Monday 21 May 2012


Nice Star of David, Bono.

Thanks to Kenny at Kenny's Sideshow.

For being a good little spokesman for the globalist thieves, Bono gets another payoff that maybe could make him the richest musician on the planet.

Not much new here. Just another example of social engineering to get us to support the rape of Africa.....all for the children of course. Bono is now shilling for Monsanto and friends and partners with Hillary and Obama. He works the crowd and shows us how selling out is profitable. 

It is time to see this poseur for what he is ~ servant of the Illuminati rotters who want the end of us all.

World Order Ritual - U2 in Nashville 

Snubbing Bono 

Appeal to U2's Bono

Bono and Blair

Aha! That old satanic hand sign again.

Bono and awards from Queen Elizabeth  II

Bono looking decidedly satanic

Bono with Bush Daddy

Bono with Bush Jr.

 Bono with genocidal maniac Bill Gates


  The Illuminati One Eye pose, so popular of late

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