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By Dr. Adrian Salbuchi

Originally posted January, 2008

The time has arrived to promote an open, rigorous and respectful debate on fundamental questions regarding the origins of the extremely dangerous and violent conflict which has exploded in the Middle East, and which today threatens to spread and encompass other regions of the world.

We propose starting this by posing Ten Key Questions to Israeli Zionists from the viewpoint of a very concerned Argentine citizen.

Question No. 1: Why do Zionists insist on confusing Zionism with Judaism?

Not all Zionists are Jewish, and not all Jews are Zionists. George W.Bush, Dick Cheney, Condoleeza Rice, Donald Rumsfeld, Tony Blair, John Negroponte, Bill & Hillary Clinton, and John Bolton ~ to name but a few very powerful pro-Israeli Zionists ~ are clearly NOT Jewish. At the same time, writers like Noam Chomsky, Norman Finkelstein, Juan Gelman, Israel Shamir, the Grand Rabbi Joel Teitelbaum group and the editors of the New York left-wing Jewish journal “Forward” are all Jewish, and yet strongly opposed to Zionism….

Question No. 2: Why do Zionists purposefully seek to harm Jewish communities in the Diaspora?

As an Argentine citizen, I am concerned about the fact that Zionists and Israelis confuse Zionism with Judaism on purpose, because this can potentially lead to very negative and unjust reactions on the part of vast population sectors the world over who, ignoring this key differentiation between Zionists and Jews, might end up blaming all Jews for the carnage, injustice and genocide being perpetrated by some militant Zionist Jews in Israel and elsewhere. In Argentina, we are particularly concerned over how this can be detrimental to the peaceful Jewish community residing in our country.

A true story. The first Jews of Argentina. ~ MEET THE ZWI MIGDAL

To accuse any person critical of Israel and Zionism of being an “Anti-Semite” is ludicrous and tantamount to intellectual terrorism because in that way any chance of holding a free and open debate on these complex issues is thwarted and silenced.

We urgently need to understand that the way the State of Israel was created over half a century ago bore the seeds of today’s increasingly violent conflicts in the Middle East.

We need to base our views and opinions on Historical Truth, and not on propaganda and myth.

We need to understand what are the true objectives of International Zionism in the whole world, as well as in Argentina and in our region.

In fact, it would have a very moralizing effect in Argentina and other countries, if local Jewish community associations and leaders would adopt an unequivocal public stance condemning the barbaric attacks that Israel is carrying out against Palestine and Lebanon.

Amy Goodman interviews a former Israeli minister who exposes

this trick used against dissidents, the defamation tactic of calling people "anti-Semitic."

Question No. 3: Why do Zionists insist on accusing anyone critical of Israel and Zionism of “Anti-Semitism”?

To even speak of “Anti-Semitism” in this day and age is absurd and downright hypocritical. “Semitic” is a linguistic category originally coined and used by such19th Century intellectuals as Wilhelm Marr in Germany, and French philosophers Eduard Renán and Count Arthur de Gobineau who contrasted “Semites” with “Aryans”. Do Zionists now also want us all to start talking about “Aryans”? One can hardly believe that such stupidity can still be seriously voiced in the 21st Century!!

If Zionists insist on talking about “Anti-Semitism”, then they should be reminded that the Arab Nations are also “Semitic”, as they too descend from Shem, the eldest son of Biblical Noah…

Clearly, if Zionists insist on ranting about “the scourge of Antisemitism”, then they should understand that today’s real “Antisemitism” is the bloody persecution of Palestinians, Iraqis and Lebanese (for the most part, “Semites”) at the hands of the genocidal invading forces of the United States, Great Britain and Israel, most of whose top leaders are clearly “Aryans”: Ehud Olmert, Ariel Sharon, Benjamín Netanyaju, George W. Bush, Tony Blair, Dick Cheney, to name but a few, are clearly of “Aryan” stock as they bear no resemblance whatsoever to the poor and suffering “Semites”….

Question No. 4: Why do Zionists martyrize Gaza and the Palestinians?

