Friday 13 July 2018


One of my favourites this week. 
A great cure for TDS would be to read the testimonies of the #WalkAway crowd. Truly amazing words. This movement seems to have inspired thousands of folks to do just that, walk away from the Democratic party.   

 This enlarges significantly.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau glided past the Prime Minister of Belgium Charles Michel’s extended arm to greet his wife Amelie Derbaudrenghien on the sidelines of NATO's annual Summit in Brussels on Wednesday. Michel was apparently amused and laughed it off as the two hugged it out and engaged in pleasantries thereafter.

South America, a few months ago.

A few days ago.

He is ready to serve his boss Soros not the people of Canada, this alien looking creature. 

Promise kept. The curriculum reverts to a more socially acceptable level when classes begin again in September. Toronto is drowning in liberal tears I am sure. 

 These people voted for Ford.

Joe Biden is just SO inappropriate!

For more images and prose, head over to The People's Cube

Are they beginning to desert a sinking ship?

I am sure the artist meant this as a slap to Orban; some of us applaud Mr. Orban. Hugely.

Not quite a President.

Amazing amount raised so far.

Most of these are reporters and photographers.

Update. They can keep the pool so long as they empty it before nightfall.

Stilton Says:Things got very contentious yesterday as highly-ranked rogue FBI agent (and wife-cheating sexual hound dog) Peter Strzok was questioned by the House Judiciary Committee about the screamingly obvious political bias he brought to two huge investigations.

In Hillary Clinton's email case, he declared her innocent long before completing the investigation or even interviewing her. In the Trump/Russia case, he decided that Trump was guilty and should be impeached before interviewing a single witness.

Put simply, this one high-powered official basically raped the American electoral system and the integrity of the FBI and is now desperately trying to cover his keister.

Not that he didn't have plenty of help during his questioning. No member of the GOP could get out more than a syllable of questioning before some Democrat nitwit would scream "point of order!" or "objection!" or "Whoohee! The jute mill is exploded!" just to stall the proceedings and keep Strzok from admitting his perfidy.

Sadly, there was no divine intervention of the sort shown in today's cartoon, which rather surprises us. After all, even though lightning is an unwieldy instrument of vengeance, we can't imagine that any collateral damage in Strzok's immediate surroundings would have been much of a loss.

A home that is actually zombie-proof!

Anti-pure breed organization. Sigh.

Feel the love.

I have one of these at this exact same age, plumping up before she is born in five weeks' time. 

Pedophiles "rebranding" themselves.


Media tried to pass this image off as part of the modern problems of Muslim squatters in Paris. A little research, because those women do not seem to be Muslim, showed this to be a Roma encampment outside the city, decimated several years ago.

Funny, here we have HRC all over the world.

I downloaded it!

Where is Sophie Trudeau? She stayed home apparently.

It is shocking how many cartoons I found depicting Trump's actions and words with NATO to be at the obeisance of Mr. Putin! As if the two were in cahoots on some obscure level.


Some day someone will probably market these things for real.


  1. Greetings from Hungary!
    You are totally wrong about Viktor Orban. He is a communist jew and gypsie origin. His parent were secretaries of the communist party.
    He was selected to change the regime by Istvan Horvath, leader the communist NSA, and George 'Appfelbaum' Aczél. Aczél means Stalin in Hungarian. The communist jew Aczél's best friend was the capitalist George Soros. Orban was a Soros scolarship.
    Orban did Hungary to jew and gypsy paradise, and slave camp like chine for the hungarians. The hungarians work for multinational firms, like LEGO and Michelin etc. Hourly wage for about 4 dollar, and the taxes are high, the VAT is 27%. Orbán does not need immigrants replace the hungarians because the gypsy population growing so fast. In the past 20 years, lot of village were over populated by them. The education is free for jews, and gypsies. Just Adrew Vajna has casinos in hungary. Orban is FIDESZ party leader. The Liud is brother party for the FIDESZ. When Orban was in Israel, all the members of KNESSET stood up to applaud him.
    He has a bid deal with Putin too. He established a natural gas mercanting firm in Switzerland (low taxation), and gets the gas from Putin low price, and sells to the hungarian cities market rate. In exchange Putin will build atomic reactor.
    Do you know, Putin built the largest Jewish museum on the world?
    Yours sincerely: N.J.

