Saturday 14 May 2016


I cannot recommend this movie highly about Brexit, an issue I admit I was quite ignorant of, enough. Those of us who "know stuff" can read much between the lines of this highly informational, fast moving documentary. Be prepared to be astonished; I know I was at some of material covered.  I did not get cartoons up this weekend but I do have a lot of them posted below on the topic of Brexit. I would say, with no reservations, that the image above is what Great Britain should do when it comes to the European Union. It all boils down to money and debts and those pesky bankers who own Brussels.

 "Russia will eat you if you leave!"

 Germany needs Britain more than Britain needs the EU!

 Then along comes Barry Soweto Obama

 This is such a subtle cartoon AGAINST Brexit...

As with "fine art" often some of the best cartoon ideas are done by an untrained hand guided by a sharp mind.

 How to trivialize such an important issue.

 This headline has been denied by the Palace...

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