In 1989, the world freed itself of the shameful Berlin Wall. A few short years later, the State of Israel replaced it with the even more shameful Gaza Wall, hundreds of kilometers long and 8 meters high, with its military check points, barbed-wire fences and heavily armed soldiers firing at civilians and constantly humiliating the Palestinian people. Israel has turned the Gaza Strip into a massive concentration camp housing half a million civilians living imprisoned with little or no water, sewage, electricity, jobs,, schools or hospitals. They lie defenseless before their Zionist captors. Clearly, Israeli leaders have learned much from Auschwitz and the Warsaw Ghetto…

To see pictures of innocent children murdered by Anti-Semitic Zionists, go here:

Question No. 5: Do the Israelis really expect the Palestinians and Lebanese not to somehow defend themselves against their attacks?

Only Sovereign Nation-States can have regular and legal Armed forces (e.g., Israel, the United States, Great Britain and Argentina, to name a few). Palestine, however, is not allowed to have a Sovereign Nation-State, so Palestinians have no option but to support irregular insurgent armed forces like Hamas to retaliate against Israel.

After years of invasion and occupation by Israel and other nations, Lebanon has not been given the chance of building a Sovereign Nation-State, so the Lebanese have no defense option but to support the irregular insurgent Hezbollah militias. Surely both Hamas and Hezbollah receive arms and support from Syria and Iran…

Doesn’t Israel receive enormous support and arms from the United States of America? Isn’t Israel the sole nuclear power possessing Weapons of Mass Destruction in the Middle East, thanks to the approximately 400 atomic bombs the United States generously ceded to them? In fact, seeing Israel’s current behaviour of running amok in the region, the key question we should be asking is: can Israel be trusted with this extremely powerful and deadly nuclear arsenal?

Shouldn’t the international community

be disarming Israel

as a way of promoting world peace?

The Palestinian and Lebanese peoples have the RIGHT to self-defense against State Terrorism being waged against them by Israel. In their desperate predicament, one can understand them doing whatever they can to defend themselves and for many increasingly desperate Palestinians and Lebanese, this includes supporting Hamas and Hezbollah.

Let’s be honest: if Hamas and Hezbollah were to disappear overnight, what solution do Israel and the United States have for peace in the Middle East?

Consistently, they have shown that they have none,

because peace is neither a US or Israeli objective,

nor is it in the wider geopolitical interests of both countries.

On the issue of Terrorism, the United States, Britain and Israel branded Hamas and Hezbollah as terrorist organizations”.

We should, however, remember that the Israeli Defense Forces (i.e., the Israeli Army) arose from the merger in 1948 of four key Zionist terrorist organizations: Hagganah, Stern Gang, Irgun, and Zvai Leumi.

Those terrorist groups were responsible for literally thousands of assassinations, both before and after the creation of the State of Israel, which included:

the massacre of civilians in the village of Deir Yassin which led to the expulsion of millions of Palestinians in 1948;

the assassination also in 1948 of UN Mediator for Palestine Count Folke de Bernadotte(organized by the Stern Gang guerrilla group led by Ytzakh Shamir, later primer minister of Israel);

and the terrorist bomb attack in 1947 against the King David Hotel in Jerusalem which housed the British Military High Command (carried out by the guerrilla group led by Menahem Begin, later also primer minister of Israel). This latter attack set a precedent of the terrorist methodology used in the two bomb attacks in Argentina (see Question 10 below).

On the issue of “terrorism”, then, there are only two options: either all of these groups ~ Hamas, Hezbollah and the Israeli Army ~ are to be regarded as “defense forces”; or all of them are branded as “terrorist groups”.

You cannot have your cake and eat it too…

Question No. 6: Why do Zionists refuse to publicly investigate and debate the so-called “Holocaust” in a balanced and objective manner?

Today, this has become a key issue, because a proper understanding of the Holocaust will give us clear clues regarding the origin of the Middle Eastern conflict, as well as of many key events since World War Two leading to the enthronement of the “New World Order” which our globalized society suffers today.

There exists a growing revisionist movement in European and US academic circles which holds that it is yet to be convincingly demonstrated that six million Jews actually died at the hands of National Socialist Germany and Austria during World War II. Serious investigations on this complex issue are still taboo nowadays in the better part of the Western world and in some countries like France, Canada, Germany and Austria, such investigations are actually banned by law, bowing to Zionist pressure.