    1. Thank you for opening my eyes. I cannot begin to thank you enough. I am doing my research now and know what you speak of now. The fact he is a Rhodes Scholar speaks volumes right there.

    2. It's very simple: Holohoax denial laws. if they pass it, like Putin and Orban have, they're jew puppets no matter what else they do or say. All else is limited hangout towards that locked and kept gate, enough bait to gain your confidence and make sure the hook sinks in deep and stays there. The biggest bait of all, of course, is 'hope,' it covers almost any hook.

      And then new he-art-istry will be needed to map the new spiritual territories for navigation. That's where Pink Floyd other 'psychedelic' bands came in during the latter part of the 1960s when the spirit broke through the Elvis code and the Folk Rock code into the psychedelic rock code. All the maps have enough common ground of 'edgy' terrain to be called 'rock' music rather than pop, but all are also entirely different spiritual territories that only those particular vocabularies of sound-metaphor, called 'genre' or 'style' of music, can place you within.

      Heavy hung the canopy of blue
      shade my eyes and i can see you
      white is the light that shines through the dress that you wore
      She lay in the shadow of the wave
      hazy were the visions of her playing
      sunlight on her eyes but moonshine made her cry ev'ry time
      Green is the colour of her kind
      quickness of the eye deceives the mind
      envy is the bond between the hopeful and the damned

      Those words (by Roger Waters) stand alone as beautiful poetry and yet, how much greater vision is communicated, how much vaster a land for contemplation is presented, when a voice like Gilmour's sings them and takes them through the many hues and textures of deeply felt yet serenely detached emotion. In other words, Gilmour's game is to be as intense as possible and as relaxed as possible at the same time, which could only have been catalyzed through psychedelics, since that is exactly what they do, when used correctly. When before you'd be half-asleep if you got that 'laid-back,' now you're running a 500 horsepower engine of imagination in your head simultaneously. It's the quiet power that's more effective, since it's usually a surprise to the person that finally recognizes it. It's one way of showing maturity by taking everything in stride.

      ~ Negentropic

    3. Victor Orban has just expelled the Rothschild Bank from Hungary, repaid the debts of Hungary and thus closed the offices of the IMF. In addition Victor Orbana brought legal proceedings against Georges Soros.

      Your information is relevant but men can change when they face problems.

      Putin is so demonized by the Zionist bloc, by the war-makers, that he can not only admit faults so that the worst rats on the planet are going so hard on him.

      Everyone has forgotten that Putin was supported by Soros in order to be elected, but the first thing he did after his election was to expel and condemn the Jewish Mafia who was laying down the body of his country. .
      Purchasing public enterprises more productive for the symbolic dollar.

      Putin is far more intellectual and strategist than the world can think, he carefully avoids all the traps that are stretched to him.
      I am not a fan of it but I am a permanent observer of the geopolitics of Vladimir Putin, without Putin let us be certain that we would suffer a war waged in Iran in order to please and serve only the interests of the state of Is-Rat-Hell (war against Iran as Hillary Clinton promised if elected)

      Namely, the Sunni terrorists are attached to Saudi Arabia's friend and ally of Is-Rat-Hell, the Iranians are Shiites and have nothing to do with terrorists let alone with Is-Rat-Hell.

      Westerners are tired of waging war and Sunni terrorism for the sole benefit of Is-Rat-Hell and his friends.
      That Is-Rat-Hell make his wars himself with the blood of his own children, it will change!

      "Even if our reason cries with all its strength the absurdity of this face to face between a very small people as insignificant as the people of Israel and the rest of humanity. As absurd, as incoherent, as monstrous as it may seem, we are well engaged in an intimate struggle between Israel and the Nations that can only be genocidal and total, because our identities are the same. "
      Itzhak Attia, Director of Francophone Seminars at the Yad Vashem Institute, Israel Magazine, April 2003

      "This war of Gog and Magog we all expect is necessary for Israel not to return to war. What you are suffering in Europe, which is so scary to you, should be the most beautiful news of our Jewish history. It was marked in the Sanhedrin two thousand years ago. The mashiah (Jewish messiah) will only come when Edom, Europe, the Christianity will be totally fallen. I ask you: Is it good news that Islam is invading Europe? That's excellent news ! And what will happen when he comes? Fear will reign in the world, the nations will lay down their arms, and the people will serve the people of Israel. You Christians are going to pay a lot for it but at a point where you have no idea what you are talking about. There will be no holocaust for you, with trains to drive to the crematoria. It will be on the spot the slaughtering, it is marked in the book. ISLAM IS THE BRAZIL OF ISRAEL KNOW IT, instead we do the job. "
      Rabbi Rav Touitou Youtube of July 1, 2015

