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July 27, 2010
By Deborah Dupre
Human Rights Examiner

Exposing millions of people to poisonous gases that cause suffering, infertility and death, and preventing human survival needs on a mass scale is genocide and a crime against humanity.

Deja Vu nightmare magnified

Since the Bush regime's 9/11 operation, 77 persons died and 10,000 have been injured from breathing Ground Zero toxic dust in air EPA claimed "safe." Respirators were not provided.

Since the Obama regime's Gulf of Mexico operation began, at least 13 persone have died already and 40,000 workers and millions of residents have been injured breathing Ground Zero toxic air that EPA claims "safe." With government approval, respirators are not provided to Gulf workers, not even allowed.

Every day, millions of people are breathing poisoned air in the Gulf Coast open-air, invisible gas chamber. The colorless, odorless natural gas escaping from the ruptured Gulf well is destroying life forms. What cannot be seen or smelled can and does kill.

In June, almost nine years after 9/11, 50 percent of the 10,000 injured due to 911 government lies and human rights violations are expected to qualify for a settlement of $10,000 each according to Mark Hamblett in

"Ironworker Richard Prager angrily told the judge the $10,000 he would receive for a physical injury he suffered at the site does not begin to compensate him for his health problems, including respiratory difficulties.

"This isn't fair to me, this is not fair to my family," he said. "I'm insulted. I didn't go to Ground Zero to sue.

"I went there because this is my home," reported Hamblett.

"Thousands of people 'are still suffering' from 911 "safe" air stated Dr. Philip Landrigan of the Mount Sinai School of Medicine a day after the sixth anniversary of Sept. 11, 2001 mass murder; their ailments ranging "from runny noses to laryngitis to lung disease" according to Washington Post.

"Respiratory illness, psychological distress and financial devastation have become a new way of life for many," stated Landrigan to a House panel four years ago. (Washington Post)

Louisiana Environmental Action Network (LEAN) now reports being inundated with phone calls all day, every day, by not only cleanup workers, but also Gulf Coast residents saying that they are experiencing dizziness, fainting, nausea, nosebleeds, vomiting, coughing, headaches, stomach upset, difficulty breathing. (See LEAN interview, Youtube video below) This is how long-term, painful illness caused by chemicals begins. It is only the beginning.

By June 16, 2010, it was reported that "20% of offshore clean-up workers, 15% near-shore clean-up workers tested had levels of 2-Butoxyethanol (used in Corexit) measured at 10 parts per million - twice the limit specified by the Center for Disease Control (CDC)." (See: MSNBC: Corexit injures humans, hides evidence, Dupre, Examiner, June 16, 2010)

Now, some reports indicate all of the workers and a large percentage of Gulf Coast residents are poisoned and will suffer long-term "Chemical Sensitivity Disease," the "BP Gulf Syndrome," referred to by the term of 1996, Toxicant Induced Loss of Tolerance (TILT). It is an "environmental disease." "TILT" is far better for BP's PR campaign.

TILT is an incapacitating, extremely painful condition that Gulf Coast residents are developing, at least to some degree over time, if not already showing signs of early stages of it such as severe headaches and exhaustion. TILT lessens the body's ability to survive, being unable to tolerate infection, medicines, vaccines and other invasions. It is similar to, if not same as no-touch torture to death, knowingly inflicted.

Gulf of Mexico Health, a "collaborative research and news on the Gulf of Mexico oil spill and its effects on health managed by Diane Michel reports, "People suffering from TILT lose the ability to tolerate exposures to household chemical products, medication or even food, Dr. Claudia Miller of the University of Texas Health Science Center told WOAI TV." (See: Gulf of Mexico Health, San Antonio News:

Pregnant women are even more susceptible to TILT than other persons. Women with TILT face threat of miscarriages for decades. So will their daughters according to Beth Zilbert, attorney. (See movie, FUEL, Cancer Alley clip)

Stephen Lendman in the Baltimore Chronicle article, Growing Health Crisis in the Gulf, writes, "No wonder experts like Ricki Ott say Gulf hazards warrant evacuation, the alternative being long-term exposure to greater health and well-being" threats.

Lendman writes:

"The combination of millions of gallons of oil and dispersants has made large areas of the Gulf toxic and dangerous, marine toxicologist Ricki Ott saying if she lived there with children she'd leave - based on her firsthand experience after the 1989 Prince William Sound, Alaska Exxon Valdez disaster and subsequent research, documented in her books titled, "Sound Truth & Corporate Myth$: The Legacy of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill" and "Not One Drop: Betrayal and Courage in the Wake of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill."

Ongoing today, the legacy includes criminal negligence, bankruptcies, destroyed lives and livelihoods, domestic violence, severe anxiety, trauma, PTSD, drug and alcohol abuse, serious illnesses, suicides, massive loss of plant and wildlife, and vast ecological destruction from the 30 million or more gallons spilled, the State of Alaska's conservative estimate, not Exxon's 11 million figure, its lowball claim to hide the disaster's magnitude and minimize its liability.

The Gulf catastrophe is infinitely greater, estimates up to three or more Exxon Valdez incidents (using Exxon's figure) a week until capped. Yet some experts think another seabed hole (a few miles from the Macondo well) is emitting 100,000 or more barrels daily, greatly compounding the growing disaster, added to more by numerous small leaks, five or more alone in BP's Macondo well - the "well from hell," according to some."

"Call it what it is - murder," reports Brasscheck TV.

Maybe the first time, it was an accident (but I doubt it.) Maybe the Exxon Valdez was an accident.

"It's hard for me to watch this story (below) and come to any conclusion other than this one... BP - with a big assist from the Federal government - is working to disable and ultimately kill as many Gulf coast fishermen as they possible can."

"And they're doing it in broad daylight. Now it's deliberate ~ and the FedNazis are letting it happen.

"Speak out. This is cold blooded murder." (
Click here)

Delia LaBarre, a Hurricane Katrina survivor living now leading the Gulf Coat Barefoot Doctors stated the reality of silent murder en masse: chemicals 11 times more lethal than oil toxins "seeping inland, into the marshes, into our very cells."


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  2. I also meant to say thank you for digging this out. I still haven't watched all the video yet.


    Atlantis lost and found. It stretches from North Africa to ......well right about BP's deep water horizon well and they are letting the air out of it.

  4. BP announces new fish oil product from the gulf with 12000% inhanced petroleum for your health. All natural ingredients from the contract blocks in the beautiful gulf of Mexico.


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