What are they so afraid of? Could it possibly be that if a serious and objective historical investigation were to be carried out, it might be shown that the six million figure just doesn’t add up?

US Jewish author Norman Finkelstein, in his book “The Holocaust Industry” published in 2002, clearly demonstrates how the “Holocaust Myth” was invented and used by the State of Israel to rally permanent financial and political support from the United States, its key allies and aligned sectors within the Jewish Diaspora the world over.

As a clue to what we are saying, for many years when Poland was under Soviet domination, the Auschwitz Museum there showed a plaque which reminded visitors that “Four Million Jews” had been assassinated there until 1945, thus fueling two-thirds of the Six Million Myth. However, after the fall of the Berlin Wall and the ensuing liberation of Poland, that plaque was discreetly removed and replaced by a new one saying that “1.500.000 people” had died there.

Where are the Holocaust’s Six Million then?

Question No. 7: How do Zionists explain the unconditional support that the United States of America gives International Zionism and the State of Israel?

I believe that in order to comprehend what is happening today in the world we need to understand that the government of the United States of America has been hijacked? by the forces of International Zionism. Only then can the unconditional, permanent and unflinching US support for Israel be properly understood.

Former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharón eloquently reflected this when during a heated cabinet debate with Shimon Peres in late 2003 he said that he (Peres) should not worry about US reaction to Israeli aggression against the Palestinians because “We (the Israelis) control the United States and the Americans know this very well” (cited in Israeli newspaper Ha’aretz, and also published in Argentine by Jewish writer Juan Gelman in the Buenos Aires daily “Página 12″, 04-Dec-03).

This highly dangerous problem of global dimensions was recently assessed in a report published by Harvard University in March 2006, authored by University of Chicago professor John Mearsheimer and the Dean of Havard’s John F Kennedy School of Government, Stephen Walt describing “The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy”, (see Harvard Faculty Research Working Papers Series, RWP06-011).

Benjamin Freedman, another amazingly brave and outspoken American Jew. A JEWISH DEFECTOR WARNS AMERICA

Both authors convincingly show the enormous political and financial influence and excessive leverage which pro-Zionist and pro-Israeli lobbies such as AIPAC ~ American Israeli Political Action Committee ~ have. So much so that they have succeeded in bending US foreign policy against the national interest of the people of the United States, in order to prioritize the national interest of a foreign country: the State of Israel.

So obvious and flagrant is this key factor in US foreign policy, that even former National Security Advisor and key Trilateral Commission / Council on Foreign Relations idealogue Zbigniew Brzezinski voiced support for Measheimer and Walt, saying that they serve the public interest by pointing this problem out (see Bzezinski’s article: Mearsheimer and Walt’s public service initiating debate on the role of the Israel lobby: a Dangerous Exemption).

We could also point to other very powerful and influential pressure groups like the World Zionist Organization, the World Jewish Congress, ADL ~ Anti-Defamation League (controlled by the Masonic B’Nai B´Rith lodge), and the PNAC ~ Project for a New American Century, whose key intellectuals today serve in the Bush administration or influential upon it, and includes officials responsible for the destruction of Iraq and the unconditional US support for Israel: Paul Wolfowitz, Richard Perle, Douglas Feith, Colin Powell, Condoleeza Rice, I. Lewis Libby, Paul Bremer III, Richard Armitage, Robert Zoellick, James Baker III and Elliot Abrams to name but a handful.

Is this an unachievable dream?

Question No. 8: Is it good for the world to be dominated by very small minorities?

In an official Israeli web site (The Jewish Agency for Israel, and in various sites belonging to Jewish organizations in the US (e.g., or, total world Jewish population is estimated at around 16.000.000 people (of which approximately 200.000 are said to reside in Argentina).

This clearly indicates that the world’s Jewish Communities are very tiny in their numbers, i.e., only 0.2% of the world’s total population estimated at 6.5 billion people (and 0.5% of Argentina’s population of around 39 million).

Is it not undemocratic for such small minorities to wield so much world power and leverage? So much so, that today the extremely aggressive and powerful Zionist sector of the Jewish community is dragging the entire planet to the brink of a Third World War as the London “Financial Times” reports in its 24th July 2006 issue?

Feral IDF expressing their concern to genuine Jews who do not believe in modern Zionism. The face of the top solder is the true face of most of the fighters in the IDF.

