Friday 18 May 2012


I double dog dare you to watch this without having to control your gag reflex during the process!

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  1. Yes. When I think of Jews I think of them as a "light unto nations with righteous conduct".

    Isn't it evident that Jews are the pinnacle of righteous conduct? Can't you tell by the swells of smarm emanating from this asshole's lips?

    One can't help but acknowledge that Jews are the "leaders of morality". Their every move, every utterance suggests a supreme morality over anything a Goy could ever produce.

    Anyone paying attention knows that they are stalwart leaders of "integrity" and "honesty".

    That they are sensitive and care for the poor.

    I mean for shit's sake, each and every goyim should take notes and strive to carry themselves in the same honest way, with every attempt to care for poor people like they do (watch ANY Palestinian abuse clip to see what I mean).

    IT'S OBVIOUS! We need to be like the Jews.


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