Tuesday 22 May 2012


Yeah, yeah, Alex Jones, as I have said before, does not turn my crank much. BUT Fritz Springmeier DOES and for his knowledge alone, I recommend this video. Fritz has taught Alex the spiritual side of this battle for our minds and souls. Take awhile and just listen to this latest interview. A man who has put his money where is mouth is and paid the price of being a political prisoner for many years, Fritz knows more about the power elite than almost anyone... and the evils of mind control.  Only a man of strong Christian convictions could survive spiritually as well as Fritz has ~ and come out stronger than ever.


  1. yes fritz is a treasure trove.I came across a suit n tie christian minister site he appeared to be honest but was asked about fritz and did not give a very good reference as to his comings and goings seemingly oblivious to the act fritz is a "person of great interest"so as he talked more he demopnstrted his ignorance and uselessness in the matter of the degenerate so called jews and real jews as if there is any difference ,and wioth time getting crucialit is getting interesting to see what will be when the wammy comes down if it does or when it may or if they fall hard n fast, i notice black people have no problenm getting hundreds if not millions of pweople to gather ,to bad it is for a fake and manufactured uselessnesss all that energy channeled into nothing, jes be smart the naacpers hahahh come on black folk mass for what is the rerakl deal not these side race shit issues, we be falen separete if not stand togethjerm jews ran all the slave ships and use you as fioils on the wehites. ok|?

  2. Please understand that the dramatic decline in public morals has been deliberately engineered. If you research EPNI you will understand. It is far worse than mere semenancy. We are talking about total remote control of the human personality via the internet - pop up sex puppets! Their technology is far more advanced and depraved than most realize. Thank you so much!

  3. Glad someone is talking about the semenancy & sodomic mind control aspects of what's going on!


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