Question No. 9: Why do Zionists systematically lie about the cause of today’s crisis in the Middle East?

The tragic events in Lebanon and Palestine were allegedly triggered because Israel says that Hamas and Hezbollah “kidnapped” three of their soldiers in Gaza and on the border with Lebanon (some reports say inside Lebanon), respectively. This is a travesty, because combat soldiers cannot be “kidnapped”; only civilians can be kidnapped.

Combat soldiers can be captured, or killed by the Enemy, but not “kidnapped”. Nevertheless,
Israel, the United States and the subservient global media financed and controlled by the very same international financial circles running today’s “New World Order”, repeat time and again that those three Israeli soldiers were “kidnapped”…

An old adagio says that

“when war breaks out, the very first victim is truth…”

Psychological War operations form part of the Zionist-US worldwide strategy, which includes major bomb scares and “Anthrax-attack” scares. Even the terrible events of September 11th in the US, March 11th in Madrid and July 7th in London have yet to be properly addressed and clarified, as there is mounting evidence showing the tell-tale signs of probable “dirty tricks” in these operations, reminiscent of the “Weapons of Mass Destruction in Iraq” scare of 2002 and 2003.

Nevertheless, the aligned media and key world leaders use this to satanize the Muslim world and justify gross discrimination and aggression against the followers of Islam on a global

Question No. 10: Argentina: Why isn’t a highly plausible ISRAELI connection investigated as the prime suspect in the two bomb attacks against the Israeli Embassy (1992) and AMIA Jewish Community Association HQ (1994) in Buenos Aires?

According to the prestigious New York-based Jewish Anti-Zionist journal “Forward”, the US Government has been increasingly pressing Argentina’s government to deliver a (clearly false) “Iranian connection” in respect of these two bomb attacks. The Mossad and CIA intelligence agencies together with accommodating Argentine governments have been trying for 12 and 14 years respectively to fabricate such a false so-called “Iranian Connection”, but have fully failed in their endeavours.

They went so far as to have one of these cases’ acting Federal Judges ~ Juna José Galeano ~ actually bribe a key suspect (Mr. Telledin) with US $400.000 so that he would accuse the local police of having been involved, as that would have enabled them to “trace” this back to Hezbollah, Syria and Iran.

What concerns many of us in Argentina is that if president Nestor Kirchner’s pro-Zionist Argentine government were to bow to such pressures, and ends up giving the US and Israel yet another “reason” to attack Hezbollah, Syria and Iran, and then our country will become directly involved in the criminal war which International Zionism is waging against the Muslim world… And the vast majority of the Argentine people definitely do not want any of this!

At this stage of events, what Argentina needs is to investigate a much more plausible hypothesis involving an ISRAELI Connection in both bomb attacks which took place at a time when there was a very strong power struggle inside Israel between a more moderate sector which wanted to make the Oslo Agreements work (i.e., the Ytzakh Rabin-led Lebour Party), and right-wing fundamentalists who only believe in the sanctity of Eretz Israel to be forged by Imperial military expansion.

That internal struggle culminated in November 1995 when Israel’s pro-peace prime minister Rabin was gunned down on the streets of Israel, NOT by a Muslim terrorist; NOT by a racist Neonazi; but rather by Yigal Amir, a young Israeli Zionist militant, closely linked to the extreme right-wing Jewish Settlers’ movement and close to the Shin-Beth, Israel’s internal security service.

Later on, the official Shamgar Commission which investigated Rabin’s assassination concluded that Shin-Beth had had a high degree of responsibility; even if only for having failed to properly protect the prime minister.

With Rabin’s assassination in 1995, the road was left open for a take-over of the Israeli Government by zealots like Benjamin Netanyahu, Ehud Barak, Ariel Sharon, Ehud Olmert, and their cronies in the ultra right-wing and fundamentalist Likud and Kadima parties…

We insist: The time is here to promote an open and serious debate into fundamental aspects regarding the origins of the violent conflict in the Middle East. Only when TRUTH is allowed to prevail can the bloodbath of hundreds of thousands of Muslims in the Middle East come to a halt. Because THAT is the real Holocaust that the world is suffering today; and it is happening here and now!

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