further contributions. I found the process very easy, even though I had never used it before. I wish you a quick collection of the full sum you'll need to replace your now-demolished ancient chariot. Rock&roll!

  4. This is so funny.
    Hues think if they can get rid of 'whitey', and mixed races will work for them.
    I'm rotflmao.
    Seriously, mixed races will work for them.
    Look at how many of them work in the west, or what they've done to build their home countries.
    They can kill us whitey, but I'll be laughing for all eternity, knowing they'll be waiting forever for those people to work for them.



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