Tuesday 29 November 2022


This artist did a magnificent job of drawing the human eye. I see it as a representation of the variety of colours my race is blessed with. All of these were done with simple coloured pencils. 


Never question why Justin Trudeau so admires the Chinese way of running things. He is a worshipping craven acolyte cringing at Schwab's feet begging for more scratches behind the ear from his master.

Communists do not give up ground. Period. They cheat and use every possible means to hold it once they have stolen it from its rightful owner.

More on Sam further down.

Not a serious government.

You can bet those countries are all in the northern hemisphere.

Remember the Nazi flag incident during the Trucker demonstration? Here we see some of us were right in pointing out just who this person is. He was NOT a trucker. Still a tad confusing since I just now found Mr. Fox's legal response to the charges.

But then you have this.

I just googled Canada, Suicide Booth.

Fishing or fis......(too modest to complete this one)

This huge footprint in Thailand is worshipped by Thai Hindus as they believe that it's a footprint of Bhagwan Hanuman.

An old classic

Funny that, isn't it? Well, not when Klaus is running things for his masters. Implementation of international communism is the name of the game but you all know that by now.

This is something my daughter would say. About almost anything political.

..... were a blunt....
The world is laughing at America again. I think these things are almost intentional in order to destroy American morale, what remains of it.
They have to mention "non binary" whenever they can. I wonder if it helps search engines bring in more clicks. The guy is a freak more than anything; and now a thief. The fact that this article even speaks of him in plural is catering to the madness.


The current White House is tricked out for Christmas... or whatever it is that they celebrate there these days.

Croatian children

Hey, Chuck Schumer, he is talking to you.

Watch from whom you purchase your caffeine fix.

Funny fact about smiling dogs. They only smile at humans, not other animals.

Fun to drive at a bit of a clip. Definitely white knuckle.

I don't know why I post gun pix. I just really like them!


At Burning Man

This young White Rhino has a companion with him 24/7 to protect him from poachers
The skies of Shanghai turned brilliant red the other night. The internet has been rife with ideas, the local people terrified of the satanic nature of the event. Apparently the cause was quite mundane. The ship below was in just an area that its lights were magnified and spread through the densely foggy air. Living in a seaside town where the fog can get extremely thick, to me, this rings very possible.

Even the docile Chinese are fed up. At last. Just as Klaus brags what a great model China is to the rest of the world for globalist ideals. Hubris, Klaus, hubris, will be your undoing.

Dieudonne M'bala M'bala has paid a great price for his outspoken comedy. He has been a warrior on the front for well over a decade. If you can find his song "Shoah Nanas" anywhere, you are in for a little fun if you find it with at least a translation. NO TRANSLATION

Prehistoric breed of tundra horse. These are being bred nowadays to help rebuild the ancient tundra in parts of Russia. They were an integral part of the environment and are to be returned to their wild habitat.

Why the Dutch farmers have been up in arms. They want to build an international globalist metropolis on this land. A metropolis of 45 million.

Of course she is into this.


Ignore Turkey and Iran destroying the Kurds

My Christmas cactus

As I post this, gale winds are rocking the building. This morning it was snowing. Then mist melted the snow. Now it is just darn freezing icy cold with these winds. This is the first time I have closed my bedroom window this year but my bones were getting cold. This is not my idea of a fun camping trip but such hardy souls leave me in awe.

ZERO tolerance for this one. Everything about her is grating and irritating.

The modern Massa and his boys

I used to have a post up about the Transfer Agreement. I posted it over a decade ago but it has been apparently removed. Over the past week I have had notices that three of my pieces were taken off line for offending (((someone's))) sensibilities. I cannot even really find what they have removed; it is just gone.

Remember, the rabbis came out a while back and said they wanted to rewrite the Bible so it was not anti semitic? Well, here they go on Jewish revisions in the Bible. Not to be satisfied with the desecration of the Scofield Bible, they want it all.

Balenciaga's primary designer...

I am beginning to believe this is no longer about profits and more about "in your face"

Yes, they correct this "error" quickly under the bemused smiles and giggles of the play director, but the point was made.

Are you with me on this, folks. This is how purveyors of this filth should be treated?


Democrat doctors can be so lovely
And now...
That caring doctor again.

According to "fact checkers" this was a hoax.

Oh, my.

Ouch! Bathing with piranhas?
Once it begins it never stops.

Bicycle pedal

#3 is not someone I like much. Nor am I familiar with #2. But the behaviour of #1 is everything I detest in anyone, however to make this list, Kanye is highly honoured at such notoriety. Give it to Kanye.