      "Do not worry about the American pressures on Is-Rat-Hell, we the Jewish people, control America and the Americans know it" Ariel Sharon to Prime Minister Is-Rat-Hell-Hyena Shimon Peres October 3, 2001 on radio "Kol Israel"

  2. Garry Kasparov was possibly the greatest grandmaster in the history of chess. It's a damned shame that he gave up chess in favour of shilling for George Soros.

  3. Howdy Snippets!

    Via search:

    Aczél,György (George) (Henrik Appel) (Budapest, 31 August 1917 - Vienna, 6 December 1991) – Cultural politician of the Kádár regime. Raised in an orphanage, his working career began as a construction worker. He was a self-educated man, who was devoted to learning. First he joined the Sho-mer Zionist movement, and then entered the Communist Party in 1935.

    He had a talent for acting and studied at the Academy of Dramatic Art, Budapest; for a while he became an actor; he was an outstanding communicator. He was arrested in 1942 and sentenced to hard labor, but was later released. During the German occupation in 1944, he worked in the resistance movement and rescued hundreds of Jews. After World War II he worked for the Communist Party in various places, such as Budapest, as well as in Zemplén and Baranya counties.

    He was a Member of Parliament in 1947-1949. In June 1949, he was arrested in connection with the László (Ladislas) Rajk political trials, imprisoned, then released in August 1954, and became manager of a construction company. He was in Vienna between 21 and 27 October 1956. Having returned to Hungary he joined the Partisan Association.

    On 31 October 1956, he participated in the founding meeting of the Hungarian Socialist Workers’ Party (Magyar Szocialista Munkáspárt - MSZMP). He was in favor of Yugoslav-type neutrality and for further negotiations with Imre Nagy. In 1958 Aczél was not yet a member of the Political Committee that made the decision to execute Imre Nagy. For this he was not directly culpable and presumably this may explain his acceptance – however unwillingly – by Hungarian intellectuals.

    From April 1957 he worked in the cultural field first as deputy minister; but because of his friendship with János (John) Kádár, he soon became a towering figure of the Kádár regime, entrusted with pacifying the intellectuals in the aftermath of 1956. He was responsible for the manipulation of intellectuals, for the blackmailing the infamous three Ts writes (Ps in English) which translate as patronizing, permitting and prohibiting, the stick-and-carrot policy by which Aczél held sway over Hungary’s cultural life for almost three decades.

    He served in a number of high-ranking offices, such as the Central Committee of the MSZMP, and until 1974, in the Political Committee of the Party. He also served as deputy prime minister. Toward the end of the 1980s, with the decline of the influence of János Kádár, his career also ended. He authored many articles and books.

  4. Truly amazing words. This movement seems to have inspired thousands of folks to do just that, walk away from the Democratic party.

    And just think, in 8 years these very same people will be clamoring back to the new savior from the Dem Party because the new jew owned actor will be even better than Trump.

    And so it goes, the idiocy of the perpetual left / right parafuck.

  5. Thanks to the commentators who taught me a lot about Hungary, which is obviously just as much under Jewish and communist command as France.
    I left comments, which I think historically instructive under these two previous posts:

    I will be back soon to publish the translation of a historical summary of the final solution in the USSR.
    This summary comes from numerous readings and research on the murder of 50 million Russians by Jews who were 85% represented in the first Bolshevik government.

