Friday, 1 November 2019


Boston, 1860

Better than meat they say?

The ancestors of today's dragonflies. The size of life forms at the time was due to the quality of air on the planet at the time. Totally contradicting the carbon imprint dialectic. But what do I know?

Truly a disturbing family photograph. Pedophilia anyone?

Roast beef Sundae.

I have always used glass unless, once plastic was in use, there was a problem with breaking it. Plastic has just never been "clean" to me if avoidable. But then, I have also collected glass items all my life because I love the stuff.

Another Democrat drop out. DeBlasio is gone, now Beto. No surprises at all so far.

Classic lines from The Sopranos. The person who posted these three days ago was banned from Twitter.

Fashion for men can be very hot. But this fringe stuff is just there to denigrate males of all races but most especially the pale skinned. I would say the bottom photo just about sums it up.


  1. Thanks for the posts Noor. Loved the dog and frizbee, what was the night sky one with glowing red and streamers falling down?

  2. Noor,

    From Tsawwassen living in Phnom Penh. Found your site thru WRH a couple years ago and have continued to check in each week for your valuable work. Have consistently shared with friends worldwide who also can't wait for your next installment. Keep going, provoking thought and bringing laughter are honourable endeavours. Cheers!