I watched a very well-spoken and lucid, old black man on Dr. Phil today. He grew up with parents who were share croppers and saw everything unfold down South over the past decades. He had picked himself up, gotten an education and was a minister. He claimed that every race on the planet should slow down its birth rate but for the White race. Them, he claimed, should be encouraged to have big families and return in numbers. Why? Because they are the only race that builds and does not wreck everything it touches, he said. He also claimed he did not like his taxes going to support unwed mothers whose children would eventually steal his hubcaps.Needless to say, the audience was not impressed but I was. He was not the only black man who held this position on the programme.

It's OK to be Wife

Breakfast pizza. I think that is chicken with those waffles, syrup and cheese.


As the rain smashes against my window....


  1. Replies
    1. Hmmmm Don't know what happened here . . . I didn't think I'd even posted it. I was writing about # 22 & the lack of punishment for Vote Fraud. After watching A LOT of 2 minute speeches to the Maricopa County Election Board on Telegram - the only social media type platform I have any interaction with - (& the Boards utter lack of caring what these people were angry about & trying to convey) It seems there are no more paths to get reform or justice & the fraud is just getting more "in-your-face" & "what-are-ya-going-ta-do-about-it?"
      It may be sooner rather than later that we're going to see some election integrity vigilantism . . . . some SERIOUS vigilantism. I fear some people are going to be showing them, up close & VERY personal !!

  2. I think kids (especially boys) really are being raised as pussies. It's not so noticeable in the country but it sure is when you hit cities. I'm glad to see a few countries telling the west to F-off, especially in the face of 97 genders in Cal in order to received free money. "The working man... I can build it, grow it, fix it, hunt it... I am rich." I think more to the point is that a man like that may survive whatever is coming. I have no idea when the coming is coming, but I don't think any of us except the super rich are going to like it.
    I really want to thank you for continuing to bring up the Jewish question.... I've always been aware of their 'influence'... BUT,,,, not their depth. Even Ben Franklin disliked them. And as usual a great set of cartoons. I could expound for hours, but I've just been too busy lately, and I often find that if I over absorb the evil in the world, I lose my sense of humor and wonderment about the world.

  3. "Funny that, isn't it? Well, not when Klaus is running things for his masters..."
    We here see it Noor, but it's a shame 99% of the people don't, and I doubt they ever will.
    With some luck 5% of the 99% will wake up at some point, but that still means we're a minority.

    I'm afraid most of them are comfortable in their servitude, going to work, paying their mortage and other bills, buying an electric car the government can switch off in a second, and have no idea the coming CBDC is a digital prison.

    The "usual suspects" planned it good, and we'll have to attack with full force, when they least expect it, to win this battle.

    And they wonder why they've been kicked out of 1034 countries/places.
    So not the 100+ people think, but 1034. Some of those places were independent provinces and such, before becoming countries with other provinces. But in 1034 places, people were so sick of them, they were kicked out.
    Go figure.


  4. Alyssa Milano: 'If Biden had ever touched a girl inappropiately, there'd be a bunch of memes about it'.

    Did you notice she didn't call him "president Biden"?
    She must be blind to miss the "bunch" of meme's about it, there are thousands.

    I can't believe I had a crush on her. I used to watch "Who's the Boss?" just to see her.
    Who knew she was actually retarded?!?


  5. Hi Noor! As someone who survived that Lebanese port explosion, please research the perps: it was a threat made good by the usual suspects, to our south. It was undoubtedly a mini-nuke, and the caption in the photo does a disservice to those of us who survived and are still suffering under the blockade and sanctions designed to put pressure on one particular entity within our government. Just a heads up! Cheers!!

  6. "The skies of Shanghai turned brilliant red the other night."...

    You could be right, but why would a ship have such a battery of lights on it?
    Could it be they were expecting a red sky (nibiru maybe, pollution, ...??), and to put the ship there to have an easy explanation?


    1. squid fishing light boats shining thru pollution

  7. Great posts Noor, LOL the cats not snitching you on drugs. Stopped watching modern films and tv shows, if the lead is white, his love interest is not. The plot tends to be ludicrous, the makers focus more on message than story. To busy making items for the Christmas fayres any way. Keep well.

  8. "Bicycle pedal".
    No one else does, so yeah, I'll bite lol.
    It's not a "Bicycle pedal", it's a peeler.
    In dutch it's called a "dunschiller", and "peeler" is what google gave me, so don't shoot me if it has another name.
    Or am I mansplaining now? Hahahahaaaaaaa.



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