Saturday 29 January 2022


Those darned Simpsons with their hidden predictions? I found this in my 2014 folders the other day.

In a nanosecond.

This trash person is responsible for some of the most heinous sexual liberal laws in America. One: a crime to mis-gender a person. Two: If one is HIV+ they do not have to tell anyone of their status, including partners. I could go on. His backers are most definitely deviants to support such things.

In Australia it's drunk koalas or rain full of toads, frogs, whatever.

See it for who it serves.

By whom?

Do you see her?

I hadn't heard this until yesterday!

Not new information. This vile reptilian (((Meddler))) has truly lived up to his promise to destroy America. He is still at it.

This could go very nicely with the Mocambo above. Nummy.

This is not aging well, Justin.


Actually a puppet of the NWO Masters. China is just a major part of the deal. And cash.

Canadian Costco

It's all about pulling a Biden.

A friend who watches the weather channel told me that all the traffic cameras were down in Ontario. He wondered why. I told him.
It might not be perfect but the convey is getting some very nasty unwarranted press from the bought-and-paid-for legacy media. I spoke to several people at the pool today: none supported this action, taking the reports they found as God's own truth. Sigh. Because the pool is my happy place, we just agreed to disagree and I went off to exhaust myself doing a mile in the lap lane.

Another rabble-rouser! Of course, she is white and Christian ~ so does she qualify, JT?

Government approved trucking association. Not into freedom actions.

This is absolutely an enormous undertaking! Beyond Biblical in scope to be honest.
This is the area between the red dots on the map below. Yes. Take that in.

Applicable philosophy.

In Canada there are is no mention of Justin attending that school but his devotion and associations screamed this fact. In this video he mentioned Trudeau with great praise several times. I was wondering if this had been censored by our media since so many other leaders have been mentioned.

Rescue Dogs on duty.

Sweet little New Orleans home.

Bevy of witches. Kim, Chelsea, Hillary in a cafe that they made sure to mention was Black woman owned. I mentioned this one to my daughter and she was lit up that three such fine women were together. We did not pursue the topic. Chortle. She, like any naive leftist, has no tolerance for my skepticism.

This is your puppy.


The Babylon Bee predicted this last year as well.

YES! She said it! You can bet this will be scrubbed from the internet so fast...

There is so much life in this car.

But just say something and you are called "judgmental"! No one listens; even fewer care.

This looks like so much fun!

Barbie is no longer armed and dangerous.
But her Great Grandmother is!
Cognitive dissonance.

Thank you, Australian truckers.

The famous Dick Proenneke in his Alaskan log cabin. The man is a legend.

London protesters at the BBC.

Would you have recognized The Man in Black during his last days?
Somewhere in Wisconsin....

Russians and the Confederate Flag.

Those Russian women. 

I think (((they))) celebrated... you know... uh, uhm... the thing this past week?
Odd. The fellow who shot the Duke in Sarajevo, setting off WW1, was also (((Tribal))). Perhaps not so coincidental?
Ah, yes. The world today. How did we get here? Read on. More quotes at the bottom of this page.

Book burning. The other "holy books"!

What is a "man"?

Stop and take this in.

Minnie modelling her new Hillary Clinton look. Or ... is it just an out and out Marxist pantsuit?

No wonder she came down with Covid!

Neil Young rising from the depths to whine at the world.

When did the rebel become the outdated goofball? Might be the meds...

My high school search engine. I could still remember how it worked!

The front window after a visit by Jack Frost. Do you remember waiting for the heater to defrost it or soften it enough to be removed with ease? Icy memories. We don't get ice like this where I live. Ever.

How to burn the house down and waste a lot of PRIME beef.

RIP Meatloaf. An anti-vaxxer vegetarian to the end.

The ugly truth about mistruths.

This is ME! This is why I do this cartoon stuff for ya'll,

More "Old Soul" stuff.

Just another (((good boy))) following the Talmud and being so nicely rewarded.

Just another Irish clan.

Such vibrancy of life.

This silliness was put out at the start of the hoax. Check out "the toothbrush". LOL.

This promises to be an exciting week in Canada. Wish us well! It is so heart and soul warming to see this awakening in my country. Finally the dull stupor of hockey and beer has slipped off and the Canadian people have awakened from the spell. Not the city folk who prefer basketball. They are quite left wing about it all ~ but the regular people are standing strong. I am so proud. Tomorrow should be very interesting. I plan to go to a LIVE feed to keep an eye on events.


  1. The SOTT site has a moving account of the massacre of al-Tantura in 1948. The Zios have tried to erase it from history (all part of denying that the Palestinian people ever existed), but that day's events have not been forgotten. Thanks for including SOTT in your blog roll, Noor. Vive la Palestine !

  2. Over here Boris also did a covid disappearing act when party gate came to light. No mention of the Canadian truckers on MSM but plenty on social media.
    Keep well Noor.

  3. Great job as usual. Thanks!
    The truckers aren't getting much coverage here in SC, USA, other than JT calling them a fringe group in a virtual press conference from his hidey-hole. Seems like Canada has a problem, JT, and a solution,the truckers. Please consider doing an update giving us the real story.

    Also, did I read somewhere that you are on Gab? How can I find you?

  4. "This is ME! This is why I do this cartoon stuff for ya'll,"
    Noor, trust me, everyone here is awake, and on alternative media. Reading the real news, and not what the MSM propaganda canals are trying to feed us.
    I'm sure we all share the memes, and your url.
    I share them on FB, and got banned for a few days, a few times. They espacially don't like the truth about jews and the holohoax.
    Best way to share this, is in the devil's den...
    Don't judge me, I like the games on FB :D


  5. Thought this might help you out abit with my weekly relief of sat morning cartoons. theres meme on overything there
    Cheers keep up the good work

  6. Hi People That Tweet of Justin Castros about the Truckers did not age well did it. Anyone else notice the date?? . . . . APRIL FOOLS DAY, 2020 !! If you really want to follow what's going on in Ottawa & the US - Canada border in Alberta (turning ugly soon be my guess) GET ONTO TELEGRAM !!! Ditch Gooogle as ur search engine - too much manipulation & hiding of results & use DDG or Yandex. Find the Telegram website & download the app from there (forget Play store or the Applestore) There are literally thousands of videos letting you in on what's ACTUALLY 'going on' as opposed to what lies & half truths the legacy media are vomiting up as 'facts' At the moment TELEGRAM appears to be the only platform that is letting you run with the truth. Long may it continue.


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