Monday 21 May 2012


This article cuts close to the bone and I am upset to hear of the muzzling of Arthur Topham. Arthur is one of my favouritest people and this blog has benefited greatly from his work. He has always been encouraging and one of the nicest men I have had the privilege to know. 

Don’t get me started on Richard Warman who is one of the slimiest creatures upon this planet. Harry Abrams is just as nasty and the two make extremely unpleasant enemies. The disgust I hold for Warman is long standing, especially after his attempts to discredit David Icke several years ago. 

Arthur needs our help. I am definitely a poor person, but somehow, when June rolls around, I will be doing what I can to offset his legal fees. This is a fine man with a brilliant mind who does not deserve this. 

And so I continue to cry for Canada, my beloved country, for what it has become ~ a Zionist satellite of Israel. Of course this makes me wonder just how safe any of us Canadian bloggers who do not toe the line are. I know I take chances often when I post things but that never stopped me before. Nor will it now! But this man must NOT be allowed to be chewed up by the forces of hatred.

Arthur Topham, the personable and erudite editor of The radical Press Blog out of Quesnel, BC, was arrested on "Hate" charges on Wednesday, May 16. 

The details from fellow activist and Quesnel resident Hans Krampe follow. Arthur has been an outspoken critic of the injustices within the Kanadian system for years and in particular the government's use of draconian and Stalinist, so-called, "Human Rights" legislation to stifle dissent. In fact Arthur has been prosecuted under that statute for his outspokeness. He has also been a critic of the political machinations and rampant corruption within the RCMP(Royal Canadian Mounted Police).

Heretofore, the Jew controlled "justice" system in Kanada has used Human Rights legislation as a means suppression and threat of suppression against those opinions they deem dangerous. They have reserved the more serious "Hate" crime charges only for those who have crossed the line and whose opinions are the most threatening to system control. Such was the case with Arthur Topham. Over the past three weeks Arthur has been a persistant critic of John Kaminski's anti-Hitler diatribe on a recent radio interview.

It is a strong probability that Arthur's recent arrest was a direct result of his uncompromising stand for truth in demanding that Kaminsky justify this anti-Hitler, misinformation. We should all know by now that the Jewish lie of "Hitler-was-a-demon" is central to Jewish mind control over all of us. That is why we should be suspicious of anyone who pushes that lie. In other words it appears that Arthur Topham crossed the line and threatened to shove the silver dagger into the heart of the Jewish vampire and his empire built on lies by questioning the biggest lie of all. Kaminsky's diatribe is reproduce below.

Arthurs rebuttal follows;

John Kaminsky Stated:
 "I'm beyond distraught about the condition of Internet media. It is so cowardly, so intimidated. People like Alex Jones and Jeff Rense are still afraid to say it's all Jews, because it's not the Jews themselves as people. They're just people. It's the philosophy of superiority. And the Jews didn't invent this themselves, they stole it from the whites. They stole this thing about superiority. They learned a lot from the Nazis, and they adopted a lot of their policies because they were so sound.'

"And it is exclusionary to the max. Neither system on either side of World War II was right. The wrong side might have won, but if the other guys had won we would have had a kind of regimentation that people wouldn't have put up with." 
Arthur Topham Wrote:
You've got to be fucking joking John. If this is your position re: National Socialist Germany and Adolf Hitler then you truly are out to lunch and like many others allege - working for the darkness rather than the Light of Truth.
"The wrong side might have won"???!!! Surely you jest? They DID win. Why the fuck do you think we're in the sort of shit that we are today?
I can't believe you spoke these words John. Tell me there's some sort of error here otherwise please excuse me from your select group of sycophantic double agents.
ARTHUR TOPHAM, Canada's latest victim in the fight for freedom of speech

Canada's filthy, traitorous leaders are groveling Jew sycophants

International Jewry is on a psychotic rampage, viciously targeting dissidents worldwide. I just posted about the arrest of six people in Scotland simply for making remarks critical of Jews on Facebook

Now, the Jewish thought police have struck in Canada. The Jew-controlled Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) arrested Jew-Wise publisher and writer Arthur Topham of for alleged “commission of hate crimes” (swindle-speak for “criticizing the Jews”) on May 16, 2012.

A message from Arthur’s associate Hams Krampe:
Arthur Topham, publisher of the Radical Press website, was arrested on May 16, 2012, at 11:30 am on the Barkerville Highway near Quesnel, B.C., put in handcuffs and taken to jail. Apparently, Arthur’s home had been staked out for quite some time by the RCMP.

Warman is NOT liked in Canada and for very good reason. He is a professional litigating ass.

The warrant for his arrest read “commission of hate crimes” and was endorsed by Arthur’s special “friends” and professional denunciators Richard Warman and Harry Abrams of B’nai Brith, Canada.

What the Canadian Hate Crimes Tribunal failed to do, seems to have been a cinch for Richard and Harry, law or no law. In Canada, when B’nai Brith whistles, the RCMP jumps.

While in jail, Arthur’s house was raided and his computer equipment confiscated, including all his files. During the raid, Shasta, Arthur’s wife, wasn’t allowed into her home for 9 hours. Once the RCMP had taken what they wanted ~ we wonder where the bugs are now hidden ~ and finished questioning Arthur, he was released at 11:00 pm.

Arthur is now back home again, but prohibited from sending ANY emails or expressing any opinions about the issues all too familiar to us. In other words, freedom of speech, which he so passionately fights for, has now been stymied by unconstitutional somersaults, technically and “legally” muzzling him, for the time being. Without compunction, might is right in Canada.

Arthur advises NOT to send him any emails, since those would only wind up at the RCMP instead. What Arthur would like to have send to him ~ by snail mail etc. ~ is money, since he is ~ always has been ~ chronically broke. It would help to defray some of the legal expenses he will now incur. Arthur has asked Doug Christie, prominent defense lawyer in the Ernst Zündel case, for legal assistance and Doug agreed to help him without hesitation. He is one in a million!

During the last 14 years Arthur has literally spent tens of thousands of hours, and God only knows how much energy, sleepless nights and missed opportunities for personal advancement, in defense of our right to free speech and the exposure of vital truths, to the benefit and enlightenment of us all. That’s unselfishness at it’s best and I think it deserves some signs of appreciation.

So, please, kindly express them.

Hans Krampe
May 17, 2012, Quesnel, B.C. Canada

Arthur is in urgent need of donations which can be mailed to this address:

Arthur Topham
4633 Barkerville Hwy
Quesnel, B.C. Canada
V2J 6T8

It cannot be stressed enough that the Jews have proved themselves to be the most dangerous, subversive threat that mankind has ever faced. They covertly work behind the scenes to undermine our nations, erode our freedoms, and enslave our people to tyrannical Jewish rule. This insidiously evil cabal of pathological criminal maniacs known as International Jewry must be stopped! The future of our planet depends upon it.


  1. I just deleted the link to Kaminski from my blog based on hearing that he equated the evil behind international jewry with nationalists who were seeking their freedom.

    Kaminski, shame on you.

  2. I removed him a year or two ago for his huge stance towards atheism and his total hatred of Christianity. Although this is not mentioned above, part of the discussion between John and Arthur was over his complete denunciation of Christ.

    Kaminski may not be responsible for what is happening to Arthur, but his positions are, to me, highly reprehensible.

    Perhaps I should see if I can dig up the entire conversation between the two, but I will say that Kaminski's attitude and words to Arthur were quite objectionable.


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