  6. Part 1/6
    To speak of communism, one can not but speak of a certain community of 3% of the Russian population at the controls of the machine of extermination of the Russian people? (Same in all the communist revolutionary movements, whether in China or with Fidel Castro in Cuba)
    Genocidal Communism in the USSR
    -Who financed the Bolshevik revolution?
    (With a first installment of $ 12 million at the time, information confirmed by a document of the American Secret Service transmitted to the High Commissioner-French to his government.Certified authentic document and made public in the press on March 6, 1920)
    -Who invented totalitarian communism without borders?
    Karl Marx, of his real name Karl Marx-Levy Mordechai, parent Rothschild third degree (uncle the totalitarian ultra-capitalism without borders)
    -What was the name of the third-degree relative of Karl Marx Lévy Mordechaï?
    The father of Karl Marx was actually Hirschel Mordechai Rothschild, whose direct ascendants were Isaac Nanthan Mayer Heijmans Rothschild Pressburg and Nanette Salomon Barent-Cohen ...
    Capitalism and communism two faces of one and the same family! QED
    -What character invented gassing well before Hitler? (gas truck called dushegubka)
    -What character did medical experiments (on civilian prisoners accused of offense of opinion) well before Mengele?
    -What character invented and theorized political terror well before Hitler?
    -What character invented deportation and labor camps for crimes of political opinion well before Hitler? *
    LEV DAVINOVICH BRONSTEIN known by the false name LEON TROTSKI.
    -What left-wing scientific scientist in the United States gave the atomic bomb plans to the USSR through communist relations through one of his communist co-religionists working alongside him? (the type that allowed Hiroshima and Nagasaki)
    LISA ROZENSWEIG known by the name of ELIZABETH ZUBILIN having obtained the plans of the bomb by his friend ROBERT OPPENHEIMER
    -Who was the general of the false name Klébert, a "Russian" who went to slaughter the Spanish nationalists for the benefit of the communists?
    (This 12 centuries after his "brothers" opened wide the doors of Spain to the Muslim invaders in the name of Shalom, which will have cost 700 years of occupation to the Spaniards ... We see that NOTHING CHANGED at XXI century but this time on the scale of the whole Occident, thank you Grégory Shwartz known under the false name of Georges Soros)

  7. Part 2/6
    -What characters were the assassins of the Tsar and ALL his family including children, who were the sponsors?
    GESYA GELFMAN and IAKOV SOLOMON say SVERDLOV the assassin of the tsar and his children including.
    All under the orders of JACOB YOUROVSKI the organizer of the massacre of the imperial family.
    -What character is the organizer of the systematic murder of Russian peasants?
    -What character went to China to train Mao Zetong (and Ho Chi Mihn) to massacre techniques of the civilian population? (70 million deaths)
    All opponents of Mao accused of opportunism "or" kulakism ", will be systematically exterminated.
    About 20 percent of the population in central Jiangxi area, or about 700,000 people, will be suppressed in various ways during the three years of the republic's existence. Military Advisor Stern will remain there until 1935.
    The Chinese Communist General Chen was named COHEN.
    The organizer of Communism in China was called CRUSENBERG known as the Borodin.
    -What characters have deliberately exterminated 6 million civilians in Ukraine including two million children, a genocide known as Holodomor?
    LAZAR MOISSEEVITCH KAGANOVITCH (an Eichmann long before Eichmann),
    IAKOV EPSTEIN known by the name of IAKOV IAKOVLEV exterminator of the peasantry,
    all framed by GENRIKH lAGODA.
    Followed by ROSALIA ZALKIND known under the false name ROSALIA ZEMLIACHKA chief of the VIII Army in Ukraine ...
    -What was the cruelest of all the gatekeepers of the Russians' final solution?
    -Who, long before Hitler, went in search of the mystic Shambala? (Tibet)
    LENIN, whose real name was VLADIMIR ILLICH OULIANOV Jewish?
    The problem is settled very quickly and the controversy is quickly extinguished under Israeli laws: Just 25% of Jewish blood (one big parent) to obtain Israeli nationality. So Lenin was indeed Jewish legally speaking, since he can claim Israeli nationality reserved for Jews only. QED
    According to ALL serious historians, according to Alexander Solzhenitsyn, according to Vladimir Putin, the Jews of 1919 represented 3% of the Russian population, but were over-represented by 85% in the first Bolshevik genocidal government of 1919.

