Monday 23 August 2010



To his sons, who fell out, father spake:
"This Bundle of Sticks you can't break;
Take them singly, with ease,
You may break as you please;
So, dissension your strength will unmake."

August 18, 2010

Dog Poet Transmitting…….

This is a blank page, or, it was a blank page. I could say anything here and someone will read it. Maybe I can make an anaconda come out of your bacon and eggs and eat your breakfast in front of you, while your children watch and maybe one of them says, “Shouldn’t that be on TV”? …and maybe I can’t. We’ll see. I don’t eat bacon and rarely any kind of eggs but I might know an anaconda or two.

I don’t know who I am and ~ I never have ~ or I forgot. Whatever the case, I don’t know. Could be reincarnation is a fact. I believe it is. If so, then I also don’t know who I was before the last time, most of the time. Sometimes I do remember and I think that has something to do with whatever I have been looking for, for such a long time and I think for anyone that is how you come to define yourself or simply allow yourself to be defined; in one case or another.

That’s the empty suit phenomenon and the vehicle of psychopaths, which are the cutting edge; Wharton School graduates of recent times and… other places and other suits.

The hardest thing in this world is to not be an asshole. Like the empty suit, it is more than it seems. One thing you can be sure of, if you are an asshole you will act it out. It comes with the persona. Probably the most pathetic thing in the world is the unclaimed asshole, trembling in a suspended state, no face attached ~ you get to use your imagination on that one ~ and it’s just there, wanting to be owned by anyone… someone. Go ahead, write your name on that ass with a felt tip marker, so that it says, “Property of” ….who the fuck knows?

What is it with a person that allows them to think that there is some ambition or profit or desire that is important enough for them to murder their own being in public view, or out of public view? It works either way, anyway.

I understand the arguments about whether there is or is not a god. Let’s put that aside for the moment. Let’s talk about logic and also about how you feel. What do you want? Even though I do not know Jack Shit, I am aware of him and he is not a friend of mine. It could be that he does not exist.

Somehow, somewhere, someone lost the point. Or; maybe this and maybe that, I don’t live on maybe and Hope is a lot like meringue.

They are about to shuffle the cards again. They? Them? Him? Her? It? Be my guest; like I said, let’s put that aside for the moment.

What is it that you think you want?

What do you trade off for something else?

If it keeps going upscale then I guess there is no problem but… if you are trading off something that you already owned, in order to no longer own what was yours in the first place and you think that is a good deal then maybe you live on Maybe Street.

I’m looking at a culture where the Jumping Jesus Girl got to be the prom queen and married the quarterback and just said to herself, “You know what? I don’t like Cherry Hill anymore. I think I’ll go over to Camden and see if anyone wants to turn me into a crack whore. I will still have a family but I realize I am too stupid to pay attention to what’s happening around me. I based my life on superficial shit so… uh, shouldn’t I be a superficial slut and have all the things that adored and propped me up force themselves back into the canal through which I produce the continuing dream of my own replicates and be left totally unsatisfied in the bargain?”

Well, there you are and this isn’t a blank page anymore.

As it ever was, most of the world is struggling to get or to hold on to their little piece of what’s important while being compelled to trade off what is important, for the security of appearing to be, because a handful of not so empty suits did an HIV tag marker thing on the thing that made you lose it for something else, that wasn’t worth shit. Ask Jack. He knows

You can’t live according to ideals you don’t actually live by. Do you lie to yourself or not? Do you make money?

This world is exactly what it is until people can no longer tolerate their conditions, then the money moves to the other side of the fence. That is where you have to catch them. Just take their money and do the right thing.

Putin understood this and is one of the few who actually gives a shit about his own people. They are going after him hammer and tongs as I write.

They are going after Jeff Rense through some guy named Larry Sinclair. They go after Mike Rivero via Alex Jones and they put on the Allman Brothers doing; “Tied to a Whipping Post”

Jeff Rense sits in a room for 14 hours a day keeping his website alive with little or no help and surviving in a minimalist sort of a way because he is trying to lift the veil of ignorance that everyone uses to convince their lying eyes.

Michael Rivero is like the element (molybdenum?) that was bonded on to the car of the lead singer for The Seeds that I saw sitting in Richard Brush’s driveway on Maui and because of which, it was impenetrable to one force or another.

It all comes down to whether people tell the truth. You want finesse? Then you get shades of truth and you don’t want the truth. I want the truth and I wander around between these places looking for it and why is that? …because I am more likely to get it there. Some places are ‘highly likely’ and some are suspect.

The Truthseeker, Infohub, Global Research, Information Clearing House, Uruknet, Pakalert; they all look like the good guys and they keep looking like the good guys as time goes on and that, of course, includes those already mentioned and… what about David Icke? I would know a lot less if I had never read him and he passes the litmus test. They all do. They all pass the litmus test. They are beleaguered and beaten on. Some of them might even make money but I don’t think that’s the driving force.

I don’t know this but I would bet that none of them get along because they are all vying for the same space but they are brothers under the hood of that automobile. They are one way or another, personal shortcomings aside, warriors for the good of the rest of us.

It’s past time for the real soldiers among us

to put aside our differences

and forgive each others trespasses.

It’s past time for all of us

to stop carrying that impossible standard

up the metaphorical Iwo Jima.

You do it together.

You don’t do it alone.

With all the known disinfo operations, of which we are aware, if we would just concede what we don’t actually know, we would be a lot closer to getting there. We are pulling sand back into the hole we are climbing out of and it’s not effective. Very soon now, things are going to dramatically change. We won’t even have a choice then. We already made our choice anyway.

It’s a good thing I don’t know what I’m talking about or I probably wouldn’t have written this and… then again, that might not be a good thing. All I know is that when push comes to shove most of it depends on whether you are in a crowded room at the time.

I’d be a lot happier with the whole affair if there were more laissez faire between the real truth tellers and a lot less give between the liars but whores are always a lot more relaxed than d├ębutantes when faced with the inevitable reward for whatever it is they have to offer; given that there is, of course, a quite different class of suitor.

Tomorrow it will be another blank page and for everyone reading this there will come another blank page so, I guess we’re rehearsing for something.

End Transmission…….

I wholeheartedly agree with the need for truth tellers to spend less time attacking each other and work as a unified whole. The internal squabbling that seems to be so prominent these days is a waste of time and effort that could be put to much better use! Especially with time as short as it seems to be. I have seen excellent sites deteriorate into ruin over such matters and it is a shame. Just state what is to your opinion and then let it go, move on. We have work to do people. Thank you Dog, for pointing this out, once again your message is timely.

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