Wednesday 15 November 2023


Not a lot of prose today. Just images images images. Please enjoy!


A home on the street where I grew up.

Right now I am not believing in too much good lying ahead for the planet. Not with the (((messianics))) actively pushing WW3 on the rest of us.
That is the TTC ride I remember

Canada is getting more lost by the moment.

The moment the Hamas support movement began we KNEW Soros was behind it as well as the reactivation of Antifa in support of same.


Eagles gathering for a salmon feast

Once upon a time, such a scene was cause for a smile. No longer. We now live in THAT world where children are no longer innocent.


Useful idiot par excellence.

Kenneth Darlington is an American lawyer in Panama. Shot two protesters on the road. Environmentalists. But this was not any of Greta's mob he shot; these were educated and local natives protesting a Canadian mining plan that would destroy their lives and the environment digging for materials used in .

For weeks, tens of thousands of protestors have vented their fury at a controversial mining contract given to Minera Panama, the local subsidiary of a Canadian mining company, to extract copper, a key component in electric car batteries.

The contract allows Canada’s First Quantum Minerals to restart an open-pit copper mine surrounded by rain forest for the next 20 years, with the possibility of extending for another 20 years.

This man was NOT a hero.

I have wondered the same thing. What do I know about astronomy?

You cannot possibly not notice just how unnatural these skies look!

There is still goodness in the world.

Not missed at all.

Bashar speaks from personal experience.

Oh, Donald!

Erase the place.

This was a great cartoon during the Iraq Wars. The new wars are being driven by the same cabal of neocons along with their international friends.
From the Holocaust to Gaza...

The ones who accuse everyone, every time, of killing babies, are those who actually commit the crime.
Another cartoonist who does not get it. Don't you DARE repost this thing.

Even the savvy Mr. Branco does not get it.

Gotta weep over this idiocy.

Useful idiots of the greatest magnitude.

Only a liberal would believe that kitty is just loving up his best friend; he is playing with his dinner.

When you spend your life believing you are god, it might be a tad difficult for her. But, He definitely proved otherwise to the rest of the world.

A friend took this on a walk the other day.


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