  8. Part 3/6
    Communism in other countries
    -What characters created and directed the bloody communist revolutions in Hungary, Bavaria, Romania, Poland, installed deadly communist dictatorships?
    CLARA ZETKIN, a German Bolshevik pasionary.
    ROSA LUXEMBURG, Rosa the Red and the Spartakist insurrection.
    KURT EISNER, the ephemeral minister-president of Bavaria proclaiming the republic.
    EUGEN LEVJNE, the head of the Soviet Republic of Bavaria.
    BELA KOHN known as BELA KUN, the organizer of the Red Terror in Hungary
    TIBOR SZAMUELY, "Terror is the main weapon of our Hungarian communist regime.
    JOSEF SCHWARTZ known by the false names of JOZSEF POGANY then, of JOHN PEPPER after Hungary activist of the 'American' communist party ...
    MATYAS ROSENFELD known under the false name MATYAS RAKOSI, the absolute Stalinolâtre.
    BENJAMIN AUSCHPITZ known as GABOR PETER, who became chief of the Hungarian Communist Secret Police.
    ERNO SINGER known by the false name ERNO GERO, the Goebbels of the Russian army.
    HANNAH RABINSOHN known as ANA PAUKER, a leader of the Romanian Communist Party who had her husband killed for "espionage", a Jewish Marcel Pauker himself.
    MAX GOLDSTEIN, the professional terrorist who committed assassinations in the Romanian Senate.
    IOSIF ROITMAN known by the false name of IOSIF CHISINEVSCHI, systematically on the Moscow line, he will be of all the machinations, plots, murders, judgments, which will fall on all the opponents or rivals, inside or on outside the party. This dirty character was at the head of 50,000 spy-kapos.
    JAKUB BERMAN, the communist terrorist who had the gall to testify at the Eichmann trial in 1961
    ANGELICA BALABANOFFI the Bolshevik who trained Mussolini then spent the war warm in the USA ...
    EUGEN FRJED known as CLEMENT the agent of the Komintern who was the real head of the PCF
    MICHEL FEJNTUCH known by the false name of JEAN-JEROME, agent of the Komintern and great financier of the PCF
    It should be noted that the vast majority of these "proletarians" were from ultra-bourgeois families and that all could afford regular trips around the world, before, during and after the revolution called "Russian".
    We are light years away from small stigmatized people who barely survived under the Tsar's regime, on the contrary.

  9. Part 4/6
    WHO INVENTED WORDS (do your research in English, it's less censored)
    NAZI: A word coined as early as Babylon, meant "prince of exile".
    On November 7, 1938, a certain Herschel Feidel Grynszpan, a German Jew of Polish origin, assassinated the German ambassador Ernst Eduard vom Rath at the very heart of his French embassy, ​​a German sovereign territory. (after the World Jewish Congress declared war on Germany in 1933, not the other way around!)
    This is not unusual: Lee Harvey Oswald was sent for the assassination of JFK by the representative of the huge Jewish mafia Jacob Leon Rubenstein, who changed his name to Jack Leon Ruby. Another coincidence among millions.
    Fidel Castro, the Cuban bloody dictator, is also coincidentally a member of the community ...
    Why did Hitler hate some ...
    To the question "why Hitler," part of the answer lies in the fact that Hitler and his Social-Communist pact, (known as the Germano-Soviet pact), allowed German troops to train discreetly in the USSR.
    It can be deduced that the German troops had to see everything there was to see.

