Saturday 10 October 2015


Putin. Russia. Syria. Isis. Lucifer's chosen. Amerikkka. USrael. The list is as endless as the world is crazy. 160 cartoons guaranteed to make you think twice about the world.  Oh, and just for fun, PIGGYGATE ~ the British scandal involving that infamous Rothschild agent, Mr. Cameron.
Quote of the day: Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed, by the masses. ~ Plato
 The Motherland

 Common sense

Diversion, thy name is Syria as noted above and below. Meanwhile back in Greater Israel....

Call me a sick puppy but Oh, dear, this one cracked me up during the days following the much ballyhooed Shemitah.

 Truly, one picture, a million concepts.

 I altered this cartoon. The original villain the lady mentioned was PUTIN!

 This is an old cartoon, but just kinda fell in here with the Cameron Piggygate scandal.

Cameron is being sacrificed as a distraction to keep the British people from seeing just how dismal things are in the country he manages for his bosses. But that does not mean we cannot still have fun with this filthy creature. Pity the pigs he defiled.


The concepts encapsulated above are brilliantly done explicit and dangerous. Please spend a little time appreciating taking note of the work the cartoonist put into this horrific example of rampant anti-semitic portraiture.

 It saddens me when a great concept is ruined by poor spelling!

Isn't it interesting how we never see Israel included in these images denoting who is involved in what wars?

 Political promises.

Ah the Nobel Peace Prize:


  1. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. You can never hide the matter how you dress it.

    "When the truth comes into the light, the lies will hide in the dark"........and the US has no flashlight.

  3. This is a marvelous collection of images, that capture the world condition far better than words !
    Sea Gypsy in the Virgin Islands

    1. Thank you so very much. It is rare compliments like yours that keep me doing this.

  4. I know how much you love and appreciate jews who revert back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent, Noor. Looks like Putin doesn't quite love and appreciate jews who revert back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent as much as you do, Noor : Putin is bombing the sh*t out of the jews you love and appreciate so much, jews who reverted back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent ; Ishmaelite-jews now blown to bits and pieces by Putin who doesn't quite love and appreciate jews who revert back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent as you do, Noor. How does it feel to know so many of the kind of jews you love and appreciate the most, jews who reverted back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent, are being sent back to Hell from whence they were hatched, sent back to Hell in bits and pieces, snippits and snappits of jews who reverted back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent flying all over the place in Syria. Thanks to Putin's Magnificent Air Force and stunningly accurate and pin-point precision cruise missiles and bombs. The world just lost quite a few jews who had reverted back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent and then sojourned into Syria -- to get in touch with their "religious/spiritual" roots, I suppose -- and how sad it is to lose so many "spiritually ascended" jews who only just wanted to do the "spiritually ascended" right thing and revert back to their elder uncle Ishmael's tent. As far as I'm concerned, your snippits and snappits is a joke every day.

    From : Salvatore

    1. Salvatore, I have absolutely no idea what you are ranting and raving about. Right from the beginning of this comment you post foolishness and keep repeating yourself over and over again. I don't get what you imply I think about the wonderful work Putin is doing over there, nor do I really care because then you close with an insult.

      Please come back when you have not been drinking and can speak coherently. If you don't like what I do, then just don't stop by! Simple as that. Meanwhile, please take your grumpiness and assumptions elsewhere.

      I am thoroughly fed up with people who contribute NOTHING taking me to task because I DARE to put myself out there. If you have nothing positive to contribute to the discussion, just STFU. Simple as that.

    2. Mr/Ms He/She who is from Salvatore, You sound so sick, and I think your place should be in a mental asylum.

      Do you want and rave more:

  5. I love the cartoons and the messages, they do speak volumes and with funny wit, which is needed for us who pay attention and risk depression! I've had my share.
    Hey girlfriend, I see my link here and it works for me?
    You're a true comrade, and also my teacher as I have been reading your stuff since I first got internet active. And I'll always remember how kind you were on the 'irsih4palestine' blog when I was just a shy internet sprout and you messaged me...made me feel like I was 'there'. When you're a new kid in school, you always remember the people who reached out first!:-)

  6. Oh and Noor, the site name is conspiracy-o-rama and that's what shows on your blogroll. Do you see it? Does it work for you now?

    1. It sure does! That is why I could not find it.... duh me.


  8. As always I appreciate your posts, and especially cartoons. I was once an art & language arts teacher. French/Spanish & English. Anyway Noor, your cartoons speak much louder than any words, and I do appreciate them so very much.

    I want to leave you with something else that I know you'll find interesting. I finally reached the bottom of the religion mystery that has absorbed me so completely for the last 16 years or so of my online research. It goes to the heart of the matter. Have shared this with Kevin Boyle too. I know you visit his site.

    Wish I had both your email addresses. HOPE YOU READ THIS. Feel free to reach me by email at

    Have some incredible & mind-blowing information I just dug up you might like to read. It's the heart of the religion matter in our world that has been, and is being fully exposed.

    Start here:

    New America
    1. America's New Government Church ; New America
    2. Sex with Children by Talmud Rules ;
    Christianity and Noahide Law ;

    Pope Affirms Jewish Noahide Laws ;


    Hope you are well Noor. Thank you for your work educating us. Hang in there, don't let the jerks & turkeys get you down. I used to have their children.

    Blessings, Peace, LOVE & Light, JO

  9. good cartoons. what now for canada? some view the new PM as a good; others as a deception. i do not know enough to know.

    1. Justin Trudeau's birthday was brought about by induced means so that it would be December 25. Not that he or his brother (also induced) had much say in that matter but it is an indication of the emperor-mindset of his communist father, the much ballyhooed PM of Canada. He grew up in that mansion so it is to the manor born returning home.

      Much of his vote came from the gay and pot smoking corner because he has spent years ...years... cultivating those votes. He has had his photo taken with every variety of deviant known to humanity over the years... as have all politicians I suppose.

      He signed on to Bill C51 which is a very bad thing to have done when it comes to the best interests of Canadians. He endorses Canada's military activity and has actually threatened to give Vladimir Putin a good scolding. Chortles. Silly puppy.

      He professes to be a solid Roman Catholic and has lived his public life accordingly so that is interesting. At least he is not a clandestine Jew like his predecessor, but that does not mean that he is not connected to Chabad like all the rest.

      I see him as a wolf in sheep's clothing. His fangs will come out soon enough.


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