  10. Part 5/6
    The social context of Germany and the Jewish hyper-representation at the top of the country
    1840, there were 350,000 Jews in Germany, of which 200,000 in Prussia, or 3% of the population.
    50% of German industrialists were Jewish.
    In 1807, the Jews already owned 32 of the 52 Berlin banks.
    In 1862 Jews possessed 550 of the 662 Prussian banks.
    The most powerful Dresder Bank after Deutsche Bank was founded by Jew Eugen Guttman.
    In 1859 Chancellor Otto Von Bismark needed a banker, he appealed to the Jewish banker Gerson Bleichröder, who was ennobled by guillaume II in 1872.
    In 1835, the vice president of the Rhine Railway Company was a certain Abraham Oppenheim from Cologne.
    In 1869 Baron Maurice Hirsch founded the Orient Express which connected Berlin-Vienna-Constantinople.
    The Hamburg-America Line shipping company, which linked Germany to America, was headed by the Jew Albert Ballin. (personal friend of William II)
    At the same time, department stores were almost a Jewish monopoly. They sold cheaper but ruined the small traders who were then forced to be hired by the Jewish bosses. (who at the time hired preferably immigrants)
    Bibliography / source: "Jews of Germany, a historical portrait" by Ruth Gray
    The big German press had fallen into the hands of the Jews. Leopold Sonnemann, the founder of "Frankfurter Eitung" in 1866, then owned an empire.
    Rudolf Mosse was in 1871 the founder of "Berliner Tageblatt"; Leopold Ullstein founded the "Berliner Abenpost" in 1887, and the "Berliner Morgenpost" in 1898.
    By 1880 the German allergy to the Jews was already at its peak, all the greatest intellectuals were openly anti-Semitic. (Wagner, Nietshe etc ...) Otto Glagau, co-organized in 1883 the international antisemitic congress.
    (at the time it was not a shame, all Westerners, Russians, Slavs had previously lived what the Germans lived, all had become anti-Semitic by "positive discrimination")
    At the time of Hitler, the Austrian Police was almost entirely Jewish. He was a veteran almost homeless. (although I do not particularly like Hitler, it's a fact)
    Their "brothers" had the virtual monopoly of prostitution and brothels.
    The Jews had the known monopoly of the white slave trade, which they loved to sell to the Turks, a habit that is unceasingly found over more than a thousand years of history, in all serious historical texts. From the middle ages they were merchants but did not mind selling their old borrowers as slaves through mortgages on the family borrowers!
    The Christians became servants to the Jews, no more Christian could afford to have house staff.
    And so on in all areas of life, Hitler lived under an ultra-bourgeois Jewish omnipresence, what is more, the revolutionary "proletarians" and putschists were also Jewish.
    All this is very modern in fine ....
    It's so much more convenient to say "Hitler was crazy" ...

  11. Whatever you are told, if you are Francophone I recommend an excellent book "The anti-Christian conspiracy" of Bishop Henri Delassus.
    This book is a historical survey of the French Judaeo Masonic Revolution of 1789 based on the official documents of the time.

    It should be known that officially, the revolution of Jewish and Masonic called "French Revolution" of 1789 will have killed more French civilians, than the total victims 500 years of inquisition + French civilians victims of the First World War + the French civilians victuimes of the second world war.
    I know, it's incredible, I work in a faculty of history, any reference to these official figures is censored, we should not be able to put into perspective the historical realities.

    The purpose of Masonry is to rebuild the temple of Solomon (Jew) in a spiritual way and to give the supremacy of the world to the Jewish world, a project that is already well advanced.

    The Freemason who enters the lodges and passes his ranks undergoes an initiation, the famous initiation of the coffin, in which the old individual dies, gets rid of his Catholic roots, and reborn to become a Jewish Freemason working on the construction of the Israel's empire over the universe. (any initiate knows what I say is true)
    Freemasonry is the largest mental manipulation industry in the world, and some believe they are doing good by brainwashing and impregnating ideas that are not theirs.

    My remarks are easily verifiable, any Freemason of B'nai B'Rith can enter the works in any lodge, no non-Jew can participate in closed sessions of B'nai B'Rith.
    The high command of Freemasonry is integrally Jewish, the rites, initiations, ranks, all the folklore of Freemasonry is mainly Jewish and systematically anti-Catholic.
    Do not believe for a single minute that there are only 33 degrees in Masonry, above you these degrees you have three leading chapters, and above these chapters it still goes on. Likewise, every lodge works in two parts, an apparent part to deceive the world of modest initiates, a so-called valiant part called "working in the crypt".

    You have just understood why since 1789 the revolutions have persecuted the Catholic monarchies all over Europe, sparing rigorous Protestant monarchies.
    This is normal, since the high command centers of Freemasonry are located exclusively in the Protestant countries, the other masonries are under their orders.

    Note that when you are told that Freemasonry was born in England in 1717 is totally false, historical correspondences reveal the existence of masonry from the 1600s.

    Freemasonry is thus born at the same time as the philosophers of enlightenment, as Protestantism, as the intellectual current of rebirth.
    I could give you all the details, names, references of documents but it would be quite long to realize and translate.

    Freemasonry plays the role of prison guard, educator, censor, propagandist of our huge so-called democratic prison. No Freemason can be sincerely nationalist, the goal of his sect being to build a universal republic and a world dictatorship. Masons who say the opposite are either imbeciles or liars.

  12. More about Orban:
    Orban originated from a small village, named Felcsut.
    Mayor of Felcsut is Lorincz Meszaros, his political opponent was hit to death by a car. Meszaros was originally gas man, with some property ten years ago. Now he richer two times, as Queen Elisabeth II. Here is the graph:


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